Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunday School Sip n See

Sooo not quite sure how this slipped my mind but somehow I have never blogged the sip n see our sunday school class threw for C.

We met at one of my favorite Italian Restaurants and enjoyed dinner and cupcakes and opened sweet happies for our baby boy!

Mrs. Kim Loving on our sweet boy

We have thoroughly enjoyed the clothes. 
I am so thankful all these sweet ladies took time out of their busy schedules to hang out and get to know each other better. 

Thanks again ladies!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Burlap Carrots Tutorial

Recently a friend of mine found these adoreable carrots on pinterest.

I went to pinterest and I thought I would type up my version of how to put them together. 

Cost me around $4.50 and is super cute to boot!!
isnt she just the cutest thing ever??

Step 1: 
purchase 1 yard of orange burlap for about 3 large carrots
 (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

Find some fun spriggy fillers in the floral department
(Mine was left over from christmas decor)

purchase one roll of ribbon

If you don't already have any poly fil get some of that, or I have seen people use plastic grocery store bags as filler!

scissors, glue gun, pony tail holder

Step 2:

Cut the burlap into a triangle shape.
Then use the hot glue gun and glue the two angled sides and the bottom together.

Step 3:
Fill the carrots with poly fil
Step 4:
Gather the carrot at the top and attach an elastic ponytail holder.

Step 5:
Stuff the green "spriggy" filler in the top of the carrot and tie a cute knot of ribbon around the carrot.

Step 6: 
Attach a small piece of ribbon or twine to the backside of the carrot to have something to hang the carrot from.

Hang and enjoy!!
(somehow through an update the images have rotated and become distorted, locating the original image to repost for y'all!)
The other two are hanging on my gate!!
(and they need some filler!)
Love having something bright and cheery to drive up to!

Master Bathroom

Well this is one of those rooms that just really needed some love. 
In here we have ...
*painted the cabinets black
painted the walls
*changed out lighting
*finally found a mirror that would work for the space
*added draperies.

Here is what it looked like right after we painted the cabinets and finding the mirror.
(This was soon after we moved in so it took us quite a while to make up our minds on what we want)
(sorry for quality, old iphone pic)
Here is a view from the same angle.

Found this precious ring holder at Anthropologie!

For the window treatment I purchased this Thomas Paul fabric. I Love the outcome!

I am still trying to find artwork for this space. I am open to any suggestions.
Thinking some modern funky art.
Are you one to display an item or two on the back of the toilet? 

This is where I have always put the facial tissue.. Not quite as stylish, maybe more a habit!
Yes I am sitting on the toilet to take a photo of the sink. haha
Dang these 1960's skinny homes. 
I ended up moving the apothecary jars to the other side of the counter.

The light fixtures are from West Elm outlet.

you can see we have a nice amount of storage above the lavitory area.
I really really hate how shiny the cabinets turned out. 
This was obviously pre pinterest days...

and still torn as to if I should repaint them a correct black finish or high gloss white...


And for the hand towel I plan on adding grey and white striped turkish towels under the Anthro hand towel.

The flooring I am obviously obsessed with. 
Here are the cabinets below the sink. They have really had some wear and tear to them...

The unique thing about this bathroom is it is accessible from the master and AC's room. so its a true walk through bathroom. 

Here is one final view.

and from baby girls room

Left to do:
replace the faucet
replace the shower knobs and shower head
regrout shower
seal bathroom floor with a fresh coat of white epoxy
re-caulk everything
repaint the cabinets...

Now I am tired just typing out this list.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Feature

Just wanted to say hello to everyone joining from Remodelaholic!! 

My husband and I had a blast getting this room ready for our little guy and being able to accumulate pieces throughout my pregnancy.
Here is a link to the post on their site.
Several highlights.
*the whale over the crib was a DIY and freehand drawn then cut out with the jig saw. ($7.00)
*I made the bedding with some designer close out fabric I scored for 14.00 a yard!! The majority of the bumpers are made out of heavy duty white denim.(around $100.00 in fabric)
* The rug and the crib are both from Pottery Barn on sale. (from the PB outlet)
*the zig zag chair was my first ever upholstery project.
*the chest is from my husbands room growing up and the changing table was mine.

Feel free to email me @ if you have any more questions!

Hop on over to Remodelaholic and see all the wonderfully inspiring projects they have!

Thanks again for the feature!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nursery Diaries: The Nursery

This post is Long overdue.
Our sweet baby boy turned 8 weeks old today!!!

It is just crazy how quickly the weeks have passed.

This room posed quite a few challenges. 

First challenge the room only has two full walls.

It also has no natural light!

Here is what I came up with.
This is what you see at the top of the stairs. 

The print is compliments of Lay Baby Lay.
It's the quote made famous in the 50's "Babies don't keep"

Here is the first view of the room.
(from the top stair)

This bedding was truely a labor of love. 
I might be adding a monogram to the bumper, and in our next home I will add more pattern with drapes.

Here is the view of the wall the crib is on. 

We had a blast making the whale, mobile and adding our own upholstry touches.

I have a small sailboat print still needing to be framed and hung over the chair on the right. 
Will post a picture once that is hung soon.
Love his monogram!!
The prints were purchased on Etsy.
And the seahorse is from ZGallerie!!

Here are the diaper pins from AC's nursery, and this is the toy storage nook next to the closet.
This is the half wall leading up the stairs. 
This was my changing table and we were able to use it for baby girl and now for C.

And one last look.

Thanks for letting me share!

Here are the links to the rest of the Nursery Diary series:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painting Progress

Remember this post on doing a DIY painting?

Well this is the base coat.. 

I think I have a long way to go.
Here is the view in the room.
so this houses den will make a nice playroom/movie room in the next house... 
Only took us being here three years to FINALLY get it the way we want it. 
(need to show y'all a pic with the area rug we jut got) 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Master Bedroom Update #2

So remember that fabric swatch I have been hanging onto for close to 6 months??
I FINALLY broke down and made it!

IF you missed the post back in october about painting our bedroom  click here.
The original master bedroom reveal was here.
And here is the rooms inspiration.
Quite the metamorphasis!! 
Now to purchase the standard shams and my waterfall skirted comforter! 
One day we will finish this room. haha Two years in the making!

Stay tuned for a picture frame tutorial coming soon!

PS. I was terrified to sew the circular ends, ended up being easy peesy lemon squeezy!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My newest obsession!

Thanks to a dear friend for giving me the conversion software for my embroidery machine I can now do stuff like this!!!

Can't wait to show you more!!!