Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas at Momma's

Yesterday I left straight from school and headed to mom's to help her decorate her entry.

We had a limited amount of time and i don't just LOVE the table yet but we are getting there.

Mom had put up the tree and lights and mesh on the tree and banister and I helped with finishing touches. 

She has collected such fun and unusual ornaments over the years.

Love the lights and big bow at the bottom of the banister.
And I really hate the quality of Iphone 3g photos but for now they will work.

Can't wait to go back and take some better pictures to show you the neat stuff we added in.
This picture just doesn't do the foyer justice.
My little brother walked in and goes "oh, great.. yall managed to find a way to girlify christmas"
"you betcha!!" mom and i both replied!!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beginning to look alot like christmas

Now that everyone has recovered from their self-induced turkey coma, it's time to get out the decor!!

Ever since i can remember decking the halls has been my favorite thing about christmas.

As a child the family would form an assembly line from the attic to the kitchen to unveil all our treasures.
After as little as 30 minutes a melt-down of some sort would happen and after a much needed break the whole family would resume their previous position. 

I remember laughing over old school art projects.

A(sister) and I taunting Nick(brother) with some embarassing object.

And ALWAYS.... a memory was made.

This year I wanted a no fuss totally relaxing christmas.

One where the tree was up in plenty of time and the spirit of giving was my focus.

After all decor is one of the silly things we place way way too much importance in.

I placed some of my favorite ornaments on our tree.

One's that remind me of special memories.
{like the one's of my wonderful days at bama}

And one's that my sweet momma has gotten for me.

We will be celebrating some of our christmas early this year.

We head to the River in two weeks to visit my uncle.

Then the next weekend all of Casey's family will be here for his graduation.
{btw this is FINALLY a picture of our den almost complete. So thankful to be "near the end in here"}
{here is the view from the front door}

This will be the first year for us to share christmas in our home with other family members.
For the past two years we have always gone to family;
which we have loved, but we are excited to create memories in our own home this year!!

I LOVE this picture frame and little snowman. 
I bought these things last year with my very dear friend, Stephanie and her wonderful MIL Tara.
When I look at these items I don't necessarily see cute decor, but a fun trip, (filled with lots of laughter) with a kindred spirit.
Now.. time to finish up the tree in our dining room so I can show yall what I have been busy making. 

PS. Stephanie is EXPECTING!!! Yippee!!!!
At least for a while this will be as close as Lil' Bit will get to a cousin and we are ECSTACTIC to welcome this baby in July 2010. 

*I know Steph will have some amazing DIY projects up her sleeve in anticipation of their bundle of joy!!

Happy First week of December yall!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Giggle from our Gobble

Most holidays follow the same format in my parents house.
1. we set the table early. check
2. menu is planned weeks in advance. check
3. I always help do something. check

This year my "something" was providing wonderful yeast rolls. 

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you know i REALLY like to save a buck.

A dear friend of mine has a yeast roll business she runs out of her home. 

I decided immediately this would be my contribution to the meal.

I hyped these rolls up for at least 3 weeks. 

Giggle goes as follows...

We walked in the door of my parents, said our hello's and i popped in the kitchen to place the delectable delights into the oven.

I go sit on the couch with my mom and we begin discussing a new book I am borrowing from a friend and how wonderful it sounds. 

Then mom returns to the kitchen to finish prepping the meal and i transition into the den with the rest of the family.

We watch the parade, then some of the dog show then the soft smell of yeast rolls fills my nose. 

Someone screams, "The ROLLS!!"

I run to the double oven, {which i misread temp} grab a mitt.

And it was too late. 

My delectable delights... were well...

Delightfully overdone...

Oh well, my husband and i immediately laughed, dad got upset for a nanosecond, then he and i realized this is just another wonderful memory to add to the repertoire of giggles from thanksgivings in the past.

Like the year mom dropped the frozed turkey on her foot in Kroger's parking lot and broke her foot. 

This one matches in giggle factor. 

Hope each and everyone of you had a wonderfully memorable Thanksgiving. 

**pictures are from the dinner table at my parents. 

I am linking to 

glasses and chargers- pier 1
dinner plates- vintage
napkins- william sonoma
napkin rings- vintage
candles and accessories found at local boutiques.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Party

When I think Lilly I think of the way it was when the line originally debuted.
Bright Colors
And Oh so Palm Beach
This picture so perfectly represents what inspired me to have a Lilly Pulitzer party for my sweet baby girl.

On November 12th my little girl turned 2 yrs old.

I can not believe how fast time flies!!

{tad bit of background information, I have ALWAYS been in love with Lilly! At a young age i started to collect anything i could get my hands on. I have napkins, the old curtains to the fitting room at my local lilly store, an apron, print adds, cups, you name it and I probably have it! I even did a marketing project in highschool around a Lilly franchise store and used the Lilly line as inspiration for one of my clothing collections in college... I am a dork. i know..}

So without further adeau.....
The Party!!!

Did you know the original four colors in Lilly's collection were pink, orange, yellow, and green??
And it all started around a lemonade stand??
Here is the link to the Lilly site explaining how the company came to be.
I think you will really like the story!!

Recently, Barnum Animal Crackers partnered with Lilly designers to create a limited edition box for the crackers.
Nothing says 2 yr. old party like animal crackers!

All the "party accessories" you see were designed by me.
Inspiration was gathered from all over and I used Lilly as my launching point to create  continuity.

The Camera I am using is having some lighting issues, sorry for the brightness.
Here is the tag for the party favor.

And a sweet friend of mine designed all the cookies to look like a vintage Lilly dress.
She did an AHMAZING job!!!!!

We used some postcards of vintage images from a Lilly ad to decorate as a banner.

And what party is complete without a lemonade stand??
My daughter had a blast with this and it was sooooo easy to make.
She has requested it permenantly stays in her playroom!!

And here she is.
To follow within the theme of the party lil' bit is wearing a vintage lilly dress herself.
{dress adored with lemons and limes}

opening one of her favorite gifts.
This family LOVES blabla dolls!!

Making an elephant noise!!
{so cute}

And after the party the lemonade stand made it's way into lil' bit's room for some real playtime!!

un.. oh...made a small spill!!
I had such a blast getting everyting for this party together.
The original plan was to have everything outside.
Subsequently the weather dropped to low 50's and was cold and rainy.
Not ideal for a outdoor party.
So 4 hours before the party we improvised and made it work inside.
guess i will have to save all the other items we made for a future party.

Items used:
found out about the straws from my friend Kellie @ thisblessednest.
you can purchase the straws HERE. CKane59
tablecloth purchased a long long time ago from our local Lilly store.
all other accessories purchased at local party supply stores
And yes.... we did break the theme of the party slightly...
we served barbque...
but hey, we live in memphis so its only fitting to feed this to out-of-town guests!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

.Creating a Ballard Inspired Christmas.

Who Loves Ballard??
{cause lordy knows i do}

Well, I have an idea....

Over the next few weeks I have some ideas up my sleeve that I would like to share with yall on how you can create
The Look for Less.

Here are a few photo's of what has inspired me to create....

Anything you would like to see me do??

I also have another idea for my main christmas tree.. found it in Traditional Home Magazine a few years ago.







Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Prima Ballerina.

Okay for halloween we went uber practical.

You see, in the spring lil' bit will begin taking ballet lessons, 
so i think to myself, "self, wouldn't it make sense to double this up for next spring?"


So that's just what we did.... I knew i wanted a super pouffy tutu 
and the ones I was seeing I just didn't like.
note: I did NOT pose her for this...she is just this full of sassiness. 
she was telling me "come mommy, skuhl!"

this picture is my favorite. 

yes, she is wearing tap shoes, because... well she is almost 2 and we already had ballet slippers
and these make alot more noise. {Lucky me!!}

once we got to the fall festival the sugar overload began!
she and daddy did a great job at the games.
Waiting in line to ride the hayride.

we thought she would be sooo independant and ride without us.

Then she chickened out!!

feeding the animals.

she was soooo bold and fearless, just walked right up with food, 
let the animals eat then she petted them!

We were amazed!!


She begged to ride the horsies!!

She hops on and realizes the man helping her isn't daddy....

insert mild toddler tantrum/mania attack..

Oh... daddy was standing on my other side!!!

I look at this picture and feel like she is 12!!!

Sorry it took me so long to record/takes me forever to blog somethings.

Short version... we live in a 1960's home with really old wiring. 

After going back and forth with our internet provider several times

it was concluded we would pay around $500 to rewire the house for DSL.

Ummmm wrong... So unless we switch to Hughesnet {strongly considering}

I may still be a week or so behind on things... Gotta love taking 3 hours in 5 different settings just to get a very simple post up!!!!