Monday, October 31, 2011

Tip Junkie Feature- Laundry Closet

Ahhh.... did you hear?? 
Lori, the Tip Junkie featured my laundry closet in one of her articles.
ps she is kinda  big deal... her site now has an iphone app!! true story, download it... you won't regret!

This particular article was sponsored by Downy.

Here is the video!

I am so honored to have this simple $10.00 facelift shared on her site!

click on the picture for the link to the article.

eek... there she sits... 

Thanks again for the feature Lori!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Project Princess Fluff

We are embarking on the two week countdown so I will be sharing several more inspiration pics/ plan of action for lil bit's 3rd birthday. 

I have said it at almost every age, and minus the "why" stage this is absolutely by far my favorite.

She has developed quite a personality and I am so thankful to be able to hear every sweet thing she says!

Now, onto party. 
Here are a few pictures of what we are thinking
look how fun this cotton candy is??
I really liked this girl's party if you cant tell.

We have rented one of these:

If I have time I plan on ruffling our crepe paper we found.

We plan on reading one of her favorite stories at the party in a party tent like this one:

And my mom just happens to have a crown like this so this will be the table's centerpiece.
Source: None via .Jenny Beth on Pinterest

And if I have enough time we are going to borrow a friends tent and do something like this for the food.

Did I mention I now feel obligated to write pinterest a note?? It would go a little something like this,

Dear Pinterest,
You have sucked up my days and filled my head with dilussional thoughts I can create anything I desire.
You have made me believe these fairytale photos are oh so achievable.
Now lets just see if I can accomplish even 1/4 of this stuff for my little princess's 3rd birthday.
If so, my obsession may grow even stronger which scares me.
However, thank you for changing my life and enabling me to show my friends what I hope to recreate.
Love JBR

Friday, October 28, 2011

Nursery Diaries Part 2

Today I promised to show fabric swatches. 
Maybe first I should some some of my inspiration nurseries that catapulted this concoction.

exhibit a, ticking stripe

exhibit b true and true nautical, but a hair too themey for me.

Source: None via .Jenny Beth on Pinterest

exhibit c classic children's room

exhibit d those silly stripes... I can't get them out of my head!

exhibit e ahh subdued nautical... 
I think we are headed somewhere 

Fabric swatches:
A quilted white matelasse diamond print.
We will also be using a white denim but its the same color white as this matelasse.
this is a knubby raised fabric... I LURVE it!
And of course I had to add in my beloved stripes!!
And the last fabric is a remnant closeout.
Haven't been able to find it anywhere online so here is the iphone pic.

On monday I will share the accessories we have gathered for the space.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nursery Diaries Part 1- of many...

Okay so here I sit at 27 weeks. 

A few things have been accomplished in the nursery and I wanted to wait until this point to show you how we went about pulling the room together. 

First thing we did was order a crib. 
This one to be exact.

This is the Sophia fixed gate crib from Pottery Barn.
I was looking for something with a slight vintage throw back but still very modern lines, this was just what we needed!!

We were waiting to do everything else once we figured out what we were having. 

Unfortunately I had some unexpected problems upon returning from our disney trip so at the ripe 14 weeks and 5 days we found out we were having a boy!! 

Let the planning begin!!

I have always loved a very classic look for a nursery and this time would be no exception, especially if this is our last baby. 

My husband and I agreed a nautical theme would add the touch of big boy/non-nursery look we were wanting; but would allow us the ability to choose some very classic and very baby items to place in there as well.

Colors we decided on were a grey undertoned blue, a rich deep navy, creamed white and the greywash made ever so famous by Restoration Hardware. 

Be back tomorrow to show the colors and fabric swatches we have come up with!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

It is kinda sad for me... We are at the very tail end of renovating this house. And finishing this room seals that fate even more.
But all good things must come to an end right?? Soo...
After much deliberation, we decided to paint the master.

We chose Popcorn Kernel by Benjamin Moore.

I know you are wondering why yellow? No one is using yellow right now... well, this picture kinda was the spin off for the whole thing.

Ever since we got our bedroom furniture I couldn't ever figure out what to hang above the bed. And I was also struggling to figure out which colors would keep the room light and airy with such dark chunky furniture.

For starters....

Well the mirror sitting out in the garage!!!

That's it....

So to my local home improvement store I went. uh hmm... Lowe's... how i love thee!

We got our paint sample matched and headed home to complete the look. 

Although it took nearly 4 cans of paint I could NOT be more in LOVE!!

 After painting, I tweeked the placement of the plates.
(can you see my craft table set up outside.. secrets are far from here. haha)

Although the colors in this pic are much warmer this is the truest depiction of the color. I really love how well it goes with our PB Pickstitch Bedding.
And have I ever mentioned how much I love my pinch-pleated drapes my mom made for me for christmas last year? Because I really doo..hoo...
This side of the room will be tweaked slightly with the addition of the baby bassinet. My parents graciously offered to paint it and mom is making the bedding since I have been soooo busy with so many other things this fall...

And, just to keep it real check out the top right corner.. we are trying to find the right size vent to put back on here...

But check out what was lying beneath??
See that remnant of black wallpaper?? 

I tell ya, if these walls could talk!!!

Last recap...
And after
Next up is adding in the glider and the bassinet...

And painting a HUMUNGO canvas... that will likely be post-delivery.

Btw. what do yall think about this fabric swatch for a simple bolster pillow?
And don't you think we need to fabric cover the lampshades in here? I feel like we should.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Festival

Friday night we met some friends at the fall festival!

The girls held hands and danced and we made to catch everything...
We had a great time!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess What we did...

In the words of my almost 3 year old...
"Mommy, you and daddy made it snow the prettiest pinkaliscious snow I have ever seen."

All I can think about is getting my $400 + dollar utility bill going down... 

Here's to hoping this works!

Renting this guy from Home Depot and 5 bags of insulation made this 2 man job a 2 hour cinch!

The side of the machine has an internal box cutter. 
It slices the plastic bag open on its own and all you do is hit the on button and grab the plastic bag!

Then the 100 ft. hose blows this pretty insulation into my less than adequate "R" rated insulation. And the layer is back where it needs to be!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just say no...

Anyone ever seen these?? Or maybe made them?

Or these??

Well, let me just tell you a funny little story as to why I am boycotting making some of my own. I guess you could say I had a "bad experience."

My Sophomore year in college 3 girlfriends and I were getting ready before a Christmas party. Everyone came over to my 100 year old house I was renting to "get ready."

The heat was on, the candles in the non-working fireplace were lit and the candles were wrapped in the most beautiful bark/ bark paper I had ever seen. 

We had on the typical nostalgic christmas songs, were drinking egg nog and helping each other put on makeup.

A friend,Victoria, says "aww I love this song, chessstnutsss roasting.... on an open fire......" Then we noticed a cracking sound of a fireplace coming from the den.

We all acknowledged the sound and carried on with getting ready. 

As we gathered our coats to leave I walked in the den to almost 3 foot flames emerging from the fire place. 

Well, four college girls go frantic when someone, namely me... an overly dramatic Olivia De Havilland type, runs to grab a pitcher of water to begin extinguishing the flames emerging from the bark candles and the fireplace. 

Ironic huh? 

As I round one corner to poor water on the flames, Victoria, rounds the other corner and screams, "Flour will extinguish it!!"

Well ever wondered what flames, flour, and water make???

Vintage soot covered playdoh!!!!

Luckily the flames went out quickly, I had a homemade paste to get that fireplace as clean as it has ever been.

And most importantly, a lesson was learned!!! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Grove, a belated birthday

My husband turned 26 back in September.

All he wanted for his birthday was either to tailgate with the tide or go see the tide play!

So that is just what we did. We hated we weren't able to go with some very dear friends, but Steph's grandmother went to be with Jesus Saturday morning. We will get to do it again some other time.

The past few times we have made it to Oxford we tried to meet up with some friends at their tent....but cell service is less than optimal soo... we planned ahead this time and I am so... glad we got to visit with them!

on the left is sister's best friend since preschool, middle, her big sis and right is momma.

I love these ladies dearly!!

This was my mom's first real sit back and relax tailgate experience. I think she enjoyed it!!
(miss you ainser, wish you had been there)

And just for fun...
Okay, they are sooo going to kill me for this but they look so much alike!!

EXACT same facial expression!!!

And somehow mom managed to get all the other pictures on her camera! I will have to get them from her!

The day was a blast and I am so glad we got to go and see the tide play! It was my first time in a stadium since 2007. Too long my friends... too long!

BTW... Roll Tide!

Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY-Polymer Mesh Wreath

I am not sure why I never shared this with you guys...

Ever found those beautiful mesh wreaths and thought "geez, 60-85 bucks?"

Well this year, hit up your local crafts fairs, pay 7.00 for a roll... and by thanksgiving I will post a tutorial on using a wire hanger and some zip ties around your house.... 

For 7.00 you too can have something as beautiful as this on your front door!!

stay tuned!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Fever

I have been looking for "stylish blogs/people" who happen to have a great "wish-list" for all things baby.

Ever tried to google "hot- must-have baby items" 

Doesn't always render chic and make life easier items than what was around 3 years ago when lil' bit was born.

Well, today I found it... Effortless Style!!

I have kinda blog stalked her all day long, shh dont tell...

check out her style board of all things baby... 

go see everything else fab she is up to...

Might be trying some new DIY projects this next week compliments of some of her great tutorials!

Age 2.75 years

I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time! It seems when u start planning things life hits the fast forward button!!

I had originally planned to not do shirts this fall, but who am I kidding!! I missed it!!

Here are quite a few phone pics of us since our trip to Disney in August.

Proud of her new hot pink shoes!

Going to visit Grammy at work!

Please ignore the obscene cable cord... Ugh how I loathe that thing!

Going with a friend to the hospital to meet a baby brother!! (not ours.. Just yet)

Completely hamming!! She is obsessed with her Barbie sunglasses!

Let's be real, this baby girl is a complete ham!

And continuing to grown WAY too quickly!!

Her favorite phrases and sayings:
"mommy, do you want to hold my little baby fingers?"

"Will, wuke, or Lilly and Luke you are being bad! I need to put you in time out!"
"oh daddy, you really are my prince charming!"
"no, I big girl, I do it myself!!"
singing abc's and saying "mommy, join me!" so stinking funny!

Did I mention her hair has grown halfway down her back??
(again, my digital baby book so I can remember)

And we are officially wearing size 4t and some 4/5s she is soooo tall that if the cut is not skinny the pants will fall right off her. 

Oh, and she just started wearing a size 7.5/8 shoe.