Friday, October 30, 2009

All Smiles

first picture of my little punkin all grins

Melts my Heart!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frugalista part two

Okay so for this post i figured i should show you examples of my frugalness and the style is not lacking... first of all my halloween decor...mason jar i had. printed labels on jars offline. crows are bogo at Joann's. pumpkins mom gave me. broom bought at michaels with a coupon, and leaves with a coupon, boo sign from marshalls... total was like 30 bucks.

Another way to save some money is make/buy basic curtains. I chose solid green for the panels in my bedroom at college so i could reuse them again one day. i know i wouldnt be in that college apartment forever and voila... perfect for the nursery...

Other ways to save money are instead of using a contractor to do something hire family and friends to help you with projects. We had caseys dad, Jerry to help us with some crown molding around the front door and i am very pleased how this turned out. 

He did an amazing job! So thankful to have such a handy father in law!

Okay I SWEAR my whole house isnt green. I mean come on though its the color of growth and prosperity, (very fitting for our first home as a family). Everything else is tan or blue, dining room will be yellow when we get it painted... we have just been lazy. Hope you enjoyed! 

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Way down yonder in the pumpkin patch.

Okay so when I was a kid my mom made up this song called the paw paw patch. 

We would sing the two verses three times till we got to my grandparents... it was perfect my mom had it down to an art so we werent asking how long till we are there.
"hey nanie nanie nanie, hey nanie nanie now, hey nanie nanie nanie, hey nanie nanie now..
we're...... pickin up paw paw's, lets go find some , pickin up paw paw's let's go find some, pickin up paw paw's lets go find some way down yonder in the paw paw patch..."

now that AC is absorbing everything we say and do i am trying to devise a song to sing on the way over to my parents. this hit me on our way to the pumpkin patch the other day.... song to come but enjoy the pics in the mean time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ideal Home... Pics

okay so pristine lawn.. se la vie...
clean, wonderful kitchen, wanna join me for coffee?

umm would you like to come for thanksgiving?? paula's cooking (paula deen, duh??)
best most cozy bedroom retreat ever!!!

Our family fun trip

Here is Casey's cake Mary's Cakes and Pastries made. I was very pleased.

Casey and Jake hanging out on the quad!

Dancing to the million dollar band!

Me, Stephanie, and Ashley, and baby girl

ahhh.... singing to the alabama band.

still camera problems, ac, daddy and denny chimes

kinda blurry, camera issues, this was one of my college roommates, Abigail. she is wonderful, and this is her sweet friend claire!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here it is

Okay so... no pics alot of writing lately.. 
I know i know... i have been doing a little bit of soul searching and i think i am going to start doing tutorials on making curtains, clothing, decorating, all that good stuff. what do you guys think?? 

My biggest project right now is finishing the guest house so it can turn into my office. after much dismay the carpet mr. jerry brought in town to put out there wasnt near enough... sooo we have to get carpet and tile for the main room then I can move everything from the kitchen into the main room and paint the kitchen to match... can I please win 2000 bucks, take a month off from work and finish this dang thing??

 I mean seriously... anywho the pond has FINALLY cleared up... woooo hoo I can see my pretty fishies swimming around sooo happy with their life.... today i go to pick up bebe's bday present!!!!!!!! ahhh i cant wait... i got her one little happy today... also!!

Now I need suggestions and ideas on what to do for the birthday cake... bring em on because i am out of ideas and over the three layer cakes with fondant dots.. need something new...exciting.... HELP!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

whats been going on...

Well business with preppie peoie seems to be underway...
We have several fabrics that have changed over to their fall lines so i am having to resort to ordering the fabric from places like Australia.... ahhh obsurd... other than that i have been busy designing AC's brithday invitation, cleaning,

oh.... the always lovely trimming of the trees. we lucked out and mlgw is doing preventative maintenance on trees surrounding powerlines, lucklily i batted by big brown eyes at a non english speaking mlgw worker and he graciously gathered his supervisor to assist him in the process. after a quick tree shimmy my backyard can now enjoy sunlight... the hopes of growing grass back there increase and my mood improves...

ahhhh finally a sun to gather around my screened in porch and welcome me to come and cut the grass or pull the weeds.. oh the things i long for... soo, bear with me.. pics of the updates are coming, slowly but surely we are getting there. now if i just had about $5,000. to get french drain gutters, fancy shutters, re-sod the yard and all new landscaping i would be oh so happy... instead... i will dream and continue to gather pictures of what i long for my back yard to look like... what are your thoughts on doing these colors for my screened in porch?? keep in mind i need to embrace green because of my lovely green hot tub we inherited.

your comments are much appreciated. i love the moulding and ceiling here....