Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Before Abbie's Bachelorette weekend, we left home a day early to quickly stick our toes in the sand and enjoy the lord's beautiful creation.
Baby loved the water, she is fearless

Here she is with her uncle j. (casey's half brother)

(caseys mom, AC, and uncle Jackson)
Little miss would just shreel and giggle when the waves touched her tosies.

Family foto

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 months/Wordless Wednesday

The past few weeks of summer have flown by faster than I could ever have imagined them to. 
MY chubby little baby is turning into a little girl. 

She is soaking in every single morsel of life with each second that passes.

 I am so thankful the lord brought this blessing into my life, she has changed me. I used to be rude and judgmental, dare I say conceited and materialistic. She has softened my heart and made me thankful for every single individual that crosses my path. 

For that I can not begin to express the love that has flooded my heart!!

Away at the Bay, a Bachelorette Weekend

My College roommate, Abigail is getting married in August.

Her soon-to-be sister-in-law, and sweet friend threw a lovely bachelorette weekend. 

Destination....Fairhope, Alabama.

Everything was exquisitely planned and just the relaxation the doctor ordered.

Here we are at the local farmer's market.

After leaving the local market we drove a few miles to our wildlife day cruise in the bay. 

Abbie was so suprised!!

The guide must have thought we were crazy!!
Here is the beautiful bride on the left and the maid of honor on the right!

Bridesmaids with the Bride on the day crusie.

After the busy morning we shopped around downtown Fairhope and then returned to 
the bed and breakfast for the Lingerie shower.
Aren't these lingerie cookies the cutest?
Our adoreable "Favor" hand-painted, customized wine glasses.

The blushing bride opening her gifts.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Screened in porch progress Part 2

Well.... after 4 long months we are refocusing our attention outdoors. (the front of the house has been our focus thus far.)

Here are a few pictures to show you what we hope to achieve in our outdoor space. 
Currently the ceiling is exposed revealing nails and other imperfections that come along with a roof. Therefore i lean to my beautiful and timeless friend, beadboard.
Everything vertical is being painted stained ultra pure white.

The floor will be stained and sealed in a stain called Tugboat. 

Anyone ever stained a deck with this color before?? 
Please share your experiences.
This is where i need each of your thoughts and advice.

Currently we have an opening longing for french doors and stairs leading down from the porch. Where the stairs will lead to is a small patio of brick pavers. Do we like this look?
Currently I have mixed emotions.
(under the previous deck we ripped out we discovered brick pavers laid in the ground)
Keep in mind this small patio will house the gas grill and outdoor prep station.

Follow me for a minute back to the end of February for our deconstruction
Here is pond removal
The small deck we removed {brick pavers revealed underneath}

This opening will have french doors.

 Hot tub found a great new home.
Hello opening, how I have wished you didn't exist for the past 4 months.

Now we have lumber to fill this hole... one small problem, only 10 feet long boards instead of 12.

{Thank you little brother for going to get wood for us!! 
And daddy buying it as a wonderful surprise!! 
However, we will need to borrow your truck yet again to buy the right size! oopsies}
Mosquito infested, money pit, you are not missed... how would you like to be transformed into this?

  • railing has been removed for sanding, removing staples from previous screen and painting
  • bearings where hot tub were have been installed
  • paint purchased
  • hope to buy correct sized lumber tomorrow
  • a vision of some sorts has evolved.
Sweet friends your thoughts are very much appreciated!!! 
Hope you have a great tuesday, stay tuned for Part 3!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Painting Decisions...

I have been kinda holding out on you guys..... so here it is.....

I am redecorating my DEN!!

The one thing i wanted to incorporate most is another JBR original... so here are some of my inspiration pictures.... pretty pretty please help me decide which i should have inspire me...

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Upon a recent trip to a fabric store, I found this beautiful bed!! 

I think I will make a comforter like this for our bed in the winter to give the master bedroom a cozier feel.

You better believe I want a monogrammed pillow like this!!

This pillow and chair are just too cute for words.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

19 months

Okay, lets be honest.... I haven't blogged much about the fam lately, and... i keep forgetting to take pictures.... this is aweful of me... i am missing out on sooooo much... so please excuse the extremely long post and ton of pictures.

We have been swimming at my parents quite a bit lately, and so have the pups. 

Buttons still doesn't get the open your eyes when i take your picture. haha
I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to stay home with AC over the past few weeks. 
WE have had an awesome time. 

At 19 months, our fave words are:
  • mine
  • no
  • dis
  • ouside
  • olors (crayons, aka colors)
  • ukie (lukie, our dog)
  • she has also said poppy, my dad
  • baby
  • dis is how (one phrase....)
we have lots of.... "hey pumpkin, look at mommy!!" and the response is usually a melt down...
Then i end up bribing with the paci...
(no she isnt missing any teeth, not sure why she looks like she is....)
Grammy had to steal some sugars.....
And my cousin Amy came for a quick visit..... 

So glad she got to come in town and we got to catch up.

Much love from us to you. Have a wonderful thursday....
I am linking up with my friend Gini's thankful on a thursday..

Monday, July 5, 2010


I have always always loved calligraphy. Whenever i get a wedding invitation in the mail and find the handwritten art i stop and stare for  a few seconds. 
I decided this last week that learning how to write in this style must be added to my bucket list!! Here are a few of my fave images.... Enjoy.
 Isn't this an adorable idea of a wedding??

For one of my favorite invitation sites check out Bella

Unbelievably beautiful fonts. 

Hope each of you had a wonderful Fourth of July!!

Ours was spent working on projects... surprise,  surprise...