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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wedding day

We had a busy busy weekend celebrating my sister and Chris! 
Here is mom with two of her friends. 
Mrs Phyllis hosted a delightful bridesmaid luncheon Friday morning! 
Friday night we celebrated at therehersal dinner. The shrimp boil was a hit and the food tasted amazing! 

Here was my crafty contribution to the wedding. 

Sister ordered the candy and made the banner and I fluffed and made signs. 

This was a HIT at the reception and only a tiny bag of candy remains!! 

We will have professional pictures very soon!! 

Mom made all the kids outfit and they were simply stunning! 

Silly c bug! 
Took a quick screen shot sneak peek the photographer shared!!
Can't wait to see the rest! 
The are off to Jamacia and will be back soon! 

So happy for y'all!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Baby Shower

A dear friend of mine is expecting so several people got together to throw her a shower for baby! 

We used my stork from whit as our door decor!
The first of the gifts! 
Everything was so yummy!! 

I had sooo much fun making this banner as decor for the party!! 

And it was so fun to see all things girly. We have been snips and snails over here for a while now! 

Now I am ready to meet this little one!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quick Quaint Baby Shower

My dear friend heather was begging me to throw a party for baby w.
Well I love me a good party and couldn't say no!! 

Here are a few snap shots from the afternoon sip n see.
Here is Grammy and Mrs. Phyllis (moms bff for almost 40 years)
Yummy treats! 
These cupcakes are called prozac at the adorable eatery here in town. 
I think its time to blog this sweet little cupcake shop!
Do you see the monogrammed cookies???

They were AWESOME!

Here is Auntie Header aka Heather with baby!
We love you Auntie!!!
 A few friends chatting and loving on baby.

My sweet friend Julianne.

Big sissy!
(cant seem to find the pic of me and Hayley... need to look for it.)

And two of my favorites, Karen and Caroline!
Love you guys.
Thank you friends for coming to welcome baby!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Nautical First Birthday

Garsh, it has taken me forever to get all these pics loaded in.
So sorry for the delay!
Loved these two super easy pinterest food finds. 

They were quite the hit!

This is kinda a pinterest flop... he is supposed to be a pineapple alligator!
These cookies are compliments to Whimsy Cookie Company.
I winged it on these and actually grabbed them the day before the party from their cabinet! so fun!
Finally got to use my gorgeous fish serving pieces we got as a wedding gift!
Some of the guests dining!
The happy birthday boy himself!

My two sweet babies!
Sister was quite the helper in opening gifts!
He LOVED the firetruck from Aunt Ainslie!!
And he Really wasnt sure what to think of the sparkler on his cupcake!!
Happy Happy one year birthday my sweet boy!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The party

It is heartbreaking but my camera broke ;( lens is caputz!! All the pictures i have of the party are iphone pics!


A friend took a few pictures with her camera and i hope to add those soon!