Monday, June 22, 2009


So, i know life is filled with wow moments and about a week ago i had mind. I was recently terminated from a horrible miserable job that i would drag myself to everyday. I prayed every morning for the lord to just get me through the day and at the end of the two weeks there would be a paycheck to reward my miserable work. now i have had some time to think since i was released and here is what i have discovered.
1. people who are old and uneducated and your boss feel inferior to you.
2. if you come up with a better idea than they had then they are resenting you
3. when you are around garbage that cusses and talks about sleeping around all the time what does that make you? a gossiping, loose-lifestyle following example of the majority of all people.
4. realizing that god has called you to live a better, more fulfilling life free of smut... ahhhhh

so then the aha hit me. PATIENCE my child, is what god kept whispering in my ear. He released me from my prison, prompted me to phone an acquaintance, and now i am waiting to find out about a job within my field of study, paying double what i was making before, and with hopefully people the lord wants to place in my life.

I have learned over the past three months that i need to have a management team around me that builds each other up, when they make mistakes guide them through them so they dont happen again, and encourages me in my faith. Now other than be patient what do i need to do most??? begin praying for my future co-workers, that they love the lord and can encourage me in my faith....

Another aha i had. when you are drained from a miserable job you become a crummy wife and a pathetic excuse for a mother. so the past week has been the best, most relaxing, most fulfilling that i have had as a mother and a wife. partially because AC began saying "memememe" which sounds alot like mommy, and "dededede" which sounds alot like daddy.

What i have discovered this week that s new about ac:
she likes to eat paper ( my little billy goat)
she loves to spill Luke's water bowl and splash around in the water
she loves to play with pots and pans
she likes to hear herself echo in my stand up shower
she can stand on all fours and look through her legs at whats going on behind her. (she thinks its hilarous if you pop out of no where and say boo while she is doing this)
she LOVES pickles..... only the kosher sandwich spears... wierd?? i know!!!