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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Evolution of a Room

I had so much fun the other day putting together the living room over the past 3 years so I thought I would do the same with our master bedroom.
Remember this post on our bedroom completion??

Well here is an official recap of where we started and where we are now.
Here is our home in Fall 2009.
bad iphone pic.
First thing I did was remove the mirror attached to the dresser.
And attempt to gather plates/accessories above the piece.

Then I painted the back wall with an iridescent trellis pattern.
This was just NOT doing it for me so after lots of inspiration pictures I convinced my husband to help me in painting our master bedroom popcorn Kernel by BM.

Ahh much better. 
Then all we needed was some accessorizing. 
Here she sits today.
Ahh so much better.

I am sure in our next home I will need to do some tweaking per that room but I am happy to say this room is complete with spring/summer bedding. 
(For fall/ winter I hope to have my linen waterfall coverlet)

Thank yall so much for allowing me to "work my way" through this room and make it work best for me and my family!!

I will be sharing this before and after over at Thrifty Decor Chick. and KellysKorner.

We are showing our master bedrooms over at Kelly's!

Come see all the other fabulous before and afters!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Master Bedroom Complete!

I can gladly say our master bedroom is "complete" and staged to sell.
I wanted to do my best to eliminate personal touches so other couples can see themselves living in this room.
After taking these pictures I removed picture frames from our nightstands.

I used some of my scrap fabric to make a pillow for our glider.
Here is an  upclose of our pillows. 
Hopefully once we move I will be able to make my linen coverlet I have been wanting for close to 3 years!
And those of you who know I MUST have a monogram in every room... well I just tucked my personalized pillows I made in the back for now. 

Happy Friday

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Master Bedroom Update #2

So remember that fabric swatch I have been hanging onto for close to 6 months??
I FINALLY broke down and made it!

IF you missed the post back in october about painting our bedroom  click here.
The original master bedroom reveal was here.
And here is the rooms inspiration.
Quite the metamorphasis!! 
Now to purchase the standard shams and my waterfall skirted comforter! 
One day we will finish this room. haha Two years in the making!

Stay tuned for a picture frame tutorial coming soon!

PS. I was terrified to sew the circular ends, ended up being easy peesy lemon squeezy!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

It is kinda sad for me... We are at the very tail end of renovating this house. And finishing this room seals that fate even more.
But all good things must come to an end right?? Soo...
After much deliberation, we decided to paint the master.

We chose Popcorn Kernel by Benjamin Moore.

I know you are wondering why yellow? No one is using yellow right now... well, this picture kinda was the spin off for the whole thing.

Ever since we got our bedroom furniture I couldn't ever figure out what to hang above the bed. And I was also struggling to figure out which colors would keep the room light and airy with such dark chunky furniture.

For starters....

Well the mirror sitting out in the garage!!!

That's it....

So to my local home improvement store I went. uh hmm... Lowe's... how i love thee!

We got our paint sample matched and headed home to complete the look. 

Although it took nearly 4 cans of paint I could NOT be more in LOVE!!

 After painting, I tweeked the placement of the plates.
(can you see my craft table set up outside.. secrets are far from here. haha)

Although the colors in this pic are much warmer this is the truest depiction of the color. I really love how well it goes with our PB Pickstitch Bedding.
And have I ever mentioned how much I love my pinch-pleated drapes my mom made for me for christmas last year? Because I really doo..hoo...
This side of the room will be tweaked slightly with the addition of the baby bassinet. My parents graciously offered to paint it and mom is making the bedding since I have been soooo busy with so many other things this fall...

And, just to keep it real check out the top right corner.. we are trying to find the right size vent to put back on here...

But check out what was lying beneath??
See that remnant of black wallpaper?? 

I tell ya, if these walls could talk!!!

Last recap...
And after
Next up is adding in the glider and the bassinet...

And painting a HUMUNGO canvas... that will likely be post-delivery.

Btw. what do yall think about this fabric swatch for a simple bolster pillow?
And don't you think we need to fabric cover the lampshades in here? I feel like we should.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Master Bedroom Reveal

well guys... with our internet out for exactly 26 days I found plenty of time to "get to work" on our master bedroom. 

First thing I did was plan... for ohhhhh 3 years.... then when I couldn't entirely decide what I was wanting I began to do what I do best. I collected pictures of inspiration rooms!!
Don't tell me you haven't seen at least 10 of them, they were kinda starting to take over my life. 
But to appreciate the after you must know the before.
shall we?

{please note these are nasty iphone photo's and i apologize for the dingy quality}

 Recently a very dear friend of mine found a "treasure" and quickly called to share her find. 
Someone living near them was throwing out 6 perfectly fine windows!!!
I immediately begged with everything in me agreed to take two of them off her hands and my wheels began spinning.
I wanted mirrors, so i googled, and blogged and found out about a paint Krylon makes called Looking Glass paint.
It is not a true mirror when completed but after 5 light coats of paint it definately renders a mirrored like look. 
Once the windows were hung I had a slight vision and where the room was headed.
my wonderful mommy made my pinch pleated drapes for me for christmas.
and they are a story in and of themselves....
you see we had been looking at fabric for quite some time and just weren't finding anything..
a trip to ikea!!

the Lenda drapes were exactly what I wanted; a slight variant of color with a subtle tick in the fabric... however they needed the pinch at the top.
after lots of ripping apart and investing only a minor fortune into doctor's flannel and lining voila, here they are!!
The rods and rings I stained but they are the Allen Roth collection from Lowe's

{are these walls not screaming for some crown molding?? only room in the house without any, wierd huh?}

Some of you are probably wondering why I have a baby bassinet in my bedroom.
As I briefly mentioned before another dear friend of mine is allowing me the privledge of watching her sweet baby girl!! Baby C will be with us 2 days a week starting thursday till mommy is out of school for the year. {her mommy teaches 4th grade}
So, we will need a place for Baby C to nap and I found this bassinet at a children's consignment sale for $35.00 and I just couldn't pass that up!
Hoping to recover the bumpers with a white linen fabric and make an inverted pleat skirt to cover the frame.
*as you can see from the picture I tried to make a bumper out of some leftover minky dot I had laying around. Not only was mine to short and squatty it resembles a neck roll. Who knows, maybe I will go buy some rice to put in it and make it just that, a neck roll.
Now, back to the room. Here is the view you see when you enter the bedroom from the hallway.

We did remove the mirror which was attached to the dresser for a more "eclectic" feel. My only quam with this collection are the dark slate mats on the pictures.
do you think they should be white?
friends who have seen the room in person are all saying different things, I need your help people.

On to the lovely chair in front of the bed, I have always loved this chair, she has a twin sitting at my mom's but her twin broke her leg a few years ago and because of where the break is located the furniture medic is going to charge $165.00 to repair!! OUCH!!
So for right now the chair stands alone; but not in this fabric.
what do you think of this??

would you like to see more tone on tone or is this my chance to bring in my pop of color??
and if I bring in color is it bold and graphic or soft and floral??
check out her features, she really is a beauty, do I paint her mahogony or leave it?
clearly the room is not fully complete!

{yes, that is a feather on the floor, it comes with the territory of having a feather comforter, mattress pad and feather pillows; alas my work is never done}
now onto the bed... I have been drooling over the Centsational Girl's stenciled wall for quite some time.
only problem that stood in my way was there was no stencil to go off of.
so I bought 2 poster boards and spent a whole naptime drawing out the perfect replica of her image.
{click on image to go to her post}

I used this small image she shared and began my free-handing.
{credit centsational girl}

and this is what I came up with.

It took me ALOT longer than it took kate; 18 hours of work to be exact. 
but i am a complete and utter perfectionist sooo whatev... its fine!
now all i need is a pop of color on the bed and some crown molding at the ceiling.
here is the other wall of our room. We are lacking about 3 more plates, 
 another trip to Michael's for plate holders. haha.
Now for the real nitty gritty of the room. 
The nester has a very similiar sleigh bed to ours.
here is her bed before.
and here it is after.
{click on image to go to post}
holy I am in love is a complete understatement
here is casey's rebuttle to painting the bed which are very valid points
  • the bed is actually really good quality
  • just because we got a really nice bed on sale doesn't mean we need to paint it {me "it was on sale, who cares so i don't feel as bad for painting it"
  • white?? again?? don't laugh he says this ALOT
  • him "the bed has inlaid burlwood" me "so, i still want white", until we got married he had no idea what burlwood was.
So because his points are valid... the bed may remain stained....

*did you notice how similiar our chair's are?? I mean do we shop the same places??  her side tables are in my entry, same bed, same lamps (unintentionally the same, promise), same chair style.. wierd!!
Now for the bed and regarding adding a pop of color, do I bring in more of the butter yellow, go with blue or try something wild like the brightest kelly green imaginable???
I think a trip to the fabric store is in order here. 
 and the wreath....
this is all Jones Design Company's fault.
she would make the stinkin' cutest book-page wreath my eyes have EVER seen!!
{click image to view tutorial}
do I make one of these beauties or...
add a starburst??
{credit unknown. i do apologize for not knowing, I have had this image saved for a few days and forgot to note the origin, if it's yours please forgive me ;/ }

So there you have it, the reveal of the done but not complete master bedroom.

I am linking to ...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Our Master Bedroom has been way way down on the completion list since moving in.
But now that the baby's room, and den are done I decided this room now only needs minor accessories to complete.
When my husband and i began discussing what we would do in our room I knew i wanted linen.
SO... in 3 very short days.... I will get my pinch pleat linen drapes I have been dreaming of.
Did I mention my mommy is a WONDERFUL seamstress.
And for christmas she is making my dream drapes...
I am sooooo excited about this. you don't even know!!!!

I have been collecting pictures for my inspiration for some time now. 

In the above picture there is a beautiful beautiful chair....
Well i have a slightly rougher version i found on the side of the road currently living in my garage.
With the right fabric, and a great upholsterer I think i can achieve this same look.

In this picture I am OBSESSED with the lamps.
Now i am just trying to decide if i buy Goodwill finds and repurpose or if I buy really nice lamps i will have forever.
Decisions, decisions....

I am flirting with the idea of adding in hints of yellow.
What do yall think of mixing cream, natural linen, dark walnut furniture and hints of yellow??

This picture is from our local tour of homes show. 
This room was designed by a local store i have forbid myself of going in thus far...
for obvious reasons...
If i go in... i can guaran"dang"tee i will come out with something amazing...
Saw these gorgeous stripes recently on Remodelholic.
I have wanted some sort of stripped walls for as long as i can remember and i am SOOOOO pumped about using this paint/glaze.
**not being paid to endorse this item
this is what was shown in the post on remodelaholic
and i love the outcome so i feel a trip to Lowe's is in my future.
This chenille/jute rug is on sale at Restoration Hardware and I think it would look good in the room.
Should i choose something fancier??
Inspiration photo of my curtains... 
Restoration... you make me swoon.
And this fabric... How do we feel about a tan/cream variation of this for my found on road dead chair???

Or.... (hubby not so keen on this one...) painting the room a soft muted butter color.

Clearly I need some reassurance here....
Curtains decided...
Bedding decided.
Furniture already have.
Walls?? no clue, stay tan?
Fancier rug?? if so... where do i find it?
Hope everyone is starting to relax and actually be able to enjoy the holiday...

*all photo's were googled over a duration of time. some are cottage living, southern living, bhg. most sources unknown.