.Design Services.

I obtained my degree at the University of Alabama with a BS in Fashion Design. 
I come from a family of talented seemstresses. My mother taught me to sew at a young age, and it was something I grew to love. Also like most teenage girls, I was facinated with high fashion and runway models. When it was time to go to college, nothing made more sense then to pursue a degree in fashion design. As I began my studies I quickly realized that I was more interested in the textiles side of fashion. My favorite classes were History of Costume and Textile Design. I was drawn to fabrics and how they brought life and emotion to the things they encased. Instead of changing majors, I decided to continue to pursue my degree in Fashion Design.  I was able to practice my construction skills, and learn more about the technical side of design. I used my opportunity to learn at the University of Alabama to hone a craft I have a passion for. Interiors is what I love, and interiors is what I do.

My professional mission statement:
I live each day with the mindset of making a difference. I am very driven creatively and intellectually. The more talented people I surround myself with the more I grow, the saying "iron sharpens iron is so true." If I am not challenged to use my problem solving skills I tend to get bored and look for other items within my work environment I can improve on. I am very much a people person, and enjoy bringing order out of confusion.
My professional desires to create and design are so great that I often find myself creating in other areas of my life.

After much cohersing by some dear friends of mine I opened my sewing/design business in August of 2009. Thus far this business has been to make greek shirts for my sister's sorority and help a few friends here and there. I also sew some of my daughters clothing that you will see me share from time to time. 
I am hoping throughout 2013 to be able to showcase some of the rooms I have been assisting friends with. My current "clients" are young adults just staring out and have no idea what their style is. I give them "homework" to find pictures of rooms they like and several colors they would like to incorporate. Then we begin to build the room from the bottom up. 

Design Boards:
  • A design board comprised of all the furnishings, accessories, paint colors etc. that you will need to complete a room in your home. 
  • I will do all the shopping online and provide you with a source list so you can purchase all the items to complete the look. 

I will need for you to:
  • Set the parameters and the budget
  • Specify any likes dislikes
  • Provide pictures and measurements of the space so I can develop a design plan tailored to your specific taste and needs
  • Be available via email for correspondence regarding the designDesign 

On-Site Consultations:
  • I will meet you in your home and discuss everything previously mentioned.
  • I will create Design Boards to show you how the look can come together 
You then decide:
a. you can purchase the items and I will style the room when all purchased 
(this will be dependant on the amount of help you want in the space)
b. I will purchase all the items, style the room, hang the pictures, and sub-contract any other work we need performed in the space. 
(this would be more of a free reign type work, prices may vary depending on the space)

Feel free to contact me at jbrodden@gmail.com.