Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nursery Diaries: Our Bassinet

Right after our daughter was born I found out about this incredibly over the top/lavish catalog company called Posh Tots.

I requested one of their catalogs to "window show"
Well right there in the first pages was the most beautiful bassinet I had ever seen!
I just knew with enough searching I could recreate this lovely bassinet for way way less than $900.00.

We made mine for around $65.00!!
Here is how:
I found my bassinet at a local consignment sale for $35.00.
 (It was natural wood and we spraypainted it a high gloss white)

We bought 4.5 yards of 110" wide Kona cotton at Joann's for the skirt.

The 2 yards of Champagne colored silk dupioni was left over from my wedding.
(if you are adding that into your cost you can find it on ebay, or even etsy for about 18.99 a yard)

My mom made the bumpers out of the silk dupioni.

The left over silk was used for the 2" band around the bassinet and the big bow!

I am so glad to have such a precious place to lay my baby boy! Mom did such a great job!

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The Mustard Seed said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! I did a post on that very same bassinet almost a year ago and never attempted a DIY! So kudos to you because my Sweet Pea is sleeping in he bassinet part of her pack n play, lol. Not sleeping near as beautifully as your little one will be ;-)