Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poly Mesh Tutorial

Do y'all remember me posting the picture of the polymesh wreath with the skates?
Here she is...
click on the image to go to that post.
I promised I would be back to make another wreath with a step-by-step for you.
Now that pinterest exists I understand there are a million tutorials out there. 
This one uses stuff you have around your home and literally can be completely finished in 15 minutes.

Take your roll of mesh and let it unroll itself. I draped mine over the back of a chair so it would not get tangled.
Then I grabbed a white wire hanger, a pair of scissors and some zip ties.

Honestly white would have worked for the zip ties but it just so happened I had the perfect matching blue!!
Just like in the video below I began working the mesh around my rounded out hanger.
Yes, they have a fancy schmancy ring with small pieces of garland to attach; but honestly the zip ties work to permanently keep the mesh on the "formed" hanger.

I am calling this method the "pinch-attach-zip-then cinch"

See here how you can cinch the mesh together to make it really full?
After your first layer is complete, (just like in the video) you will start a second layer.
My second layer only has about 4 loops because I knew I would be attaching another element to my wreath.
Here is the completed project.
(i think it is time to upgrade the planters by the front door; that will have to wait until this spring though)
 And with the little bit of mesh I had left over I made a bow as well.
You know I Lurve a good bow!!

And while I was out there I decided to show y'all the monogrammed medallion I made for the hospital door.
This was super easy to make. However, the glitter letters were kinda messy. haha

btw... the mesh is now sold at Hobby Lobby. If you purchase the rolls from the gift wrap aisle it is $6.99 (as opposed to the holiday aisle for $7.99) so half off I made a poly-mesh wreath for $4.00.
Free hanger and zip ties and 20 minutes... Super cute way to welcome home our baby boy!!

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Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Such a cool tutorial! I never would have thought of zip ties. I may have to try this method to frame out our door with poly-mesh next Christmas!