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Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge: The Big Girl Room Project

Its that time folks!!! 

This will be my third project to link up with the one room challenge and this time I refused to bite off more than I could chew!!
soooo we are working on sisters room!!

Y'all.... this house was soooo special when we moved in, The door to the left leads into the room over the garage.

First and foremost is to make sure the passway into this room is open!
(thats where the design and monogramming action happens!)

Baby/guest room was the original intention of this space when we moved in 20 months ago. but... naps, me working etc... just didn't serve this space well. So we finally decided to move sister in here and she is soo excited to make this space hers!

Those mini blinds went stat upon move in!!

This room sat this way until we moved her into here last summer. 
peach walls, grey carpet and blue light still intact!

This was her "we just moved" thrown together room. 

It totally wasn't meshing!

So here we are with a totally blank space. 

The plan is to use the same paint color and rug. 
She ADORES them!!!
we are using a beloved lilly bedskirt and if we can find the duvet that too. 
(its missing!!! wahhhh)

So I am keeping it simple and real easy this challenge!
Paint, a light, sheets, pillows, a desk, and some art. 


Let's get started!!!

Can't wait to see all of the lovely spaces this round!!
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Now off to check out the other spaces!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Repost: A Home Tour: Sophisticated Eclectic Style

Okay let me start off by saying I have been meaning to share my friend Dendy's home on here for... well, like a year!.
Now that she and her hubby have sold the house and are moving back to their home town I had no more excuses!
We are so sad to see them go but I know they are looking forward to being close to friends and family back home.
Meet Dendy, and her pup Martha.
In the background is her ADOREABLE 1950's home she and her husband have been working on for the past 2 years.

Is this not the cutest house ever??
Wait till you see inside.
Come on in!!
And in case you were wondering... Dendy is a HUGE trendsetter. Things that are just now popluar or "up and coming" she has had in her home for quite a while. 
I love to bounce ideas off her and have someone who shares my love of interiors.
When you walk in the front door you enter the former living room. 
D and her husband designed and built these gorgeous built ins and turned it into the formal dining room.
This is your view from the front door in. 
This is the sitting area off of the kitchen area. 
They added a corner built in, in this space and the built ins seen in the far left of this picture.

Here is the other view of the kitchen.
I LOVE this kitchen!!! Such an incredible use of space!! 
And the martha painting over the fridge just makes it to me!!
Super cute laundry area!
This is the guest bedroom.
Here is the master.
They actually took the far right wall of the room and converted it into a massive walk in closet.

And the bathroom.

One of these days I hope to get Dendy to actually start a blog!!

She is an incredible designer... Trust me!!
Right now she is flexing her design muscles on the University of Mississippi Campus designing dorm rooms. 
This is BIG business here in the south!

Hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek at Dendy's home!
Thanks for sharing with us girlfriend!
We will miss you!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Monogram Monday: Fall Edition

The air is finally crisp, projects on track and I can think enough to bring y'all more eye candy!! 

These precious rocking chairs are on Charish's porch. Seriously want to be sitting there drinking sweet tea and rocking away with her!

How cute are these initial pumpkins?? 

This vinyl pumpkin seems to be all the rage this year. 

I personally love it! 
What do y'all think?? 

And in an effort to be totally wacky I am thinking of doing this with our pumpkins!! Love it so much! 

Happy monogrammed Monday! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Transformation Thursday

 Does anyone remember this cute stool from Cbug's nursery?

well... it had been quite loved in there and was in need of some reinvention. 

I found some awesome herringbone upholstry fabric and got to work after the kids went to bed.

I love recovering something.

Bringing new life and freshness to a space for such a small amount of money. 

I am looking for some woven trim to cover up the base of the stool for a finished look. 

Then I plan on adding some jumbo brass studs along the trim for some additional personality!

All done and ready for his final pops!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Den Makeover: Paint, Lighting and

I did lots of research after we purchased the house and tried to go with colors I knew would be condusive to a home that faces North.

remember our style board?

Luckily our last home faced north, as well so it made things a hair easier. 

I knew anything with brown undertones would make the room way way dark. 

There are no windows to the right wall (west wall) and therefore I would only have very faint light from noon til about 4:30.

We ended up settling on a Valspar color.
Fairmont Penthouse Stone

Shanty 2 Chic did a great job documenting the process. 

She picked the same color!!

Mine is not quite this bright. Looks much more grey in my space, we also chose the satin finish for a higher sheen since the room is so dark. 

Here is the before of the room.

We could only go up from here right?

Clearly this room has had some serious issues and the things I thought were going to work, well... Aren't. 

This is how we sat throughout the holidays, just undecided on a paint color until we had enough friends weigh in and help us decide on Fairmont penthouse stone!
Then we tried this and I thought ah hah!!! 

Ahhh and here is the first shot of the paint color. 

Biggest issue for me here was front door shot to see a side view of a piece of furniture. 

Then we got here and I finally finally felt like this room was cozy. 

Basically it took3 months of rearranging before I deemed this some that blog worthy!

And the light. For me it's the piece de resistance for the room!

And this....
Getting the brick like washed and to this point was huge! 

Be back tomm with more details on the light and some accessories I have found over the past few weeks!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Den Makeover: The Couch

Whew... this post has been a long time coming...

When we purchased our house we knew almost immediately the sectional from our previous home would not work in here.

We made it work from July until one glorious day back in November. 
I had been eyeing this couch for months and months in the Pottery Barn Catalog. 

The Carslisle
not skirted, not chenille, and only linen if it was extra soft... 
Then we thought we would order it if  I could find the perfect fabric.... 
Then the 2,000.00 sticker to have it custom upholstered held me up... 

Ugh, alas....
Until one glorious friday morning.
I was perusing our local Pottery Barn Outlet.

There she was.... in all her splendor. 
Not in the ideal fabric but the price was RIGHT yall..
Called hubby and he wanted to see it, sit on it... I rounded the corner in the store while we talked and I saw the red sign. 
"THE" Red sign.

All upholstry an additional 20% off.

I seriously squealed. Then... while waiting on him to allow me to pull the trigger... I opened my email.
To a glorious 10% off your purchase in store or online, catalog, or outlet.
NO WAY!!!!

So put it on hold to pick up after dinner. 
On the way to the outlet I did this....

I was so mad. 
I kenw it was totalled but I did NOT want this to prevent me from getting the couch!!!

My very sweet friend Lauren picked me up first thing the next morning and we were there waiting as they opened!

Elated yall. 
This was the first iphone picture with the couch in. 

Trying to decide which panel we liked better.

Ended up being neither! 

Next up is paint, accessories and furniture layout!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Atlanta shopping

For those of you who live in Atlanta... 
I am jealous!!! Ballads Backroom is such an Awesome store with great deals!!! 

This chair was 260.00!!! Such a steal! I was trying to figure out a way to get it home! 

Didn't snag a picture but we found our lighting for over the island in the kitchen! I am in love and chomping at the bit to get it hung!!

And can we talk about these china cabinets??? I may or may not be scheming a trip just to pick up these puppies!!!
From there we left and drove to Douglasville to the outlets! 

Pottery Barn did Not disappoint and we had to even reconfigure the whole car just to get our loot home! Barstools, dry erase boards, bathroom lighting, sheets you name it and it was on sale!!
Then we perused the Restoration outlet. 
I think the word for this store was underwhelmed. Some deals were okay but nothing screamed, rent a uhaul and take me home!!!! 

We found several other treasures we plan on displaying in the new house! So ready to get my rooms painted, drapes hung and start "fluffing"!!