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Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge: The Big Girl Room Project

Its that time folks!!! 

This will be my third project to link up with the one room challenge and this time I refused to bite off more than I could chew!!
soooo we are working on sisters room!!

Y'all.... this house was soooo special when we moved in, The door to the left leads into the room over the garage.

First and foremost is to make sure the passway into this room is open!
(thats where the design and monogramming action happens!)

Baby/guest room was the original intention of this space when we moved in 20 months ago. but... naps, me working etc... just didn't serve this space well. So we finally decided to move sister in here and she is soo excited to make this space hers!

Those mini blinds went stat upon move in!!

This room sat this way until we moved her into here last summer. 
peach walls, grey carpet and blue light still intact!

This was her "we just moved" thrown together room. 

It totally wasn't meshing!

So here we are with a totally blank space. 

The plan is to use the same paint color and rug. 
She ADORES them!!!
we are using a beloved lilly bedskirt and if we can find the duvet that too. 
(its missing!!! wahhhh)

So I am keeping it simple and real easy this challenge!
Paint, a light, sheets, pillows, a desk, and some art. 


Let's get started!!!

Can't wait to see all of the lovely spaces this round!!
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Now off to check out the other spaces!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Elementary Years "Big Girl Room"

Well... it happened, she said "Mommy, I still like ballerinas, but can we make my room fun and bright?"
I suppose its time. She is a glitter loving, bright colors, leopard wearing kindergartener.

I have had her help me every step of the way with picking out colors and making sure she is going to love what I pull together. 

She had a fit over this Annie Selke fabric so this is our launching point!

Thinking this will be our #oneroomchallenge Room for this spring.

PS. we are slowly but surely finishing up the kitchen. It has mainly been because I couldn't make up my mind on several things. 
Hope you all are thawing out as we are here!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Room for Two: Client Edition

Wanted to share the progress in a little girls room I have been working on!

And on this one I think we will reveal the sources. 

You won't believe me if I don't! The budget for this room is reasonable. It's what a lot of people really want to spend on a room and don't know how to get a whole room for this price! 

Here is the before:

After figuring out the needs of this room we decided to move sister in here! Mom found the main fabric and we have had a blast piecing this room together. We did Not do a style board for the main reason being the budget. If we found something that could work and it fit the bill we went for it!

Here is where we are right now. We still have a few finishing touches but it is coming together beautifully! 
The pink swatch is going to be our euro shams! Hope to get those made before spring break! 

Can't wait to have this room completed!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Big Girl Room Rug

As I am sure you all know Dhurri Rugs are all the rage. 
I knew if we were going to be staying in our home a Nice, emphasis on nice rug was going to be necessary for Big Girl's room. 

A 16x16 room needs something in it. 
Since living here we have been through 1 garages sale rug, and 2 remnant carpet pieces. Bottom line is they were not good quality and I was continually replacing them!!

Below is the "ideal" rug for the space. It pulled out the pop of pink I was using as an accent in the room and introduced it in a sophisticated way. 

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

I am thinking this rug can grow with us as she gets older. 

So... I started saving....

$550 isnt terrible by any means.

Then one day a few weeks ago a friend of mine called FREAKING OUT!! 
Literally yelling get to the pottery barn outlet NOW!!!

All the rugs were marked half off!!!

The outlet price was $399.99 marked down to $99.99 the HALF OFF!!!!!!!

I felt the biggest adrenaline rush of my life to get there and get that rug!!

I also bought a small Dhurrie for the Guest House for $25.00!!

Such divine finds!!

So, now all we need to complete this big girl space is a mirror, a headboard, and a few more pieces of wall art!

We decided when we moved back in to move her bed against the wall to give her some more play space. 
(dont worry this greek key lamp is not in here any longer)

Thus far we LOVE it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adorable Big Girl Room

This is a precious room of a friend of a friend.

I just had to share!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Modern Eclectic Nursery Redesign- client

Let me start off by saying I absolutely ADORE this girl!! 
We had a blast making this room more functional for her precious 11 month old.

A room she can transition from baby into the toddler years very easily!
We used alot of what they already had and just made the room make more sense for the current stage of life they are in. 

adoreable alphabet letters with a collection of poms for baby girl to look at.

I shared a pinterest tutorial with the mommy and she and her husband whipped up this adoreable tent for their daughter to play in.

Did I mention the mom is an artist??

She did this incredible painting and I thought it would be so fun and playful in the space!!

Is this little red chair not the cutest thing in the whole world??

We used two placemats and put them together for the perfect chair size pillow!

I adore this 3sprouts organic line. 
Such cute and functional storage for kids rooms!!
(you can find it really cheap on amazon!)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspiration for big girl room


You can read about all the DIY artwork, crafts and how the room came to be herehere, here,and here.


I was so inspired by Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum.

I saw this post on her little girls precious room.

So... I loved the window treatment soooo much that... well... I copied her... 
there. I said it... I am a copy-cat!!

Hope she doesn't mind... I was just overly inspired by this room!!
I am linking up over here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Purple Room Part 2

I wanted y'all to get a true feel for the room, so I used the video setting on my iphone to do a video tour of the room.

Notice the bedding isn't done yet??

Well look below... it is now;)

Be back later to share the deets on the curtains.
Let's just say a fellow blogger inspired the whole entire thing.
Like... I uhh kinda, well totally copy-cated. But to an extent isn't that what decor blogging is all about? Inspiring other ppl and their projects??

Well in this instance that is what I am telling myself;)

Ps. Damask fabric is Little House Lilac by Annette Tatum
Bedding is Shabby Chic line at Target.. =complete LOVE
Shams will eventually be made out of the damask fabric to incorporate the look a little more.
Wall color is a Valspar paint, I will go look it up for you!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Purple Room

Okay sooo when we "started" to do lil bit's big girl room we kinda skimped on a few things.
1. her walls were the color of her nursery
2. the bedding for the full size bed was twin size bedding
3. I only decorated with things already in the house

Once AC started talking she informed me she LURVED the color "purtle" aka purple. 
well for the first few weeks of 2011 Casey was out of town with work and I promised her once he returned we would paint her walls.
Fast forward to June??

(taking me longer to do things these days)
The bedding is still no where near finished but we have worked on a few things.
no footboard, new wall color.
at closer look notice the janky bedskirt??
It is now much more pronounced since we removed the footboard from her room.
remember the vintage paper doll plates I made?
{over the bed}
I still love them but I felt the room needed more a pop.
For christmas I asked for the Barbie skectch calendar
{ have a slight obsession with barbie}
One day I decided to use the images from the calendar to frame over AC's bed.

Shortly after getting all of my favorite's framed I found this photo.
Apparently another decorator was inspired by this calendar too.

{via pinterest}

I also managed to find the postcards to put in some frames.

So I think we can consider this part 1 finished. The walls painted, wall decor figured out and tomorrow I will share the bedding and the curtains. 

Oh.. and from the previous post I am sure you have noticed the reading nook is complete.

Dont forget to click to the next post and see how the curtains and bedding turned out.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Word Art

Have y'all seen the word art starting to pop up on etsy and in blogosphere??
I liked them but they weren't quite me. 
{via etsy}
{via etsy}
{via facebook}

First thing I did was find a quote I liked to use. 
1.Typed it up in word in a fun font I donwloaded from
2. Painted the background on the canvas.
{now looking back I should have painted the other images underneath but hindsight is 20/20.}

3.Then  I used Mod Podge to glue the pieces of paper on the canvas.
4. Added a few whimsical flowers and squiggles and TADA!!
For those wondering this is an Audrey Hepburn quote and one that I adore.
For beautiful eyes look for the good in others, beautiful lips speak only words of kindness and for poise, walk with the knowledge you're never alone!!!.
LOVE !!!
Happy Day to each and every one of you.
{did you notice someone's room got painted?}