Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pictures and a Prayer Request

Found a few more sweet pictures I thought I would share.
loading up in the car on the way home from the hospital!
 this crazy hair just kills me haha
sleeping away at our first dr. appointment.
In our almost 2 weeks with this little guy the one thing we have found is he REALLY likes to sleep. And fine by me:) At night we are going close to 5 hours at a time!! I find myself waking up to make sure he is okay!
In other news some of you may or may not know I have had a unique post-delivery experience to say the least.
The Story:
Labor was relatively quick, delivery even quicker and overall I was really hoping to be able to do a VBAC. Halfway through labor we did not think it would be possible because I was not progressing. I purposely waited to get an epidural as to not slow down labor any more than it was already. Once I got the epidural I went from 3 to 10 in an hour and a half!! Guess I just needed the medicine to relax a little. haha. 

So, day after baby is born we had lots of visitors. I knew I was swelling a little bit but didn't think much of it at first. 
We came home monday afternoon and by tuesday afternoon my feet were so swollen I could only wear my house shoes. I was also having a hard time breathing (felt as if my back between by shoulders and at my sternum were bruised.) On friday my face had begun to swell and I was not feeling like myself at all. Friday night around 9:30 we packed up and headed back to labor and delivery to see if they could determine what was wrong.
Originally all symptoms pointed to Eclampsia. They tested my blood pressure (usually low, 110/60) and it was 159/88. This typically isn't too high but high for me it was. My pulse was a different story; it was dangerously low, staying at a solid 38-40.(normally between 70-80) My Dr. was not on call and lab work all that came back elevated was my liver enzyme levels. They sent me home without any answers and said you are too close to borderline for us to administer the Magnesium. I literally laid on the couch all day sat and all day sunday. 

Monday I went to drop AC off at MDO I told a friend of mine there about my crazy weekend and she insisted after school I go by her house and have her husband (a paramedic) check my BP and HR. Again we got very similar ratings to what we found on friday night. My friend called a close friend of hers who happens to be a L&D nurse. She gave her the run down and the two of them decided I needed to head back to the hospital. On my way home I called my Dr.'s office, just so happened she was out of office that day and the nurse agreed with the friends I needed to go back to the hospital. 
I met casey at home and was NOT wanting to go. We ate our dinner and got AC headed over to a friends house. We spent the better part of the night going back and forth.

At first my nurse told me they would admit me for testing, then she said L&D was so full that people all around me were having to labor without epidurals in Triage because they didn't have room on the floor for these women. (broke my heart!) Then around 9:30 my Dr. came up to the hospital. My heart rate was staying around 39 and at some times dropping as low as 35. BP was still elevated. She ordered more labs, a CT Scan, and an EKG. After the EKG the Dr. seemed concerned and told me she would be consulting a cardiologist to read the test as well. Labs all came back normal and CT Scan came back normal. They did find a little big of fluid on my lungs and said that should be relieving as the swelling goes down.
Tuesday I met with the cardiologist (who I LOVE) she ordered another EKG and an Echo cardiogram. Both of those came out seemingly fine. Once I am released for physical activity I will do the stress test and she will put me on a heart monitor. 
So... all of this to say everything I have been feeling and they have tested is one big mystery!!
If I could ask for specific requests they would be for the Dr. to find something in all the tests we have already run and see if something was missed or over looked. 
Also, in the coming weeks for the cardiologist to be able to explain the sudden drop in my heart rate and determine if medicine is necessary to help my levels return to normal.

Thank you for everyone who has already been praying and been so concerned. Such an incredible feeling to know you are being blanketed in prayer.
I am also happy to report most of my swelling has decreased to a manageable level so I can continue to rest and take care of my babies. 

Hope each of you are having a wonderful week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick ?

I am slowly beginning to resurface after an interesting post-delivery (more on that later)

Wanted to stop in really quick and ask to see if anyone has seen this pin on pinterest??

I am wanting to make these for us to send "love letters" either at home or in my classroom at school. Apparently you can buy these little mailboxes at Michael's.
Everytime I am there they are sold out. 
Anyone know where else I might be able to find them??

They are so stinkin' cute!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So... truth be told my water broke photographing the bassinet on Saturday.

We waited on Casey to get home, packed our bags and headed to the hospital. 

In the wee hours of Sunday morning we welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world.
At 2:51 am Joseph "Connor" Rodden entered this world. 

He weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces and was 20 3/4" long.
In the words of Mary Poppins "Practically perfect in every way!"

Big sister loves him, but pray for her, the whole sharing attention thing is weighing down on her the past few days!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nursery Diaries: Our Bassinet

Right after our daughter was born I found out about this incredibly over the top/lavish catalog company called Posh Tots.

I requested one of their catalogs to "window show"
Well right there in the first pages was the most beautiful bassinet I had ever seen!
I just knew with enough searching I could recreate this lovely bassinet for way way less than $900.00.

We made mine for around $65.00!!
Here is how:
I found my bassinet at a local consignment sale for $35.00.
 (It was natural wood and we spraypainted it a high gloss white)

We bought 4.5 yards of 110" wide Kona cotton at Joann's for the skirt.

The 2 yards of Champagne colored silk dupioni was left over from my wedding.
(if you are adding that into your cost you can find it on ebay, or even etsy for about 18.99 a yard)

My mom made the bumpers out of the silk dupioni.

The left over silk was used for the 2" band around the bassinet and the big bow!

I am so glad to have such a precious place to lay my baby boy! Mom did such a great job!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Image Inspiration

So... I have this 30x40 painting... it has sat blank in my home for over 3 months now...

I am super inspired by Michelle Armas.

Attempting to use her work as inspiration for this blank canvas in my living room. 
Wish me luck!!
I mean this is just.... divine... only hope mine can have this much depth and movement as her work does.
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nursery Diaries: My Must Have Baby List

To be completely honest all you REALLY need is that sweet baby in your arms. 

But, the items I am sharing with each of you are my personal opinions of what helped me with my daughter and I know are sure to help me with our son.

You know... the things that make life a lot easier and help you sleep better at night!
 1.I lived with my baby sling and my Moby wrap with my daughter. I can only hope and pray our little man is going to enjoy being close to mommy like lil bit did.

2.Bla Bla Dolls, or Zubels even. These knit dolls make me weak at the knee's and even though I love them our daughter loved snuggling with them more!! 

3. This is an official "lovie" snuggler. Angel Dear makes this one and it wasn't until about 6 months ago lil bit became super attached. Now it is a bedtime "must-have"

4. Blankets!! Both of my babies will have been born in the winter, I think swaddling and an extra layering blanket are a must with this crazy southern weather we experience. It is like layering your clothing, you can always add and take away!!

5. Hooded towels- What did the world do without these things before they existed??? I have created quite a collection of these things and for me they are a bathtime must from birth through... well as long as I can continue to get them to use them!!

6.The Boon grass drying rack- I did not have this with our daughter but several friends say it is way less cumbersome than the Dr. Brown's one I have. You just stick everything right in and tada... it holds the item. Genius in my book!!

7.The Boon feeding spoon- I got a LOT of unusual looks when I fed our daughter with this 3 years ago. Boon had just released this product and I LOVED IT!! I recently found some at TJ Maxx so we will have 3 for our little guy. The food goes inside the silicone spoon and the stopper on the spoon part holds the food in. No contamination between when you pour it in and they finally finish it. Not done?? pop it in the fridge and feed more at the next meal. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

8. Adiri Bottles- I only have two of these but they SAVED our lives when I was nursing my daughter. I had to suppliment her one feeding a day due to underproduction. This bottle (although will cause quite a few ppl to ask what it is) has had studies performed to reduce nipple confusion. We had a rough go last time nursing and usually the feedings ended in both me and the baby crying so hoping for a "not so lazy nurser" this go around and a break for at least one feeding so I can create a "supply"

9. The 4Moms Momaroo- Oh this swing is just divine. Its a bouncer,  and a swing in one!! We live in a small home and floorspace is key! This guy takes up little to no room and has tons of features. This will be a first time using this swing but we have "tried it out" on several friends babies and everyone seems to love it!!! Sooooo glad I chose to get this piece of gear!!

10.The Summer Video Monitor- The lady I babysat for in high school got this exact monitor when her twins were born. I HEAVILY relied on this thing when watching her 4 babies. The night vision feature is great and when we found out we were expecting last time I knew this was a must. It is so comforting to be able to peer into their room while they sleep and see them on the screen, nice and warm!! We are still using this for lil bit and going to get a second camera to have in the nursery.

11. The Chicco Carseat- I because a consumer reports FREAK last go around. {I mean come on... I was driving a volvo at the time, we LOVE safety!!} Anywho this seemed to be a really great buy and performed impeccably in all the various crash test ratings! Already have this sucker loaded up in the van waiting on the baby's arrival!!

12.Boogie Wipes- I know i know, you are thinking.. really wipes just for boogs?? Ever had to wrestle a 2 year old kicking and screaming and not wanting the crusties wiped away?? Well not any longer, these wipes are saline based and makes those battles way WAY less severe!!

13. Dreft detergent- I am STILL making my own detergent, but who doesn't love the smell of Dreft?? It is probably one of my most favorite scents to date!!! Yes this is a splurge we won't continue for long but ohhh so worth it when you have a new bundle in your home.

14.Frog Humidifier- My husband and I both have horrible allergies and sinus issues. Almost from the minute lil bit was born she was sniffly. Keeping the dry winter air moist really seemed to help her not be so rattly. I am considering buying one for my room, using lil bit's in her room and buying one for the nursery!!

15.NUK orthodontic pacifiers- Okay this is my "guilt-transfer" if you will item I deem a MUST. I had an obsession with my paci as a child. Heck I even cracked my skull open as a baby diving after a falling paci. These days the paci is designed to keep the roof of the mouth flat and not do as much damage as the paci's I used to use. They "pacify" the child, keep things nice and quiet for mommy, and they aren't harming their dental future!! Sounds like a win, win win in my book.

And for those of you curious about this "space-age" swing {as my dad so endearingly calls it} Here is the official video.

Thanks for letting me share my Top items....

Now to photograph the nursery for yall!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Playing Around

We are savoring these last few days as a family of three!
I am trying to squeeze in doing some of lil bit's most favorite things.
So middle of last week we headed to her favorite park!

 Can someone tell me what it is about 3 year olds having their picture made and sticking their chin in the air. Makes me laugh.
Then her inner dare devil came out. She was squealing with delight!

I have deemed this week full blown baby week.
I will be sharing the finished bassinet, finished nursery, some diy projects along the way and my Must Have Baby items!

See you back later!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Premier Fabrics

Wanted to share a tid bit of information with you guys today!!

You may or may not realize it but some of the most popular fabrics (i.e. chevron fabric) seen in projects ALL over blogland are manufactured here in the south, specifically in Sherman, Mississippi.
The company I am referencing is Premier Fabrics.
You know who they are...
This chair transformation was shared over at design sponge
Ten June has some pillows in her den out of their fabric.
(click on image to go to site)

Dixie Delights used their gorg prints in her UNbelievable basement makeover!
(again click on images to go directly to the site)
(the striped fabric is premier)
And so is the drapery fabric.
Found this image on my pinterest.
Someone used their cane fabric as a backdrop for a Barbie box photo op.

too cute!!
I have used their fabrics in my home as well as clients homes.

Anywho, upon a recent visit in one of their retail locations I discovered some of our most favorite styles they produce are being discontinued. 
That means they are making way for 125 new fabrics!!!
Here is a sampling from there site as to what we have to look forward to.
ugh hmmm... (hitting the stores today might I add)

I have purposely been holding off on some projects in my own home just so I can use one or two of their new prints!!

Aren't you excited???

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Floor Lamp- Copy Cat Chic

Okay so the saga to find just the right pieces for our den continues. I think I find something then nah, doesn't work. Other than a rug we have been torn as to adding a floor lamp or a small table and lamp on the non-chaise side of the couch.

Ever since our trip to Atlanta this summer I have been in LOVE with things at Z Gallierie. 
Everything is so chic and seems to be so well made so I start there as my launching point when I move on to the next items to complete this room. 
That brings me here. 
She would look Great in the spot in ? if you will.
But she costs $269.00
Which isn't horrible but I mean why not look for a little bit more reasonable right?
Yesterday I stopped in Kirkland's to peruse.
Usually I find very little in there that wows me. 
But this guy....
Had such similar lines to the Mariposa lamp from Z Gallerie I thought about it....
Then I saw the price tag of $49.97!!!!

Heck yes I will. 
Thinking of spray painting this beauty a gloss white!!

Have you found any copy cat deals lately??

Poly Mesh Tutorial

Do y'all remember me posting the picture of the polymesh wreath with the skates?
Here she is...
click on the image to go to that post.
I promised I would be back to make another wreath with a step-by-step for you.
Now that pinterest exists I understand there are a million tutorials out there. 
This one uses stuff you have around your home and literally can be completely finished in 15 minutes.

Take your roll of mesh and let it unroll itself. I draped mine over the back of a chair so it would not get tangled.
Then I grabbed a white wire hanger, a pair of scissors and some zip ties.

Honestly white would have worked for the zip ties but it just so happened I had the perfect matching blue!!
Just like in the video below I began working the mesh around my rounded out hanger.
Yes, they have a fancy schmancy ring with small pieces of garland to attach; but honestly the zip ties work to permanently keep the mesh on the "formed" hanger.

I am calling this method the "pinch-attach-zip-then cinch"

See here how you can cinch the mesh together to make it really full?
After your first layer is complete, (just like in the video) you will start a second layer.
My second layer only has about 4 loops because I knew I would be attaching another element to my wreath.
Here is the completed project.
(i think it is time to upgrade the planters by the front door; that will have to wait until this spring though)
 And with the little bit of mesh I had left over I made a bow as well.
You know I Lurve a good bow!!

And while I was out there I decided to show y'all the monogrammed medallion I made for the hospital door.
This was super easy to make. However, the glitter letters were kinda messy. haha

btw... the mesh is now sold at Hobby Lobby. If you purchase the rolls from the gift wrap aisle it is $6.99 (as opposed to the holiday aisle for $7.99) so half off I made a poly-mesh wreath for $4.00.
Free hanger and zip ties and 20 minutes... Super cute way to welcome home our baby boy!!

I am linking up over at Amanda's for Weekend Bloggy Reading