Sunday, June 30, 2013

And Baby makes 5!!!

On Saturday June 29, 2013 we welcomed William Thomas into this world.
"Whit" as we will be calling him weighed 8 lbs and 2 oz and was 20.5 " long.

He was my biggest baby and just as perfect as the other 2 babies.

I will just post pictures on this post and recap his "birth story" in a second post for my memory and to document for the baby book.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Days as a Family of 4

I wanted to make these days special. 
I wanted to make sure C bug did not feel in the coming days he was being replaced.

So we did some ice cream dates, trips to the movie theater, and quite a few park dates with friends and such.

This particular day we were quite mesmorized with a duck.

c is now 17 months old and really starting to use all kinds of 1 to 2 word sentences. hope to do an 18 m post in the coming days.

And c overcame his fear of the slide. now there is no going back!

a few days later some friends from out of town came to visit! we had a blast playing for almost 2 hours at the park!!

These babies napped soooo well that day!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Acrylic Tray Tutorial

I have been meaning to get this post up for quite some time. 
So apologies to those on Instagram I promised I would share this!!
(This is for you Stacy Heckman)
I am sure by now you have all seen the acrylic trays people are using in their homes.

via pinterest, having a hard time embedding the links. so sorry.

via pinterest.
so sorry I am not tagging the original pinner, please forgive me.

But what if you want several sizes???
Recently I was reading a blog who purchased her acrylic "trays" that are actually the acrylic 1" frames from michaels.
Here is how to make your own...
Step 1:
Purchase acrylic frames from michaels.
Step 2:
Add your desired design motif to the top of the frame. (from the inside of the frame the design will reflect once it is in "tray" mode)
I knew I wanted a polka dot design, so I used an eraser to dip in my paint for a perfect dot.

Obviously this step is pretty redundant, but use an at random pattern, trying to remember less is more, dont overpopulate the dots. haha.
Step 3:
Let the dots dry.

Step 4:
after the dots have dried add your desired final coat. 
I chose a champagne colored pearlescent pain.

Step 5:

Monday, June 24, 2013

An Update!

For those of you who have called, texted, emailed, facebooked, instagramed, everything to check in on baby!
As of right now he or she is very content not budging so the plan is for now to carry on with life and let a csection be our last resort at 41 weeks.

In other news we have worn our knees out praying we are making the right decision, trusting the lords timing is right and praying for peace over the selling of our home. 

I have a peace right now that eerily, honestly passing all understanding that we have made the right decision.

I have painted bible verses on walls before repainting them, prayer walked this place and I am very happy to report there is a lovely family taking possession of our home a week from wednesday. 

Everything, every SINGLE step of the way has been the lords doing. 

They were the second people to look at the home. 

I prayer walked before they viewed it and when their agent called I just knew it was meant to be. 

soooo here comes the NO you ARE NOT crazy but OH YES WE ARE crazy part....

You know my official due date is July 9th... right?
So we will close here the 3rd, begin packing, etc on the 4th, on the 8th hope to close on an extreme fixer upper we found in our ideal school district in the suburbs.

And if baby isnt here from then we will go to the hospital either the 9th for an induction or the next week for a scheduled c section to welcome our new bundle of joy.

The lords timing is perfect. I know this.... for those of you that know I am an EXTREME type A organized planner you know the lord is ROCKING my world with this whole thing. 

I have been very hesitant to share this information with the general public because of our terribly horrible awful experience last year where the sell fell through the day before closing.

But again, I am really freaking everyone out with how calm I am and all I can say.... the lord has given me a complete and total peace that I cannot explain and he is carrying the situation.

If I can ask for one thing its your prayers.
Specifically the sell of our buyers home, the people purchasing their home have a contingency, they have a contingency, and we have a contingency.
We are #3 in the domino of people house changing.
Pray for smooth appraisals, repairs on inspections to be made in a timely fashion, and everyone's financing to hold solid so this domino doesn't crash. Pray the lord continues to bless everyone's financing involved.

Pray for my husband as he is amazing beyond belief for dealing with my raging hormones as we attempt to move and EVERY SINGLE person is watching me like I am an EGG about to hatch. 

Pray for my inlaws as they have graciously offered to come up here for an unknown amount of time to help us get settled and unpack.

And pray for my four year old. She is very excited about moving but obviously apprehensive and not sure how we are going to get all her things to a new house. This is the only place she has ever known and I want to make sure this doesn't rock her little world in a negative way.

End result, the me sharing with yall our exciting news is more a massive prayer request.

Thankfully we have sorted through alot since last summer and dont have alot of extras of things we dont just love or dont currently need. 
Hopefully that will mean a quicker move. 

Hope to be back again before the move with a few last things to share. 
Love each and every one of you who take the time to read this crazy thiing!
You all are such a blessing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The story of a Hare

We woke up late this past saturday morning begging to head back over to grammy and pop's house.

You see my mom has an EXTREME obsession with bunny rabbits.

In the past 2 weeks we have spotted a wild bunny around their home. He has been across the street, in the neighbors yard, under a bush; then we saw him within 10 feet from my parents front door when we went to leave friday night!!!

 (Real life picture here people.... a boy with his chock milk, bunny cup and his blankets! another obsession!)

So we woke up sat morning and I knew I had to show them.... 

Big sister watched in amazement as I told her about a little girl named Sloane, who lives at the beach and has a wild bunny who comes to her door pretty often. 

Of course she gave me the "prove it" face. So I pulled up Erika's blog and showed her the pictures she shares!

Both of my kids began to squeal in delight!!!!

We then immediately picked up the phone to call grammy and see if the bunny ate the celery and carrots we put out the night before.

A few nibbles were taken she said! 

Hopefully.... my moms dream will come true and the funny wild hair will stick around and my kids can enjoy such a rare experience of life with a bunny foo foo!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

Currently I am 36 weeks and 4 days!

Longest I have ever made it is 38 weeks...

Guess its time to make the bedding, wash the clothes and start packing the bags. 
I have put things aside, like 1 or 2 things a week but... its time to get it all out and prepare to bring baby home to this house.

First thing I found was a precious stork door hanger on etsy. I loved it but the shipping was more than the hanger...

That's where a friend from high school came in!

She made the most perfect gender neutral stork for us to use at the hospital and at home!

Isnt it adorable??
Can't wait to add either a blue or pink bow to it!
The other little thing I have found is a super cute company in Daphne, Alabama that makes wooden signs. 

I knew I wanted something different to hang over the baby's crib and this is one of her spring/summer designs!
My mother in law has already picked it up and will bring it when she comes in town for baby to be born!!

The bedding has been started and I kind of ran out of steam.

We decided on neutral bumpers and I will decide on other colors for the crib skirt and drapes once baby arrives!!

Time to go wash those clothes and show mom a last few things she might need to pick up for me.
She is on standby to go buy girly goodness if its a girl!

I just have this strong hunch its a boy. I am carrying sooo similar to how I carried C!