Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

Woke up this am and thought.. "hey! let's start a friday favorites on the blog!!" 

Life shattering I know, but nonetheless it excited me so here we are!

1. gold tassels!! hello, necklaces, handbags, keychains you just got fabulous
2. trish wild blueberry candles, I still love you after all these years!
3. freshly picked has soooo many baby mod options that I am having a hard time picking my favorites to buy for baby w!
4. an adorable mommy friend on my facebook started making these precious silhouette bangles. aren't the FAB??? hope to order one soon!
5.Kate bow studs! have these in gold and green and wear them ALL the TIME!

What have been your favorite things lately?

And should we make this a series??

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transformation Thursday

This little chair has seen lots and lots of love over the years.

My parents purchased a set of these chairs at an antique auction years ago.

I recovered this chair in our old house and then my sweet little angel found a black sharpie.
A BLACK SHARPIE on my beautiful Robert Allen fabric.
Then after the sharpie incident it just kept getting beat up. Over and over! 

I just gave up at that point, young toddler C was a force to be recconed with and one I was not willing to battle the art of recovering.

Therefore, we went into waiting mode!

Fast-forward to our move here, I knew I wanted to recover but didn't know what in.

So I shopped for a while until I found this smokey cut velvet wonderfulness!!!

The upholsterer brought her back to life in no time!!

I used my white Annie Sloan, clear wax, then dark wax, then clear wax, then watered down some guilders paste and left an awesome metallic sheen to the chair. LOVE how it turned out!

I love how the dark wax and the guilders paste look layered together!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monogram Monday: Tailgating Edition

If you live in the south, then you have likely been to a tailgate. 
And if you read last years article in Southern Living on Tailgates you know Oxford is where it's at!

and.... if you have been to a tailgate, monograms are present. 
(sidenote: at alabama the tailgates are a hair more casual and not so "done up" but I think the actual act of tailgating is such a fun experience in T-town!)

Now! back to monograms!!

For one, its practical. 
If everyone has a cooler, then hello... you need to know who's is who's

So here is a quick round up of my monogrammed "Must Have's" for a tailgate.

Love these cups, make carrying your favorite beverage!!

typically when you host a tent, you invite people to visit, sure... you can have red solo cups and other disposable but if you can have personalized cups and a fun "signature item" in your tent! why not?

Are these not the cutest??

This line of servingware comes in just about every Southern college. 
Mainly... SEC!

Swoozie's is a great shop to get All kinds of tailgating needs.

Sadly, we no longer have one in memphis so and Etsy it is!!

What are your favorite items to bring to a tailgate?

Happy Monogram Monday Y'all! 

As always you can follow my monograms board on pinterest here!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Transformation Thursday

 Does anyone remember this cute stool from Cbug's nursery?

well... it had been quite loved in there and was in need of some reinvention. 

I found some awesome herringbone upholstry fabric and got to work after the kids went to bed.

I love recovering something.

Bringing new life and freshness to a space for such a small amount of money. 

I am looking for some woven trim to cover up the base of the stool for a finished look. 

Then I plan on adding some jumbo brass studs along the trim for some additional personality!

All done and ready for his final pops!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When you find a room that makes you want to throw everything out...

I mean this room is stunning.the furniture placement is perfect....
but the coffee table.... dear heavens its perfection!

And when you entertain alot its exactly the perfect  place to store extra ottomans!

Needless to say my original plan for a marble top coffee table immediately changed to either glass or acrylic!

What do you think of the space?

(my room will obviously have some different patterned pillows, but all in all it knocks my socks off!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

13 months

This little one has been ON the MOVE! 

He took his first ever steps while at the beach and has slowly built his confidence from there. My sisters wedding he was days shy of 13 months and taking 3-6 steps at a time! 

He decided to just get up Monday after the wedding and take off!!

He started saying "day" and uh oh this month as well as 

He loves helping wash the car! 

And had a BLAST at the lake!

He is all about the lotion and combing hair after baths! 
And loves doing anything big brother is doing! 

Still 21 pounds, 12m and 18m clothes, with very short legs! Haha

Size 3 diapers

And loves eating everything we do and his "unga" aka milk. 

Labor Day Sales

I have never been a huge labor day shopper, however I am working with 3 clients right now and this weekend was AWESOME for getting some things ordered for their spaces.

rugs, bedding, lamps, accessories, printing of their babies

you name it we found a deal! 

SOO exciting. 

I did snag one cute little top for each of the boys for $9.99 each! 

I was elated!!

image via bella bliss website

These are from Bella Bliss and it looks like a good bit is left in the $9.99 and $14.99 section so hop on over!!

Shorts are also all $9.99!!

such steals!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Monogram Monday

I apologize for the unexpected break!! 

Life has this funny way of getting super busy and crazy on you!!

Needless to say I made sure to show y'all some fab monos today!!!
Hello!!!! This painted on headboard is pure amaze balls!!!
And GENIUS for a small space!! 

Etched silver??? Such a show stopper!

Below is self explanatory! 

And is this not the most unique plate??

The detailing is something that's sooo hard to find!

As always I have pinned the images to my Pinterest board for easy access to sources! 

Monogram on y'all! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heber Springs: Family Reunion 2014

Last year Casey's family did not get together for the annual reunion. 

Which I hated we didn't but at the same time... new baby, new house, crummy heart issues.. no way we would have been able to join in on the fun!

everyone was so excited to be there! 
despite their faces. haha

The obligatory sibling picture.. 
Auntie Krista was hamming, clearly...

don't worry, i got her to smile. haha

These three are all 40 months apart. 

I know how tired I am some days and couldn't imagine these rascals...

Cbear tried his hand at fishing and had a blast!

The waterway the cabin is located on has water coming down from the mountains. It was about 89 outside and i swear to you that water was a good 55 degrees. brrrr

Cousin time!

Lots of time sitting on the cliffs

ac/ nap break for baby. he did AWESOME the whole weekend!! 

Made the visit that much more enjoyable to have an easy baby!!

more pics coming soon, until then...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kindergarten:first Week

The first full week is in the books!! 

To say sister is tired is probably an understatement!! 
Here we are with our precious teacher Ms. T. 

We have several friends in our classroom and we are over the moon to have them with us!! 

Simply because of wedding chaos I wasn't able to do anything extra special for the first week so I plan on doing that as an after school surprise this week!!! 

Off to get somethihg fabulous together!!