Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 month recap

Gosh this month flew by!!
lots of newborn hair started falling out and soft short dirty blonde started filling in.
You are still in size 1 diapers but I bought SOOO many size 2's we are going ahead and using those.

between 12-13 pounds
smiling and talking NON Stop!!
loves to watch fans and his crazy big sister!

Paw paw came to see me for the first time since I was born.
We got to go and meet 2 of paw paw's sisters for lunch when he was in town!

Spent some time hanging out in the double stroller while mommy and daddy worked in the yard.

Such a happy happy boy!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Master Bath "Officially" Complete

Oh it feels soooo good to get this bathroom done.
Sure there are things I would love to still do in here but if we move I figure I will save my energy for a room in the next house.
On the right wall is the toilet and stand up shower.
The toilet is behind this door.
Here is a close up of our regrouting work in the 70's tiled shower.
I still cant believe we were able to bring this back to life

Once the grout dried we were able to notice better where some tiles had been replaced over the years. oh well...
So proud of the final outcome!

*update: the sign is in the yard as of the beginning of this week. no showings yet but I am practicing keeping everything nice and tidy!

Baby Dedication

On Mother's Day we dedicated our sweet boy.
We made a commitment before the lord to raise him in the admonition of the lord, and a christian home.

Such an incredible charge that you daily are striving to live up to. 

little fella was worn out from missing his morning nap.
Here is hubs with his momma and half brother.
And somehow we managed to not get any pics with my family. 
typical. haha
Hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!

And now I realize I have no picture of him all decked out in his outfit... I will need to take that pic!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Bridal Tea

Two weekends ago my mom, sister and I threw a shower for a dear family friend!

We had a blast throwing this brunch for C.


The donut cake didnt turn out quite like I had expected. Oh well, it was still yummy!

There is the beautiful bride herself!




Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 months old!

I cannot believe my little man is 4 months old!!
Yesterday, he laughed for the first time. 
He is the happiest, easiest going baby ever. 
I am sooo thankful the lord blessed us with such an angel!
He is always smiling and "talking" to us.

be back later with mothers day and a 3 month recap!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Words of Wisdom via Pinterest

These are some of my favorite inspirations to keep me going, humble, and doing my best to train my children in the way they should go.

Truth being spoken here.

This pins commentary is sooo true. It is nice to read it occassionally and keep you in check.

Dont inhibit your children, habilitate.

I am daily working on this one with my 3 rd old. I want her to be constantly curious and never bored.

A constant reminder. They want you... not the latest toy!!

And above everything else. LOVE others!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things I have learned thus far.

I know some of you are seasoned moms. 
You may find it commical that I even dare write about what I have learned thus far.

But for everyone, Parenthood is a journey, a refining process if you will.

My first bit of advice I recieved was while I was pregnant. 

You see, I was quite a child terror. 
People that knew me as a child were always dying to hear "What had I done this time?"

I flushed pennies down the toilet, bathed the dog in fry daddy grease (ruined an oriental rug in the process) spray painted my parents brand new station wagon.

I was a curious child, or so I tell myself. haha

My advice: when your child does something.... laugh and grab the camera! This has saved me several times from an ugly moment.
ie. yesterday.
again, dont yell or get mad.. grab the camera.
usually I am crying I am so mad but laughing at the same time. Its emotions overload. 

Several of my friends (who are expecting) have asked what the hardest part was to this point.
For me... with my crazy girl... potty training.
Literally, she would pee in the floor and splash in the puddle. 

She even peed on friends carpet. (I could have died) She was defiant, she would do great all day long and when I was distracted for a brief minute she would strike. 

The first few days solely in underwear were like a chinese fire drill to our destination.
Our first few outings were to Target. Dear heavens, I felt like I was speeding and driving a woman in labor. 
She would bounce, scream "hurry, hurry" I was nervously saying "just hold it, one more minute till we are in the parking lot!!"
Quite hilarious now that I look back!!

My next bit of advice: Do not think reading all the pregnancy books will EVER prepare you for being a mommy.
It won't!!
I am 7 years older than my brother. I started nannying in the summers at 14. I babysat every weekend (for the lack of my first 2 years of college) from 14 until my little girl was born when I was 22. I have had LOTS of practice.

I kept baby, school age, girls, babies, rambunctious boys, multiples, children with special needs. I thought I had experienced my share of all that was out there.

But, you see your own children know you! They know what buttons to push! It's crazy, but they do!
When you feel yourself about to get frustrated.. Walk away! It will save you from doing things you will regret later.

My last bit of advice: Talk about Jesus, and explain Jesus to your babies. From the very beginning. Sing songs, Explain the TRUE meaning of christmas, and the TRUE meaning of easter. 

A few weeks ago AC was talking to me while we were in the car. 
AC: "Mommy, did you know Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins?"
ME: (about to burst into tears because what we are telling her is actually sinking in and she is regurgitating it!) "Yes honey I did know that!"
AC: "And when he died Mary put sauce on his bottom!"
ME: "PSSSSSSSShhhhhh WHAT?? Do you mean Mary Magdalene Annointed his body with oil?"
AC: "oh yah, that's it!!"

Later I discovered she was saying they covered his body in SALT!
I was dying!! But hey we made a memory and she is learning.

This is the first of a few posts of what I have learned in my past 4 mothers days (first was while I was pregnant!)
Stay tuned!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Office Bookshelf Styling-client

We are slowly making our way room by room through a clients home. 
We had almost everything we needed to go ahead and style the bookshelves in the study so we went ahead and purchased our few lacking pieces.


Here is the shelving on the other side of the fireplace.

The bottom shelf is still a work in progress. 
We are waiting to add in the computer desk to figure out the logistics of the wiring and a printer.
The fabrics for this room are Bold and Bright. 

Its going to be such a fun and cheery room to come in and work in. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Master Bedroom Complete!

I can gladly say our master bedroom is "complete" and staged to sell.
I wanted to do my best to eliminate personal touches so other couples can see themselves living in this room.
After taking these pictures I removed picture frames from our nightstands.

I used some of my scrap fabric to make a pillow for our glider.
Here is an  upclose of our pillows. 
Hopefully once we move I will be able to make my linen coverlet I have been wanting for close to 3 years!
And those of you who know I MUST have a monogram in every room... well I just tucked my personalized pillows I made in the back for now. 

Happy Friday