Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After baby was Born

Okay so baby was born. All was well. Family was here but we knew if this pregnancy was going to be Like Connors we were now playing the waiting game. 

With C my problems didn't start until 72 hours post delivery. 
Side story:
I never seemed to make the time previous to now to type the "diagnosis" after c was born 17 months ago but basically the dr knew I was in acute heart failure, after 6 months or the problem corrected itself and we found out I had an extreme magnesium deficiency. Easily fixed with supplements. (Magnesium and potassium are the two most important components to indicating heart problems, health etc)

So...been taking my magnesium. Felt soo much better, heart was doing good, headaches from mag deficiency gone. Leg cramps from mag deficiency gone. 

Okay so back to baby being born. He was here, my bp was back up an he was looking good. I noticed within the first 10 hours or so I was starting to swell so when my dr came in the next morning she had a nurse check my magnesium level. Sure enough my "normal" level of 4 had dropped back down to 1.7. The postpartum nurses kinda freaked when the dr called for me to be placed on a 4 hour magnesium drip. She said the slow infusion should get me back to where it needed to be. My dear friend heather came to visit. Then my parents again. We made it home Monday mid afternoon (dr kept me a little longer due to the mag going crazy) and my inlaws stay another few days. 
(Did I mention we were due to close July 3. With a 4 day old??? Glad that didn't happen. So my inlaws leave Tuesday or Wednesday, can't remember. That morning I called y dr, told the nurse my bp was higher and I felt like I had fluid on my lungs again. They brought me in, took blood to check mag and said my hr was 60. A little low but all other things were fine. Wed night (July 3) I started feeling worse and the swelling really picked up. 

Thursday was the 4th and my parents decided to grill out. I distinctly remember walking down the stairs and the fluid in my legs slushing around in my knees and feet. 

That's when I took this pic on Instagram. 
Serious case of the cankles. So I suffered through on the 4th and woke up Friday morning for our newborn session with our photographer. 

We drive out to her studio and I kept feeling worse and worse. I haven't gotten pics back yet but I can tell you I only remember taking one shot holding baby boy. 

Our photographer is also a NICU nurse and she told me to go straight to the ER. So we left her house and one of my very best friends met me at home and took me to the Er while casey coordinated childcare. 

We walked in the door and I know The Lord ordained for a family friend to be the nurse at the ER front desk. Desiree  took one look at my and I said look I had symptoms of HELLP last go around and I feel like death. 

Emily sat with baby while I went to the restroom and as I walk out two, not one Two ER nurses look concerned and rush me back to a room. Emily and I sit until my parents arrive. Maybe 30 minutes. 

I get hooked up to bp, hr, they take some blood and we wait maybe an hour. The ER dr comes in and calls for a chest x-ray. 

So as I am there bp goes up, hr has dropped from 60 on Wednesday to Friday at 1 or so an hr is at 42. 

Around 3 my hr has dropped to 38, my bp maxes at 217/116. The dr, my nurse, another nurse and a tech all rush in. I am immediately administered lasix to help aid in removing the fluid and they give me something to bring my bp down. 

My obgyn calls and so does my cardiologist. (Both wanted to be informed if I was going to the ER post delivery) they decide admitting me to the cardiac unit of the hospital is the best idea for the current moment.  

So Friday around 5 pm they admit me. Put me on another slow mag drip. 

Within 2 hours of being there the person in the room next to me flat lines. 

Can I tell you what it feels like to be a medical mystery noone understands and your on the cardiac floor of the hospital at 27. And noone knows what the future hours,minutes, or days hold? Scary stuff. 

The on call dr from my ob comes in saturday morning and tells me say am I definitely have a very latent form of postpartum preeclampsia. Usually manifests within 24 hours of delivery. 

An hour or so later the cardiologist on call for my dr office comes in and tells me he has never personally seen a case like mine. 

His exact words. "I don't know how to tell you this but, the Rythems from your echo and what I can tell you look good, you have mitral valve regurgitation, which to some degree is normal, but your in chronic heart failure. Hopefully one day the heart rate will normalize. Have a nice day. Your dr will call you."

Ummm wow buddy, wha???? Chronic heart failure???? I am not an 88 yr old granny!!!! 

I was kept overnight. Flooded with magnesium 3 more times. An 2 more doses of lasix. 

Did I mention magnesium gives you the effect your on fire? I thought flames were launching from my ears!!!! 

They stopped the lasix Mid afternoon Saturday July 6 to prevent me from going into kidney failure. (Kind if them huh?)
(But the swelling left, 14 pounds of fluid to be exact) 

So here I sit, with 3 beautiful babies. Was told by ob and cardiologist I am to Never get pregnant again. Cardiologists words were "well hunny, your heart could literally explode in delivery." 

Oookay then. And for now... Possibly forever I am in chronic heart failure. 

The rest is pretty uncertain. My diet must change and I could now be at higher risk for heart attacks. 

Just thankful it was nothing worse, I am alive and the baby is healthy. 

However, now I am determined to be in the best shape and health of my life. 

Sooo operation heart health has begun!!! 

Oh, and keeping up with these crazies! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Whits Birth Story

So much has happened in such an incredibly short period of time I must record it! Like.... Now! 

(Please notice how I am standing like a waddling penguin! Soo hilarious to me now!!!) 

Okay so back up to June 25th. My appointments for this pregnancy just worked out to be on Tuesdays.  On that Tuesday I was a day or two shy of 38 weeks. I was feeling pretty miserable and the dr seemed to be dismissing my concerns for a higher blood pressure. For over 6 weeks I was having ringing in my ears, flashes of light, dizzy spells etc. she said not to be concerned.

At this appointment I told her I would like a birth weight ultrasound. The tech confirmed the weight at around 7 lbs 8 oz. I knew baby was bigger than this!! I just did. Left there glad knowing everything was okay and how big to expect. 

Over the next 3 days I thought I might be leaking fluid. I know the nurses at my dr's office kept thinking I was a hypochondriac but I knew something was wrong and had been wrong for some time. Next few days went by and I knew Thursday night I wasn't feeling the baby move at all. Woke up Friday morning ( june 28) and my dad called saying he had a dream I was having the baby that day. Well that day I was determined we were having a baby. I woke up that morning not feeling very well. Casey informed me we were going to labor and delivery to see if my water actually was leaking. 

We got there about 10 am and by 11 they said no there is no fluid leaking. They kept me for another hour, checked it again and no! I was quite frustrated but what do you do? 

The kids and I napped that afternoon and  we met my parents for dinner at newks. I got the super spicy Italian sub and remember thinking it tasted Sooo bland (usually it has a good kick).we left there and went to Jerry's sno cones and I ordered the fireball sno cone. It's spicy cinnamon people! If that didn't put me into labor nothing would. Well. We got home and I thought you know what?? If I really am leaking fluid, it will do it if I go jump on the kids trampoline. Sure enough!!! It did. I packed my bags in the car. Casey put the kids in their beds and my sister came over to spend the night with them. It was supposed to rain, it was a full moon and I was determined they were keeping me! 

Got to L and D and they checked right when I got there(9:30). Nothing!!! No you are not leaking fluid. After the 11 pm shift change a nurse and in and she remembered me from when c was born. I told her about not feeling the baby, tests coming back negative and I knew something was up!! She said hangon for    just a minute let me call the dr. No one comes back until about 1:45 (there was an emergency c-section and the poor lady was hemorrhaging and  all nurses were needed to assist, so scary!) She checked again still negative! Then 10 minutes go by and my dr called  back requesting an ultrasound. Casey happened to remember from the appointment Tuesday my fluid has been at 11. Friday middle of the night it was at 4. Finally!!!!! Confirmation I was NOT loosing my mind and I knew what I was talking about! 

So Saturday June 29th about 3:30 am I was admitted to the hospital for delivery. They started pitocin then and we went to sleep to rest. 

At 7 the nurses changed and I met the nurse who brought baby whit into this world!! She was amazing people!!! We have all these random connections! Loved her as my nurse. I was admitted at 1. Everything was progressing well and around 11:30 I got my epidural at 6. Planning on a baby being her by 6,7 pm. Nurse stayed and talked to me. I told her with c once I had the epidural things went fast. She ran to check on her other two patients and said she would be back soon. Well one lady delivered so obviously there was a slight hold up. 

She came back and I was at 7, like around 1:30pm. We started talking and talking and at 2:45 she checks my vitals and starts checking the baby's monitor. She decides to do the internal monitor on baby's head. I am at 9 and we are planning on a baby within the next 2 or so hours. 

All the sudden she stops talking, and won't take her eyes off of the screens and the contractions. Out of no where she calls for help and I ask her what's going on. I could tell she was a little panicked. The other nurse gives me oxygen and that's when I knew something was up. I looked at the other nurse and said look i want to know what's going on NOW!!!! She checks me and I am almost 10.

Well just so happens 3 other women are delivering at that very moment. Dr walks in with a tech, she checks me and at that moment not only is the baby's he dropping from 155 to 84 but my blood pressure had plummeted to 84/40. All I know is there are surgical gloves and this tech breaking down the bed and the dr isn't even fully in her delivery garb and she is yelling PUSH NOW if you want to have this baby!!! It was quite serious and scary at the same time. Typically there are like 8 people around when you deliver. I had dr and these 2 nurses. Noone from nursery was present. As baby came out dr slipped the cord out from around his neck. My bp then started to go back up quickly after he was born. Dr entered the room at 3 and he came at 3:07pm. Quick and crazy!!!! 

My mom was video taping and we were all so worried baby was okay super nurse was like what's the sex???? Then we were like... Ohhh yeah!!!! It's A BOY!!!!! 

So wild!!!!

Be back with my life changing postpartum experience! 

Don't want to write too much for one post. It would be a total bore! Haha

Here is a delivery pic of baby whit I sent to family waiting in the waiting room and a pic from the day after. He was so purple and beat up. Poor fella.