Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We were soo happy that ALL the grandparents were able to be in Memphis to welcome Anna Caroline into the world.  Here are some pictures of her first few days...

Picture Time

I took a photography class in college and my pretenses for taking this class were to one day be able to better photograph my children.... So on the baby's one month birthday i set out to try and capture some unique images. Seeing as i have been a little out of practice and just been taking pictures for fun lately it was quite a challenge for me. After about 200 pictures i found about 3 that i deemed good enough for me to let people see what they look like. hopefully my "eye" will continue to be trained as i get better at this type of photography and try to capture moments in Anna Caroline's life.

Hospital Pictures

These are the pictures the hospital took. No more baby mugshots!! haha. I am really pleased with the way these turned out and so glad we were able to capture this moment. 

Play Time

Anna Caroline is really starting to interact with people. When Casey or I walk into a room she moves her head around to look for us. She has also began to recognize my mom's voice as well. One thing we have noticed is if someone she doesn't know or isn't familiar with is holding her she plays possum. The person holding her swears up and down that she is asleep but the minute Casey or I take her from the person she immediately opens her eyes and begins looking around. So... i began doing some investigative work online and found an article that explains this to be a defense mechanism that many children use when they are uncomfortable with their surroundings. This is a sign of being an introvert and instead of crying for mommy or daddy they simply shut down. It blows my mind how she is already revealing so much of her personality to us...

Right now there is not much she can do playing wise but whenever i am holding her i am making a point to talk to her as if she is a grown child. It has been shown the earlier you begin engaging in actual conversation with a baby the faster their brains begin to recognize social behaviors as well as recognize colors, shapes, and names of things. So far i can really tell she is listening when i say "What do you see? Is that a fan? The fan keeps the room cool and helps to circulate air." Call me crazy but when my child is a child genius you won't be laughing then. Here are some pics of us "talking" and beginning to "play"