Monday, January 9, 2012

Playing Around

We are savoring these last few days as a family of three!
I am trying to squeeze in doing some of lil bit's most favorite things.
So middle of last week we headed to her favorite park!

 Can someone tell me what it is about 3 year olds having their picture made and sticking their chin in the air. Makes me laugh.
Then her inner dare devil came out. She was squealing with delight!

I have deemed this week full blown baby week.
I will be sharing the finished bassinet, finished nursery, some diy projects along the way and my Must Have Baby items!

See you back later!!


Delta Daisies said...

She is SUCH a doll! So excited for your family!!! Sending best wishes!

Rachel E said...

Do you ever slow down? I don't see how you do it all! :)

Jenny Beth said...

haha I wish I could say I do. haha... usually going 90 to nothing.

Mrs. Jones said...

I feel so blonde - I keep forgetting you are about to have a second little one on your hands! Can't wait to read about your last adventures as a family of three!