Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catching Up.

Whew... school productions, warmer weather, then freezing cold... cleaning cleaning cleaning....

I feel like I can finally surface to breathe for a few days!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throw back Thursday Easter Edition

Thought it would be fun to flash back on the past four years. 
Easter Sunday has always been a fun celebration at our house. 

Easter 2009:
Baby girl was 5 months old and my sweet mom made her dress!

This year we did bath toys in her basket and she was actually really interested in them!

Easter 2010:
Again this year mom made baby girls dress withs ome vintage laces from her stash!
She changed so much this year!
The weather was really nice this year and we had a blast participating in all the egg hunts!

Somehow I managed to not get a picture of her basket this year but we just did something simple. 
My parents bought her a chair and umbrella for the beach!
This year we hosted our first meal at our home. 

Loved our table centerpiece!!

Easter 2011:
This was clearly our terrible two stage... can you tell?
My mom actually made this dress for my sister so we were able to wear another of our french handsewn gowns!
I love being able to share this tradition with her!

For the life of me I can not remember what we did for her easter basket. 
This is why I make myself photograph!!!
This girl really began to notice the changes of spring and join mommy in soaking them in!

 This year I made home made burlap placemats!
Loved them so much I made 2 more sets to give to a friend for a wedding gift!
 Found a few cuties to stick out in the yard!

At times we were super happy! Especially after a successful egg hunt!

Easter 2012:
Last year we had a super fun easter!

Both babies wore things I found at high end consignment sales and we gave our grammy a sewing break!

Baby brother got some bath toys and his own pat the bunny book and sister got some coloring goodies and a swimsuit!
Somehow I managed to not photograph them on easter.... how I will never know!!!

See, this is why these throwbacks are good! 
Helps me remember to Take My PICS!!!

We dined at my parents and had a wonderful meal!

Be back with a Good friday post and some easter decor.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Egg Hunt

I am interrupting the desk series to bring you some easter goodness for the rest of the week!

About 2 weeks ago we got together with some other families in our neighborhood and held an Egg Hunt.

All the children had a blast! 

This was our second year to do this Egg Hunt and it grew so much bigger this year than it was last!

Can't Wait to do it again!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another One in the Books

Well, it seems another birthday came and went.
My sweet family treated me like a queen.

27 was thankfully quite uneventful!

We enjoyed an afternoon of my craving I can't get enough of.... Hamburgers.
(Ps, never eat them!!)

Some of my favorite cookies!

And a leisurely afternoon shopping with my husband while babies napped at my parents!

Now I am in a panic realizing I am almost at countdown point for our next bundle!!!

Let the list making commence!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Workable Desk Part 2

In the age of cell phones it seems quite impractical to still pay for a house phone. However, the convenience of a house phone is lost and there has been a phone invented to fill the gap!

The connect to cell Bluetooth wireless phone system is Amazing!!!!

We purchase this system at our local best buy for around $60.00.

Ever been on one of those long phone calls with a girlfriend and the phones about to die?
Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!
Just plug in the cell, hit the Bluetooth button and voila! Hands free, charging and walking around the house.

Or my favorite! The phone is downstairs and your up... Naturally one goes bolting for the phone like their life depended on it! Nope, not now, you can casually just pick up the cordless phone and it automatically recognizes you answering the call!! No more missed calls!!!

This little phone system has not only made my life a hair easier but has made starting this little small business one less of a headache!

Have you seen this or own one? Because we LOVE ours!!!!

*I am not being compensated by VTech or Best Buy. These opinions are 100% my own and for me, they have definitely made my work space much more functional :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Off to Neverland!

This party....ohhh this party.
I had severe delusions of grandeur while planning. 
I thought I had executed everything meticulously, but it seems what I envisioned was more a Tory Spelling level soire as opposed to giving my sweet girl the party of her dreams.
So now that I look back on the 40 something hours spent on tissue and making piñatas and making sure every element of the story was addressed I realized she could care less.
Sure, I had fun but I think it's safe to say our parties from here on out will be Much lower key!
Now... onto the Fluff!!
We ordered this invitation on etsy!
I love how well it articulated the hint of vintage to the guests :)
Our friends were greeted with tissue tassel over head and a small sign welcoming them to Neverland.
 Here is a shot of the room. Casey's memaw is in the shot... oops!
The children came in and all went directly to the lost boys coloring station.
From there everyone grabbed snacks to munch on.
 All of the food had catchy names and at this point the food tags had not been placed on the table yet.
(and this is when we discovered the camera was totally messed up and my sweet friend ruth rushed to the rescue with her point and shoot from the diaper bag)
All pics are courtesy of her and her husband! Thank you thank you for helping me at least snapshot the day!!!!
Please ignore some of the chairs and things I was unable to move. It was this weekend we discovered we were expecting quite a surprise of a third bundle of joy and people mentioned I looked as if I had over done it. (didn't feel well, etc)
Clearly.... I did! haha

The children dined on white chocolate sprinkle popcorn, fruit kabobs, chips and "pirate booty" corn dip, peter pan hat marshmallows, and they sipped on pixie punch.
The sprinkles were ordered from an etsy shop. (click to go to shop)
They oh so perfectly looked like pixie dust that my daughter insisted we get them!!

 Several of our smaller guest frolicked around.
And all children were given their fairy wings and felt Peter Pan hats.
(bought the wings at target and I made the peter hats)
At the last minute we grabbed our Disney fairies tent to entertain some of the crawlers and Boy was it a HIT!!
With nearly 50-60 guests in attendance we decided to serve pizza. We found the pizza's from Costco were not only super yummy but 5 or 6 did a great job of feeding such a large crowd.
After eating lunch everyone joined us in "the nursery" for an ipad animated story of Peter Pan.
(no it was not something to look at , but my husband thought to grab the computer speakers on the way out the door and they really helped the sound of the story travel a little better so all the little kiddies could hear!)
(quick action shot while we sat everything up!)

Then it was time to open presents!!

My husband and I spent a whole sunday afternoon working on this piñata.
We found a great tutorial.
(click the image to go to the site)

Oh Happy Day is such a great resource!!
Mine isn't golden but this is the alligator from the Peter pan story and was supposed to tick tock through out the party.
I must say this was the first piñata of any parties we have been to yet.
All of the children throroughly enjoyed taking a swing and collecting the dum dum suckers.
All in all sister had a great time!