Thursday, April 24, 2014

Den Makeover: Paint, Lighting and

I did lots of research after we purchased the house and tried to go with colors I knew would be condusive to a home that faces North.

remember our style board?

Luckily our last home faced north, as well so it made things a hair easier. 

I knew anything with brown undertones would make the room way way dark. 

There are no windows to the right wall (west wall) and therefore I would only have very faint light from noon til about 4:30.

We ended up settling on a Valspar color.
Fairmont Penthouse Stone

Shanty 2 Chic did a great job documenting the process. 

She picked the same color!!

Mine is not quite this bright. Looks much more grey in my space, we also chose the satin finish for a higher sheen since the room is so dark. 

Here is the before of the room.

We could only go up from here right?

Clearly this room has had some serious issues and the things I thought were going to work, well... Aren't. 

This is how we sat throughout the holidays, just undecided on a paint color until we had enough friends weigh in and help us decide on Fairmont penthouse stone!
Then we tried this and I thought ah hah!!! 

Ahhh and here is the first shot of the paint color. 

Biggest issue for me here was front door shot to see a side view of a piece of furniture. 

Then we got here and I finally finally felt like this room was cozy. 

Basically it took3 months of rearranging before I deemed this some that blog worthy!

And the light. For me it's the piece de resistance for the room!

And this....
Getting the brick like washed and to this point was huge! 

Be back tomm with more details on the light and some accessories I have found over the past few weeks!

Name Change

I have pretty much been fighting this for over a year. 

I have asked sooooo many blog friends what I should change the name to.

What's me?

Well... truth of the matter is.... I don't want people telling me what to blog. 
So for that reason, I have not partnered with any companies or gone through any ad agencies, thus needing a big fancy blog makeover that is top dollar.

So my sweet friend Brittany said look, you have become and now "ARE" Preppie Peonie.

People see your stuff around town and say... Preppie Peonie is you??? 
No way! 

Incredibly flattering and at the same time the ugh.... LifeOnLyford is dead...

So its time....

The header has been up for a few days, er... weeks and I need to change the blog name.

So... I am making the Jump!

Preppie Peonie...
Custom design, Interiors Consulting, blogger, and Embroidery.

Let's Do this!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fall recap

I feel like this past fall was a blur!! 

We were busy figuring out how to handle reflux, and sleep through the night, and transition c to the toddler bed! 

Lots of sleepless nights and a hair overwhelmed by everything that kept breaking on this house.

We made it through and all that sleep deprivation has me remembering just the highlights! 

This was w's first bite of cereal in the middle of October! 

He was pretty excited about it! 
I think this picture explains a lot about this child.
This little bean loved baths and brother and sissy thought this sleeper was hilarious! 
(Same night... Promise!)
We finally started smiling and finding out how fun playtime was!!! 
Baby started sitting in the big seat and this is how I got stuff done. Have them snacks and toys and ran to do dishes and laundry!

This one kept giving himself swirlies in the toilet and giving sisters poor barbie a swirlies as well! 

As you can see there wasn't much time to decorate this fall.... Lots of diapers, sleepless nights and going back and forth to preschool! 

I miss my little tiny baby. I hate I was in such a rush to get to the point of sleeping. Yes I love my sleep but I can't get those days back. They are gone. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's time

See this... This is a 1979 Frederick unit original to the home. 

We are ripping out ductwork and everything. 

I am attempting to work through a 10 man crew and noise. Such a mess! 

Prayers please

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Den Makeover: The Couch

Whew... this post has been a long time coming...

When we purchased our house we knew almost immediately the sectional from our previous home would not work in here.

We made it work from July until one glorious day back in November. 
I had been eyeing this couch for months and months in the Pottery Barn Catalog. 

The Carslisle
not skirted, not chenille, and only linen if it was extra soft... 
Then we thought we would order it if  I could find the perfect fabric.... 
Then the 2,000.00 sticker to have it custom upholstered held me up... 

Ugh, alas....
Until one glorious friday morning.
I was perusing our local Pottery Barn Outlet.

There she was.... in all her splendor. 
Not in the ideal fabric but the price was RIGHT yall..
Called hubby and he wanted to see it, sit on it... I rounded the corner in the store while we talked and I saw the red sign. 
"THE" Red sign.

All upholstry an additional 20% off.

I seriously squealed. Then... while waiting on him to allow me to pull the trigger... I opened my email.
To a glorious 10% off your purchase in store or online, catalog, or outlet.
NO WAY!!!!

So put it on hold to pick up after dinner. 
On the way to the outlet I did this....

I was so mad. 
I kenw it was totalled but I did NOT want this to prevent me from getting the couch!!!

My very sweet friend Lauren picked me up first thing the next morning and we were there waiting as they opened!

Elated yall. 
This was the first iphone picture with the couch in. 

Trying to decide which panel we liked better.

Ended up being neither! 

Next up is paint, accessories and furniture layout!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coastal Bathroom Backsplash

Okay so Oyster mirror complete almost complete after attaching the final 2 shells.

So next up was adding a small backsplash.

We knew we wanted something the size of a standard vanity, (this one will soon be replaced) and something that will match the tile we have selected for the shower.

Then we discovered this awesomeness at Lowes!

Yall... they are peel and stick mats... and they are LEGIT!

They were a breeze to install for such a tiny project as this and look great!

Next up is upgrading the electrical outlet to gfi, then the hunt for a vanity begins....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mardi Gras: Mobile Style

We enjoyed most of the night parades while down in mobile and I am so glad to be able to share a piece of mobile culture with the kids!!

Til next time!

Twenty Eight

I wish I had more insightful things to say about what I have planned for 28.

(image courtesy of pinterest)

I would like to think this is the year I get me back.





A little at a time we have continued to simplify the clutter and "noise" in our home.

There is still alot to be done and more ground to cover than I anticipated but I am glad we are moving in the right direction.

Living more intentionally.

And investing in those around us who take the time to also invest in us.

I made a resolution to whenever someone is on my mind to text that person. 

I am so glad I have!
Dear friendships have picked up right where they were left off, ones I didn't realize how much I missed until now and I could not be more thankful to have these awesome friends beside us, just doing life!

So, twenty eight.... her is to making the end of the 20's all you hoped it would be.

Making up for lost time... and truly living each day to the fullest.

Yesterday was me day... I spent it making shorts, and monogramming, and stopping to change barbie's clothes, eat a cupcake with friends, change diapers, let the dogs in and out, wait for the mail, and do some laundry.

Pretty mundane, but quite honestly... I was with my family and living the life I only dreamed of a few short years ago. 
That to me makes it pretty awesome!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Coastal Bathroom Progress

Remember back at Thanksgiving when my husband took me down to Bayou La Batre' to collect oyster shells. 

Well I have quite a few projects planned for these shells so stay tuned!! 
One incredibly heavy storage container FULL of shells= LOTS of projects.

The mirror in the kids bathroom desperattely needs some sprucing.

The oyster shells were bleached and sundried for 2 days.

I had so much fun sorting through the various sizes of the shells to figure out what would work.

To attach the shells we used clear drying, all purpose construction adhesive

Took maybe an hour to select the proper shells and attach them to the mirror.

here you can see the adhesive underneath and I knew it was dry once clear.

I am going to go back and attach a small rope to the inside rim of the mirror to finish it off. 

Took about 5 days for all of the adhesive to fully cure. 
Then two of the shells werent attached well, so I had to take it back down and reattach.