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Friday, July 25, 2014

Bach Trip in Nashville

I have left y'all out on some big family news. 
My sister is getting married in August so we are all gearing up for that. 

We escaped with a few bridesmaids and a few dear friends for a weekend getaway! 

We woke up and headed to Posh Nail Spa at Green Hills.
This is my friend I met at the nail bar!!! Hahaha
Sister says I always make friends wherever I go. 

We left there and hit the malls!! 
And grabbed a bite to eat at Chuy's 

Ps this gold crown makes my life complete! 

H&M swag!! 
Then we came back to the room to party!!

I just threw together some decorations I had at home. 
Since the weekend was spa themed we grabbed our favorite treats from trader joes for the party! 
I highly recommend the chocolate ice cream Bon bons and the frozen lemon bars!

Everyone went home with their own homemade moisture body scrub!! 
Body scrub recipe: 
8 tbsp Epsom salt
4 oz extra virgin oil 
4 drops DoTerra orange oil
2drops DoTerra vanilla 

Ahhhh mazing!!!

We then headed out to dinner! 
We ate at Tavern and everything was amazing!!! 

Next morning hubs and the kids drove to Nashville and picked me up to head to the beach!!
They grabbed a quick picture and we were on our way! 
Someone is trying super hard to walk! 

Next stop!!!Sandestin!!!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mardi Gras: Mobile Style

We enjoyed most of the night parades while down in mobile and I am so glad to be able to share a piece of mobile culture with the kids!!

Til next time!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mardi Gras in mobile

We went down to experience mardi gras and stay with the inlaws for the week.

The kids had a blast! 
We brought warm clothes then it got cold... Then it rewarmed. The sun was bright and it was a nice change of scenery! 

Sister loved just hanging out between parades.
Bath time was apparently really funny to baby whit! 

The connor's were reunited! 

And I learned how hard it is to take selfies with a 5 year old!

The king cake was awesome and now we begin the season of Lent! 

Do y'all celebrate mardi gras? 
If so where? I enjoyed being apart of this for the second time and sharing this tradition daddy grew up with our kids! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Alabama Gymnastics

These crack me up!!!
Baby w's first Alabama sporting event!

C talked up big al until he got this close. 

And the only picture I could get of all 3!!

I keep telling myself not to wish this stage away but man are they wild!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013


The middle of last week we decided at 9 pm the night before daddy left for a work trip to tag along!!! 

It was... Ugh... Eventful. And we probably won't do that again. 

First thing we did was meet my friend Sibi at Monkey joes to let the kids play! Got to meet her sweet baby boy and catch up with her. 
Bubba tried to tag along with daddy to work and loved sporting a tie!
Then we chilled in the lobby for oh... 5 hours because said middle child flushed the keys down the toilet. 
After pop a lock finally showed up, $185.00 key later we were back in business. 

We spent that afternoon checking out the real estate in franklin, tn! 

Grabbing some precious fabric and my fabric spot to fabric shop!!
And finished the evening at Loveless cafe! 

Before leaving town on Wednesday we grabbed some necessities at Trader Joe's! Then headed home! 

Barely home 48 hours and on Friday night managed to total the swagger wagon. 
Thankfully the kids weren't with me.

What an end to a crazy week !!!!