Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Christmas Decor:Flashback

Here is the front of our house the first year we lived here.
December 2009
man our new landscaping looks SOOO MUCH BETTER!!
And the tree that year.
And the tree moved to a new location December 2010.
but there is no picture of the outside's decor.
So expect to see some same shots of a tree this year and a few new things.... 
I am not putting up my secondary tree this year because well, my body is tired... and I want to enjoy the minimal decor this year ;)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards

feels good to be crossing things off my list early this year!!
Got my cards in the mail today!!

Have you ordered yours yet?

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Framed chalkboard

Here we are with another "left from April" post. haha...
Do yall remember the horrible storms that ripped through the south back in April??
They were awful, quite a few homes in my neighborhood are just now being rebuilt from this storm. 
As drab as this situation was a little bit of good did come from it.
You see one of my neighbors lost their shed and they apparently had it jam packed with antique goodies.
ie. this guy below.... I went digging trash day, in the rain to rescue this gem!!
 He sat in my garage until late May and I finally went to work.
All he needed was a fresh coat of paint and a chalkboard insert. 
Luckily I had a scrap piece of plywood just the right size laying around and many months prior I had purchased the chalkboard spray paint.

So.. you got it!! a FREE project and just what I needed to add to my little "office nook" we have created in the kitchen!
Want to see him now??
one hour, DONE !!
 He has a few minor imperfections that I need to work on. Like a finial for the other side maybe? haha
Since this is a vintage frame with no backint the piece of painted plywood is suspended between heavy beads of silicone caulk. Worked like a charm!!
Now you get to see the dirty truth of what this room really looks like. haha
The desk my sewing machine is sitting on was my great grandmother's.
Momma says Granny Pennington would be proud her table is still being put to good use.
Notice its last "face lift" was ohhh 1991? yah...
It's on my maternity leave to do list. 
And this list grows as the minutes pass...
Happy day before gobble gobble day!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nursery Diaries: Wall color and Painting the Dresser

 Remember the styleboard I shared with you all about a week ago??
Well it's high time we start working on this room so let me show you where we started. 
Originally, pre knowing the sex of the baby we were doing Aqua, then I thought a creamed white would be nice, but when we found out we were having a boy at 14 weeks I decided we MUST have blue walls, at least for a short while.

So Outlands Dainty Blue by Valspar it was!!
(a very greyish blue)
Then we knew we needed to start working on refinishing the chest of drawers we already owned. 
Right about this time I discovered a Pin on Pinterest about using a graywash!!

Took me literally an hour, let it dry for 3 days then went back with a clear top coat to seal it. 
And I couldn't be happier!!

And for the crib... we got it put together and I immediately made the skirt out of the Kravet Dotkat fabric!!
Just wanted to give you a quick sneak peek.
Promise to show more once the bedding is finished...
Good project for Thanksgiving weekend??

I hope I can finish it!

Here are a few other pins I am hoping can inspire me to complete the room for the big reveal!!

Completing a seating area.

Finish my strand of "sardine" fish

Complete his mobile

Add a few cutesie touches...

And most importantly wash all of his precious new tiny clothes...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Den:Completing the Look

Notice anything different with our den??
Here is the before picture.
A few new pillows, same layout... but wait.. the picture over the couch changed... and some new accessories...
First thing first I knew we needed something a little bigger for the main wall you see when you look into our den.
I saw this sunburst mirror on decorpad and fell in love.
Several stores seemed to be selling it, but at the time I found the best price at Pier 1. I believe I paid 89.99. (this was back in April, yes... my blogging log is THAT FAR BEHIND, be prepared for 2 a days once I hit maternity leave :)
And my "secret store" I blogged about last week... doesn't this lamp look familiar??
couldn't beat the $45.00 price tag!!
And a floor lamp, exactly what was needed to fill the space between the other side of the sectional and the upholstered chair I finished.
This is another "secret store" purchase. Can't remember what I paid for this guy... but are you sitting down?? It is SOLID WOOD!!! heavy as can be. 
I also purchased these back in April!
Now if I can just find a new throw blanket I like and a complementing fabric to make 2 more pillows I will be pleased as a peach with this room. 

Oh, and disregard the rug, the old area rug had to be thrown out and this one... well he is keeping the floors warm until we really decide what we want.

Here is a final look before you go... So much better, I am sure by spring I will have it just how I want it!!

I have this beautiful wooden tray I need for the ottoman... Maybe for my birthday??
Wouldn't something like this look great there??

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deals Deals Deals

Okay, So I know I have been on a super deal kick lately so why stop now??

Recently a friend of mine found out about a store chain based out of Tennessee called Essex Bargain Hunt.

For those of you who live in Mississippi and Alabama you may be familiar with Hudson's Dirt Cheap.

Basically this store is a super discount retailer selling everything from tv's, patio furniture, light fixtures to some clothing and baby items. 

The get their items from what I can tell, from Amazon, Overstock, WalMart; and pretty much all kinds of returns various companies don't take the time to process so they sell to a discount retailer. 

For the first 30 days an item is for sale for the marked price.

After the first 30 days it gets discounted 10% for every 10 days an item sits in the store. The lowest the price can go is 90% off.

YES 90% OFF!!!!

Well, my inner-bargainista was itching to find a deal so I loaded up and headed to a store nearest me. 

Here is what we got!!
Manufacturer's box of boogie wipes.
They indidually retail for 3.99 a pop.
Would have been $50.00 for 12 boxes, as you can see on this item I paid $18.99.
Here they are for sale for $31.00 on Amazon.

And for those of you who are mommies and have never purchased these??? They are GREAT for crusty & runny noses. Makes the wiping-the-nose-fight much less severe!

Ever heard of a Goodbyn?
I found them on either Rue LaLa or The Foundary or one of those sites for like $9.99.
Lil bit was needing a new lunch box and I knew this would be a nice divided container to use for school.
Not only that but it's BPA Free!!
(imagine me tree hugging and saving the planet one lunch at a time;)

Watch this video:

I love it so much I had been looking to buy another... then I discovered they are $25.00 a pop. 
I decided to wait for a bit and see if it would go on sale.
(I have seen them at whole foods btw)

Although the sticker says it was 13.99 it was 40% off because it had been in the store since August!!

I got us another Goodbyn for $8.40!!

This was my biggest deal!! Are you ready??
Ever Seen the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seat?

I haven't, and I was planning on trying to do without a bouncer this go around.... That is until I saw the price!!

As you can see it's kinda pricey! $170!

Guess how much I paid?
Since this had been in the store since June it was 90% off!! 
I paid $9.60!!!
Anyone trying to do organic diapers for your little one??

Look at this deal!

This box of 4 packs of size 2 Seventh Generation organic diapers says $24.99.

Since it had been in the store for longer than 30 days it was marked an additional 20% off!!!
14.99 for 4 packs of 40 ct diapers!!!!

In total I got 320 (2 of these boxes) size 2 diapers. Paid $30.00. 

That averages to .08 per diaper!!!
BTW these are usually .34 a diaper!!!
According to this box usually runs $40 a box. 

 I can't even touch that with coupons!

As you can see just from these few items we saved some serious money on stuff I was already planning on buying, or not haha. Some deals were just too good to pass up!!

Be back later to blog the other items!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Complete Den:Client

We are so close to having this room completed, I just couldn't stand not sharing it any longer.

Here is an aerial view of the room. 

The client had her tables and couches and we chose fabrics for pillows, the wingbacks and accessories.
Notice the massive built in? 
Well the ceiling in this room goes all the way to the second story roofline.
So we found this beutiful 7' painting and birdcage to help "fill" the void up there...
Unfortunately the whole being pregnant and up 15-ish feet in the air didn't sound too good; so their handy man is going to hang it for us. 
And for the curtains, we have decided to wait.
Working on the dining room and the office first has gotten the better of us. 

Stay tuned for the next rooms. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workin' Hard for the $$

I think it is time to name my embroidery machine. 

I have a knack for naming things, like my old cars, Valerie the Volvo, Lilly the Lincoln, my sis has Haley the Honda... 

With the hours she has been logging she deserves a name.... 

But trust me, she has been earning her keep!!

It's a Brother machine, so how does... Bernice the Brother sound.... 
No, too old. She is way more hip than a Bernice.

Any suggestions??

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Secret Store

The town I live in has an incredible, one of a kind "warehouse" store. 

Treasures like you will see no where else!!

I actually have been going here for about a year now and people around town act like it is no big deal. BUT let me tell you, to me... well, it is HUGE!!!
Take this lamp for example.

Outlet price:$45.00
Candelabra's price:$340.00

And this beauty came home with me.
Outlet price: $45.00
And this one doesn't seem to be a current style. I couldn't find a price for it online.

Gorgeous mirrored chandy.
Outlet price: $275.00
Candelabra Price:$622.00

I think you get the picture. This place is just incredible. 

And from the picture below you can see they have way more than just beautiful lamps and ceiling fixtures. The furniture is to die for!! 

And who is the lady in the pic?? That's my bargain/adventure friend Ash. That lady is up for a day trip with a discount price just about anyday. And she is funny to boot so it makes the adventure all the more fun!!

Can't wait to head back to the store soon to buy some more goodies.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Favorite Late Fall Fashions 2011

Happy Monday!!

We are recovering from a stomach bug we got over the weekend so today is more of a "dreaming" lazy day.

Here are a few things I LOVE right now/ am on the lookout for!

Long hair is so much easier to deal with.. I am really torn.

I MUST find this polish soon!!

And the perfect for everyday outfit. 
I may or may not rock a scarf in 72 degree weather, don't judge... I am ready for the cool!!

And this chic look I am going to attempt to rock at 30 weeks pregnant. 

If I look like a cow, please be unlike the other unfortunate people I have encountered lately.
I had a man at the donut shop shout in front of 20 customers, "Wow look who got fat?" WTHeck??

I have only gained 13 pounds thank you very much and my child weighs almost 4 so maybe you should keep your mouth shut before a pregnant lady shoves her warm glazed donut in your face!! People.... so rude these days!!!
Okay, so back to cute chic look, and old man, Fah get ahbout it!!

And now that my hair is the longest it has been since my husband and I met in December 2006 I am now wanting to chop it to look like this!