Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evolution of a Hallway

While we have lived in our home this poor hallway has had some sort of an identity crisis.

After we moved out last summer, then moved back in we decided to rehang some of our favorite light fixtures. 

One was the globe light from Pottery Barn.

After asking probably, oh.... 100 people their thoughts on stripes I Finally took the bull by the horns and did it!!

Naturally all the other walls will also be painted Revere Pewter by Ben Moore.

I wanted this hallway to have some classic touches with a fun fresh feel. 

Here is to hoping this is the last time I have to do anything in this hallway.
ps. after painting this piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I discovered I did it totally wrong and will likely be re painting it. 
The work is never done. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nursery for 2 Part 2 (of infinity...)

I feel like we are making headway on the nursery.

With the cleaning out pretty much complete and we have started to make room for baby.

Here is a flashback of the styleboard I shared a few weeks back.
This is what the new baby's side of the room I am planning will look like.

This is what C's side of the room looks like.

Dont Judge it's not totally picked up, I grabbed this really quick before bedtime last time.
This shelf used to be in the kitchen, next to the desk.
It is perfect in here though, to organize, and help little guy easily access the few things he grabs throughout the day. 

I think we need to do a quick facelift on the back of the cabinet.

Would a map look dumb back here?

And this little wall fits the changing area needs.

Here is the view from the door to the bedroom.

And A recap of the new babies side...
Actual Room:

Right now it is a blank slate and once we get the crib and chair back in here we will start making some headway. 

Whew, halfway thru these next 4 months are going to fly!

Lots, Lots, Lots to catch up on.

Let's see, let's see... where to begin....

May have to break this down into... oh, 10 posts. 

So much to discuss. 

First off I am FINALLY wrapping up the year long clean out!!

Still managed to have quite a few things to gather for a local children's consignment sale and take 2 more boxes to good will. 

I am just facing facts, I know I dont need it... I dont. 

Went through old pictures last night while waiting on hubby to get home. 

Threw away over 100... kept one pile to buy a photo album for. 

Whew that was a task, now to decide what pictures to print of each of my kids and start some photo books of our favorite memories. 

Its sad but I only have a handful of printed pictures of my baby girl!! 

She is 4!!!!!

Too sad.

First up of many spring decisions is what type of fence to do??

I kinda left yall hanging on the whole story but long story short our city super stinks (i say sucks under my breath)
It's pretty sad when you get excited about a fresh roll of chainlink ;/.

They said the last fence was installed around 1954 when the neighborhood was established.
At least all the old posts are gone now :)

And after putting up and taking down 5 fences the city had the state take down the fence they installed and sent out a crew and put up the proper size one and brought 3 truck loads of dirt to fill in the sink hole.

Basically to prevent us from temporarily having our fence problem again we will back off our property line a whopping 3 feet.
(this is the 6 foot fence they put up the second time, then someone from the city came out and told the state to take it down, basically the city wouldnt do anything so I called the State and was put in contact with the Building Engineer for the State of Tennessee and he himself came down and said this is unacceptable and a hazard to myself, my children, and my dogs, this sweet man FIANLLY got the ball rolling and made the city do something.)

At this point I dont care how many feet. 
Just so glad this nasty debris, dead tree and ugly fence we put up to protect us from this dilapodated fence is now all gone...

Whatever it takes to get me out of this place!!!

(last time on the market people asked for an allowance to install a fence, it needs to be done but we put making the rest pretty above the fence, I digress.)

Here is what I have pinned on pinterest and have been eyeing. 

Since we won't be here forever we may not spend the $ and do these designs. Just dreaming while we plan.

Love this but quite a big high end for my starter home neighborhood.

This would be for the gate into the backyard.

What kind of fence would you do?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Easter Basket

This is a fun little design and can be customized to any color combo! I think it would be precious in pastels as well!!

oopsies, this was supposed to be posted to my other blog. ;/
Anywho I am really starting to get into this embroidery and applique stuff!! 
Go check it out! 
I am going to add a link to the etsy shop for ease of use. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Out with the Old, in with the Old!!

I am soo excited to finally have found a table base for our screened in porch!!!

If you remember back in the fall the deal of the century on some outdoor chairs at Essex Bargain Hunt.

A dear friend living in Tuscaloosa showed me what she found for her porch and I was smitten!!!

What seamstress wouldn't want a massive spool as a table base??

I can't wait!!

We go to pick it up March 1!!! And I am counting down the days!

Monday, January 21, 2013

First Birthday Lunch

This sweet boy got his first chik fil a lunch on his first birthday and we all had a blast watching him devour his cupcake!

He is quite the comedian around here and always making us laugh!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Previous Owner Follow Up

Really not a whole lot changed in this bathroom.

I love the taupe color, its a good warm tone that doesn't have really yellow undertones.

Wonder if this is the same color in the hallway leading upstairs?

The cabinets were painted black.

The lights they show were not in the home when we purchased and what was there was not very functional.

Other than some paint and new light fixtures this room has virtually stayed the same.

Found the sconces on super clearance at the West Elm outlet for about $20.00 a piece

And yes the cabinets were my first project in this home and these were pre pinterest days people... no on warned me to not put poly on top of the flat black paint. 

Someday I will redo this....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

12 months!!

How did this year come so quickly??

This sweet boy, he has more than 100% stolen my heart.

He is the sweetest, most tender hearted, ALL BOY, climbing, crazy fella!

He apparently Loves the camera!
Case and Point.

And these big blue eyes get me every time!!

Hope I can try and get him in the chair for the last of our 12 monthly pictures and update you guys with his stats. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Planning for 5 in 1100 square feet...

Whew, ever since we discovered we were expecting my first thought is WHERE will we put everyone.

As the weeks have progressed the idea of being in a little home has grown on me and I am purging with much greater intent now.

After removing all the unnecessary we actually have a decent amount of room for everyone.

The most necessary change has been everyone moving rooms.

Sister moved upstairs, we moved to her room and brother is now in the master.

The master has been my main focus as of late seeing as that is the only room that will not require to be repainted. 

This room has become nursery/playroom/ new baby's nursery.

Here is a "rough draft" of what I have envisioned.

Simple, somewhat rustic, and gender neutral as we are not finding out the sex of the baby.

The changing table, whale, white table and chairs, and rug are all currently in the room. 

Everything else is a sample of the items we hope to create for this new ones room.

The bedding will be purchased this go around and will likely not be monogrammed until after baby's arrival.

Anyone have any suggestions on glider options? we moved our other one into the den and we are LOVING it in there.

Be back with pictures of the actual spaces once I can get everyone's room clean :) happy monday folks!

(ps still updating and backdating a few posts, stay tuned for those as well)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Forget Winter

Although rainy, the weather here is infringing on 70 degrees tomorrow.

Forget winter!!
Let's just head straight on for spring.

Have any of you seen this??

Awesome post put together by

So glad other people have started peeking at spring fashions. I love the mix of color I am seeing!