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Thursday, April 2, 2015

One Room Challenge: The Big Girl Room Project

Its that time folks!!! 

This will be my third project to link up with the one room challenge and this time I refused to bite off more than I could chew!!
soooo we are working on sisters room!!

Y'all.... this house was soooo special when we moved in, The door to the left leads into the room over the garage.

First and foremost is to make sure the passway into this room is open!
(thats where the design and monogramming action happens!)

Baby/guest room was the original intention of this space when we moved in 20 months ago. but... naps, me working etc... just didn't serve this space well. So we finally decided to move sister in here and she is soo excited to make this space hers!

Those mini blinds went stat upon move in!!

This room sat this way until we moved her into here last summer. 
peach walls, grey carpet and blue light still intact!

This was her "we just moved" thrown together room. 

It totally wasn't meshing!

So here we are with a totally blank space. 

The plan is to use the same paint color and rug. 
She ADORES them!!!
we are using a beloved lilly bedskirt and if we can find the duvet that too. 
(its missing!!! wahhhh)

So I am keeping it simple and real easy this challenge!
Paint, a light, sheets, pillows, a desk, and some art. 


Let's get started!!!

Can't wait to see all of the lovely spaces this round!!
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Now off to check out the other spaces!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines 2014

We had an awesome valentines dinner! 

We continued the tradition of the item needing to fit inside the heart tin so we had to get creative! 
Sister received an add a pearl necklace
Baby got 2 new paci's
And Connor got some planes coloring pages and a special chocolate marshmallow! 
Our dessert was from Whimswy Cookie Company! 
And the table was practically pink and Lilly in every way! 
Mommy got a special treat from daddy too! 

I love all of you and am so thankful to have you join us in this crazy journey of life!! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Channelling my inner Lilly

Today I am completing the decking of our halls so our house is all ready when we return from our thanksgiving travels. 

The overall theme this year is a lilly pulitzer-esque whimsical childrens christmas. 

Can't wait to share it and some upcoming crafts I have begun! 

Lots to be thankful for over here!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer Blog sale

These are just a few items that I have only worn maybe once or twice.

If you are interested in purchasing please write in the comments sold and the item and I can send you a paypal invoice and mail the garment to you. 

Everything has been kept in my closet and we are a smoke free home. 
I do have pets but they are not allowed on the garments, in closets or on the furniture for that matter.

This is a resort collection piece. Only worn one time to a Bridal Luncheon. 
Retailed for $495.00
Asking $75.00
It is a Medium and can easily fit a size 6, 8, or a 10.

This wrap dress is a fun pink and green leopard print. 
Size large and will fit an 8, 10, or even a 12. 
(I wore this after having #1 maybe twice)
Asking $45.00
This cute polo dress is a size Medium. 
Asking $25.00
It is a heavier cotton and isn't nearly as flimsy as most polo dresses are. 

I also have a Lilly window panel and some euro sham covers. 
Trying to decide if I can actually part with them. 
With just the right offer maybe I will... Thinking on it. 

Would anyone be interested in a classic Lilly A-line skirt? I have several but I personally dont think the cut is "in style" but then again almost everything lilly is uuber classic. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Party

When I think Lilly I think of the way it was when the line originally debuted.
Bright Colors
And Oh so Palm Beach
This picture so perfectly represents what inspired me to have a Lilly Pulitzer party for my sweet baby girl.

On November 12th my little girl turned 2 yrs old.

I can not believe how fast time flies!!

{tad bit of background information, I have ALWAYS been in love with Lilly! At a young age i started to collect anything i could get my hands on. I have napkins, the old curtains to the fitting room at my local lilly store, an apron, print adds, cups, you name it and I probably have it! I even did a marketing project in highschool around a Lilly franchise store and used the Lilly line as inspiration for one of my clothing collections in college... I am a dork. i know..}

So without further adeau.....
The Party!!!

Did you know the original four colors in Lilly's collection were pink, orange, yellow, and green??
And it all started around a lemonade stand??
Here is the link to the Lilly site explaining how the company came to be.
I think you will really like the story!!

Recently, Barnum Animal Crackers partnered with Lilly designers to create a limited edition box for the crackers.
Nothing says 2 yr. old party like animal crackers!

All the "party accessories" you see were designed by me.
Inspiration was gathered from all over and I used Lilly as my launching point to create  continuity.

The Camera I am using is having some lighting issues, sorry for the brightness.
Here is the tag for the party favor.

And a sweet friend of mine designed all the cookies to look like a vintage Lilly dress.
She did an AHMAZING job!!!!!

We used some postcards of vintage images from a Lilly ad to decorate as a banner.

And what party is complete without a lemonade stand??
My daughter had a blast with this and it was sooooo easy to make.
She has requested it permenantly stays in her playroom!!

And here she is.
To follow within the theme of the party lil' bit is wearing a vintage lilly dress herself.
{dress adored with lemons and limes}

opening one of her favorite gifts.
This family LOVES blabla dolls!!

Making an elephant noise!!
{so cute}

And after the party the lemonade stand made it's way into lil' bit's room for some real playtime!!

un.. oh...made a small spill!!
I had such a blast getting everyting for this party together.
The original plan was to have everything outside.
Subsequently the weather dropped to low 50's and was cold and rainy.
Not ideal for a outdoor party.
So 4 hours before the party we improvised and made it work inside.
guess i will have to save all the other items we made for a future party.

Items used:
found out about the straws from my friend Kellie @ thisblessednest.
you can purchase the straws HERE. CKane59
tablecloth purchased a long long time ago from our local Lilly store.
all other accessories purchased at local party supply stores
And yes.... we did break the theme of the party slightly...
we served barbque...
but hey, we live in memphis so its only fitting to feed this to out-of-town guests!