Monday, January 25, 2010

Where do i hang this picture??

Recently we had some pictures done of the family by a local family photographer.

Now i have these great pics and have no idea where to hang them in my home. Usually i like a little bit more posed of a picture but i mean come on.... we spent the whole time trying to get baby to cooperate and then casey and i wouldnt cooperate.... too funny if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facing Your Giants

Hokay soo.... It just donged on me that I have been blogging now right at a year. It has been an interesting past year; raising a child, buying our first home, getting a job, loosing a job, getting a new job that i LOVE, loosing some precious friendships, deepening the friendships i already have and learning about myself.

Some things i have learned is that if there is a problem in my life, first fix me, go to the lord with my concerns and ask for his forgiveness and let him guide my decisions. 2009 was an emotionally taxing year and i feel that the lord did not give me more than i could handle but he did present situations to me that he knew i would need to rely on him to overcome.

I am slowly making my way through Facing my Giants by Max Lucado. This book is the story of David and how the lord used him and his vices, and how the lord helped him overcome. Max Lucado has been given such a talent and the way he writes really speaks to my heart and convicts me of how i "Face my Giants." I hope once i complete this book to be able to share my stories with all of you and encourage you with the giants in your lives.

I know for my dear friend Stephanie, its her new pup Judd. For you is it your boss, spouse, family member, kicking a bad habit, loosing weight? Each of us have our own temptations and i use that word lightly. Satan contstantly tempts us to give in to them, let them have their way. But what i am beginning to realize is my problems arent for me to handle, they are the lords. He determines who to extend mercy to and who to punish, not me. We reap what we sow. 
Are you currently sowing some bad seeds? 
Do you need to ask forgiveness for what you are doing and repent before you begin reaping those seeds??

I hope each of you begin feeling the lord change your heart as we move into a new year and make you a kinder more understanding person as he is doing with me. If you need a good book to comfort you through the storm and teach you how to overcome Facing the Giants is it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Girl 14 months

I cannot believe how fast time has flown since she was born. 
She is such a big girl and everyday she reveals more of her vivacious personality to us. here is what she is currently doing. 

And yes I am a bad mommy, it just occurred to me the only pic we have of her since her birthday is this one. Forgive me, i will get on that this weekend, promise.

This was after a very long day of play at grammies and dinner with Lauren and Chad... she was pooped.

Back to the updates on our development:
  • last week she cut 4 new teeth
  • she makes this ohhh cindy loo hoo face and says "ahhhh"
  • she started saying "What?" and flipping her hands in the air
  • she will listen to people talk then say "oh really." too stinkin funny.
  • she is also speaking baby gibberish and does so in full sentences then does the what? face/hand movements. and at this point casey and i both so badly wish we could hear what it was she was saying
  • any dog within 10 to 20 feet of her she is going to insist we go that way so she can squeal and pet the puppy. then she will look at us make her ahhh/ohhh face like its the biggest suprise of her life and start waving and saying "uppie uppie uppie"
LOVE IT!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Girl's Bathroom Reveal-Shabby to the Chic

Her it is... baby girl's bathroom.

 I am very pleased with all the elements coming together for a shabby chic, clean, fun children's bathroom.
okay i just couldnt stand not showing this to you guys. Casey and I havent found the trim we want to use above the beadboard and are planning on finding that and installing in the coming weeks. However i think these small changes created a high impact change in this very tiny space. We only spent 385.00 on the whole remodel... I very carefully shopped and found this incredible idea over here.

Rhonda at used beadboard wallpaper found at Home Depot and Lowe's and it creates the same look as actualy wooden beadboard but is much cheaper and easier to remove for the next owner. I am so thankful to her bringing this gem to blog land.

We still need to find some tiny lampshades to put over the chandelier's bulbs.
All in all I really like the outcome.

Love my glass shelf !!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Big girl room, well sorta.

okay so found this cutie over at i didnt want to pay $129.00 for this cutie so i DIY'ed that sucker and voila. i am very very happy with the results. What do you think??
this is one of my fave diy projects so far... found the shelf at pottery barn outlet a few years back. the diaper pins are from a cute store in collierville, tn called First Fruit Collection.

i know top shelf wasnt done but dont worry i went back and completed.

after deciding what we were doing for AC for christmas i was given a wonderful christmas gift by my company i work for... anywho we decided to use our very nice bonus to finish off the playroom we wanted to do for lil bit. We found this shelf and i snazzed it up by adding Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper to the backer board. i know cheap/chic diy.... Stay posted as throughout the year we will transition from our crib and baby bedding to a wonderful world of big girl. Here are the pics of what we have done so far.

Seeing Santa

soo we were surely scared of santa claus. here are the pics leading up to our visit.
who is that big scary man??

i dont know about this daddy!! you can see the horror in her little eyes.

daddy just chatting with santa.

at the christmas eve service at church. anxiously awaiting the start and singing of the carols.

The stockings were hung by the what?? no chimney?

Here are a few of the things we used to decorate around this house this holiday season.
adoreable sign Candace made for me.

Pottery barn stockings i found at the outlet for 1.99 a piece. 

Doorbusters are amazing after thanksgiving.

These are the treats we left for santa, however little elf Luke (our beagle) decided to taste the morsels to make sure they were fit to eat. 

Then there was nothing left for santa!!
Sorry, we will make it up next year.
Our christmas china that my uncle got for us. These are the salad plates and my parents got us the dinner plates. LOVE them.... also here is our key for santa to get in that a friend found for us!

And our tree very early christmas morning. 
I also must share as casey and i awoke to get ready with the video camera to go find AC in her bed we let Luke out as usual, however the crazy winds blew our gate open so we spent christmas morning chasing our beagle around the neighborhood.

Such nostalgia watching people around their christmas trees as I chase my crazy pup through their yards. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kids Bathroom Deconstruction

Remember this post where we picked out our accessories? 

Time to demo so we can decorate!!
snake showerhead???

There is a special place in this world for these things....

There are no words for this light fixture. 
I know the pics are up in reverse order but i am using my sisters laptop and she has some funky settings for the mouse on and it wont allow me to load the pics in order.

 old flooring on the left, view of aweful tiles, new flooring on the right.
okay when we moved in, the walls were tan, underneath reveals a much worse color.... deep deep rust. if it were fire brick i could see making it work but such a dark color for such a small space screams troubles.... so we thought again.. GREEN. 

I know my whole dang house is green but again its the color of growth and prosperity..... here is the whole patched from the aweful tiles.

This is the hole where we removed the 9 tile backsplash behind the sink. Such an unusual addition to a home.

Stay tuned for more!!

How I love fine china.

May I first mention as i sit here and blog that I am doing so with a baby in my lap. In my daughters first whole year of life i never held her while i played on the computer. This is the best feeling having a bundle of joy lay in your arms, sleep peacefully, and keep you warm as you open your heart to blogland. 

Okay so back to the reason for the post.When i was registering for things one of my favorite stores i went to was Jude Gifts. The sweet ladies there helped me pick out this place setting. They even reaffirmed me in mixing and matching companies and pieces, Thus Lenox and Pickard fell in love.

Found this excerpt from Pickard's website.

{Experts and connoisseurs of fine porcelains agree that Pickard is America's finest china - some will add that Pickard makes the finest china available anywhere in the world. At the heart of this proud tradition of excellence are stringent quality standards that have been passed down through four generations of the Pickard family.
All Pickard china is made in the U.S.A. by the same skilled craftsmen that produce the china that serves the President aboard Air Force One. When our ambassadors entertain queens, sultans and heads of state in U.S. embassies around the globe, their tables are set with Pickard.}
What an incredible feeling knowing that i am eating off the same fine china that dignitaries around the world are eating off of. Oh china, crystal, and silver.... how i love you so.