Friday, August 31, 2012

This just makes my heart smile!
And I Love Lay Baby Lay

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look What I found!!!

This Massive starburst mirror was on the curb in my parents neighborhood! I tell ya folks in the suburbs people get rid of all kinds of stuff!

The broken pieces were also laying there and I was able to quickly repair them with some dowels, gorilla glue and some wood filler ;)

Can't wait to give y'all a tour of the new furniture layout!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

7 months old

I am a few days behind on sharing these pictures. 

In the past week and a half baby boy cut 2 teeth, went from army crawling to full blown crawling (although army is still faster..)
We had our first stomach virus, made our first trip to the ER and.. pulled up on the furniture for the first time. 

I lost my little baby and started gaining a big boy :(

I tell ya he is a talker!! Even when he had the stomach bug he smiled and chattered away. 

Here is a sample of our fabulous 6 month photo session. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adorable Big Girl Room

This is a precious room of a friend of a friend.

I just had to share!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Like previously mentioned I am beginning the transformation of the guesthouse! Today I am dreaming of this space as I start organizing! Stay tuned for a reveal in the next few weeks!

And.. Ugh... No... We still are not fully moved back in! My whole kitchen is still at my parents house out in the suburbs! Buhl.. More boxes!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The guesthouse: office drama

This is the look I was going for in my "office" after a friend asked why I had never used this space as my office I felt it was something I needed to do. 
My fear to never start this project was ALL the work involved in this renovation. 
1. remove wallpaper
2.install carpet
3. paint everything! walls, trim, cabinetry... EVERYTHING
4. completely overhaul the bathroom
5. install proper shelving in the closet.

And not to mention I don't really want to spend a bunch on this project.

Sooo I needed inspiration and BAD!

So I started painting... Antiqua Aqua by Ben Moore

Then I got crazy and thought it would look good to paint the trim high gloss grey.
NO... it umm looks bad... see... DIY fails happen.... you just never know when that Idea will be good or bad.

So then... I sat down to work on an applique in my new office and.... my children played in their "mini-playroom."
AC found some chapstick and I told her she could use it. She proceeded to go to the bathroom to see her pretty lips... She pulled on the sink... and it happened.

It a miracle she was not harmed. Only severely sprayed with water. 
The sink fell off the wall and the pipe bringing water from the main house proceeded to severely pour into the space. 

Here is the aftermath after the overly dramatic shutoff attempt.

yes... my nasty not unpacked yet garage flooded as well. and everything everything out here is ALL garage sale stuff!!! I am just thankful for boxes that were raised and unharmed.

The newly installed carpet has already endured a good soaking. Now just praying we dont have mildew issues. 

Now for the great story:
I grab the baby and run to the bathroom. Shreels people shreels as my 3 yr. old is being pelted with a forceful stream of water to the face straight from the wall!

I yell run, grab the embroidery machine in one hand and baby on the hip and we drop the machine in the kitchen and proceed to run across the street to see if the neighborhood handy man can help. 
The man who is always home isnt... Awesome!

Call my friend Ruth. "Is your husband home?"
Ruth says "NO! Whats wrong Jenny Beth are you okay?"

she heads over. 
In the meantime I call casey and he hangs up on me... I run to the curb, baby on hip and 3 yr old screaming from trauma of the event. I open the plate cover to our water main and for the life of me cannot process how to turn the water main off. 

 Ruth pulls up...behind the crazy woman getting a flyer from my for sale sign.

And yes I did think this lady was a good samaratain doing a u turn to help me. No! She smiled at me calmly and said nothing while I am hysterically crying with 2 children and huddled over the water main shut off. 

Ruth runs around her and we are both looking in the hole going what do we do?? What do we do?
(hysterical people, hysterical!)

Out of nowhere this guy named Anthony comes running around the corner. 
Ruth shouts "Are you our guardian angel?"
He was in classes with Casey and happens to live 4 houses away. (who knew?) 
He also has the proper wrench to shut off the water. 
(Casey had hung up on me to call Anthony and see if he could come help me)

The water is shut off and we breathe a sigh of relief. I wipe the sweat and tears from my face to then formally introduce myself to Anthony.

Then all the pictures you saw are the aftermath my family came over to help me sift through until Casey could get home.

I am sooo thankful for sweet friends who come running to my rescue. 
And for others who stay until 11:45 at night helping my husband use shop vac's to sift out ALL the water standing in the guesthouse and garage. 

What a story for the book I hope to one day write. 
Happy Thursday Y'all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Annie Sloan love affair

Meet my vintage kitchen table I purchased from a local antiques store. 
She was only $100.00 but perfectly matched the Restoration Hardware table I had been dreaming of. 

When we purchased the table it was a muted sage green and I was wanting more of a distressed grey look. 

This table has been with us for about 3 years.  For far far too long it sat with a coat of white, and a very very grainy distressing of glaze that I applied with a dragging brush technique to "distress."

Seen on the left of the table in the pic below. It was ugly!

Didn't take me long to fall in love with Annie Sloan chalk paint. 

I also knew the paint would be an investment so I began to save and scheme what color I would use.
Here is everything painted with the base color except the bottom of the legs.

We went to visit my husband's family in Mobile, Alabama and while there my mother-in-law and I 
discovered we both have been itching to buy AS paint. 

She looked up stores in the area and the sweetest lady at Heron House helped us determine what all we needed and even walked through the steps with us. She was amazing!
Here is the table with the basecoat and beginning to use the dark stain.

Added some more stain as I got more confident. 

In this picture you can see the dark stain on the left and not on the right. 

Had I thought this through more thoroughly I would have stained in the other direction so there are no lines meeting in the middle of the table. 

Oh well. Works for me, and I will know for my next project.

And the iphone pic of the finished result. 

We have been very very pleased with how beautifully it stained.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Six.5 months

I hope to actually print these stat pages and pictures one day soon for the kids. Oh the to do list.
C man,
It seems like in a mere 3 weeks you have changed and grown soo much! You have started to truly baby babble. Mainly da da da da... On Friday aug 3, you started army crawling. You are the absolutely
Happiest baby I have ever encountered. I am so incredibly thankful for such a happy healthy baby. We went to daddy's family reunion in Heber springs, Arkansas 2 weeks ago and you Loved the boat and the lake.

You are still in size 2 diapers and drinking a 6 ounce bottle. Right now we are eating a fruit in the morning and a food pouch medley at night. You go to sleep at 7:30 and almost on the nose sleep for 12 hours. Like I said. Dream baby! We love you Connor man!

Can't believe you will be 7 months old next week!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer Blog sale

These are just a few items that I have only worn maybe once or twice.

If you are interested in purchasing please write in the comments sold and the item and I can send you a paypal invoice and mail the garment to you. 

Everything has been kept in my closet and we are a smoke free home. 
I do have pets but they are not allowed on the garments, in closets or on the furniture for that matter.

This is a resort collection piece. Only worn one time to a Bridal Luncheon. 
Retailed for $495.00
Asking $75.00
It is a Medium and can easily fit a size 6, 8, or a 10.

This wrap dress is a fun pink and green leopard print. 
Size large and will fit an 8, 10, or even a 12. 
(I wore this after having #1 maybe twice)
Asking $45.00
This cute polo dress is a size Medium. 
Asking $25.00
It is a heavier cotton and isn't nearly as flimsy as most polo dresses are. 

I also have a Lilly window panel and some euro sham covers. 
Trying to decide if I can actually part with them. 
With just the right offer maybe I will... Thinking on it. 

Would anyone be interested in a classic Lilly A-line skirt? I have several but I personally dont think the cut is "in style" but then again almost everything lilly is uuber classic. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Checking in

I guess I unofficially took a break from the blog..
Sorry about that! I have been quite busy unpacking and purging out whole entire house!!!

Only have 4 more boxes to go!
Then... I can start sharing some of the fun things I have for you guys.

In the mean time here is some nook love!