Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Looking soooo much like daddy
Sitting up... this is her frustrated face

Oh me!!!


This face is OH MY GOODNESS this is ALL for me. WE were laughing hysterically.

Yay ... a new rattle, since luker decided he wanted to eat it up one day!

And a baby chick

And a baby chick!!! Its soooo soft

AC really suprised us here. She was really into her easter basket. And loved the bow I tied at the top. Bubbles, a rattle, a knit chick that Daddy bought her, and a few other knick knacks.... Here is the progression of the basket to her precious dress my mommy made her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

If you can't tell i have already begun to express my outgoing personality!
A wonderful picture of me and daddy!

The puppies absolutely love the baby and she loves to giggle at them!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Much overdue update..

Well right now i dont have any pictures to update but i will say that AC is growing and changing so much. Last night i went with Candace (Babysitter) and her family to eat pizza at the Pizza Cafe. On the way there i began to tickle AC and she starting giggling like crazy. She probably giggled for 5 minutes. It is ranking as one of my top 5 mom moments so far. She is really starting to cuddle with casey and i and when she gets scared she reaches for us and wants to bury her head in your shoulder. It just makes me melt everytime. We are hoping to find a pack and play and exersaucer in the next couple weeks so she will have some "big -baby" toys. I swear all of this equipment is soooo expensive.

We have finally gotten her room decorated the way we want it and are starting to focus on toys. Right now her favorite toys are keys (mine), luke's tail and ears, a hairbrush, and anything soft. Forget what's designed for children the other stuff is what she has her eye on. When we went for the four month checkup about 2 weeks back the doc said she has a small head (10%tile) lower weight (40%tile) and is an amazon in length (95%tile) Just for those of you who have no concept of baby clothes she is wearing what most one year olds wear at only 4 1/2 months. That's right folks... we are wearing 18 month clothing.... (usually the size is one up from the age. ex. a 3 month old may be wearing 6 month clothing...etc..)

Right now that is all that is going on with her. Casey is doing WONDERFUL in school, and i won a recent competition at work for leasing the most apartments in one month. Luke is being his usual noisey self and just this week went spulunking through Parker's trash and brought me a cardboard base to a frozen pizza. (I guess this means he wants to be a pizza delivery pup) I will upload pics as soon as we take a bunch this weekend. Stay posted!!