Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Place to Dine Part 2

After  2 sets   3 sets of hand me down dining table sets my husband and I decided it was time to start trying to find something "new to us" and that would fit our style and our home. 

First we liked this.
{via world market}
retails for $699

Then we fell in LOVE with this.
{via restoration hardware}
retails for $1200-$1700
And went on our hunt to find the perfect table for our family....

Finally we chanced upon this table on sale at our local antiques mall.

Now to just finish the faux-finishing process.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fling

Sad to see the Spring Fling come to an end.. but I have alot to share with all of you!

So... I did ALOT over spring break I have been holding out on... 
even with a broken foot I pressed on so I would have plenty to share with yall. 
I made a new arrangement for the front door.

and I bought some spring decor for the yard.
{my sister said this "cluster" is too much so I am considering dispersing some of these things around the front of the house.}
I did things like landscape the front and some of the back yard.
{bleeding heart on the left and begonia on the right}
{boxwood, creeping jenny, and english ivy}
Then the bulk of the work was done on the screened in porch.
YES finally after all this time, we are wrapping things up.
My father -in-law again came to our rescue and helped us put up our ceiling all by himself. 
He is genius I tell ya!! 
 {originally we wanted beadboard, but while we were at the store my FIL got a vision and I let him use his mad skills/know how and do his thing}
Must say it looks better than I could have EVER imagined!!!
Oh, yeah.... i almost forgot....
He also put up all the screen we needed replaced and got a good bit of the verticle slats up too!!
{still needed to be done is hang rest of slats, paint ceiling, install stairs and french doors... oh and please don't judge my half-painted porch, our spray gun has a mind of its own so the rest of this painting will be done with a brush... yes VERY TIME CONSUMING!!!!}
Can I have it finished by easter?? I sure hope so..
Also made some really cute placemats to add to the etsy shop.
Be back tomorrow with more spring decor...
and did I mention there are several new earrings for our Spring 11' collection.
Hop on over to our Facebook page to see.


A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine hosted a Willow House party.

While I was there to buy this
I will show you where I used it in my Spring Fling post.

I also found this....

I love this stand but as you can see from the description below $51.00 for something "cute" and I wont use but maybe 2 x's a year seems a little much to me...
Then I found this at wal-mart!!

{i tried to find the link to wal-mart's site for you guys but this must be a retail only item... so run to your local wal-mart!!}

Although my version is quite smaller Its the same lines and at $6.00 totally worth the investment.
So.. I bought 2!!
Now to finish that porch up so I can put these cuties to good use!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Giveaway winner

Thank you all so much for sharing my special day with me and entering my giveaway.

The giveaway ended today at 5pm and according to
The winner is.......

Erica!!! Congrats on winning!!

Email me your address so I can send you your book!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Turning 25 and a Giveaway

you know.... i thought having my quarter life crisis would be a terrible thing

So far I am really looking forward to what the next 5 years can bring. 

This song by Jamie Cullum "Twentysomething" perfectly sums up my 20's so far!!
And if I have never mentioned I really love him!!
For me the early twenties has been college, meeting my husband, travelling ALOT, having a baby moving ALOT, learning who I am in Christ, and discovering my Style.

It's finding the you that you were never really comfortable with before and beginning to embrace her.

Sometime's I like wacky random things, clothes, books whatever it may be.
then others I find myself leaning to the basic, plain, and traditional.

In the past 24 months {and in relation to my home} I have been going through an extreme purifying process.

As I have etched away at the junk and found the basics I have begun to discover my style.
Since I have spent so much time working on my home my wardrobe has fallen to the wayside bigtime.

So I ran to the store to find a book that would guide me in the direction of discovering my clothing style.

Who better than good ole LC to run to the rescue.

Well to share in the birthday celebration I thought I would get another copy of this book to share with my lovely readers.
No matter your age everyone can use a wardrobe refresher!!
She shares how to start with some solid timeless basics and then expand from there.

Let's celebrate my birthday together!!
So.... to enter the giveaway you get 1 entry for following, 1 for following on facebook, 1 for following on twitter, and 1 for commenting on this post. 
Make sure to comment when you have followed in the other places as well.

This book really is awesome!!

ps. I have some other things I will be giving away through out spring. I think it shall be called a few of my favorite things giveaways!!! so stay tuned

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mirrored Furniture

For quite some time I have been in love with mirrored furniture. 
{via decorpad}

I was unsure exactly where I wanted to add it into my home.
{via decorpad}
Then I found this gorgeous buffet at Pier 1. {not featured on their website}
Which got me thinking, mirrored in my dining room.... yeah, i could totally make it work!!
{via pier 1}this piece about $500
buffet similiar to this piece. $799.00

I knew this piece was decent quality but continued to look for something that might be a better deal. 
Then I remembered a place on Front Street my mom told me about. 
this company sells alot of their items to Horchow. 
After perusing Horchow's site I found a piece I loved and set off to Worlds Away's scratch and dent warehouse and found this piece almost exactly. 
{via decorpad}
{via Horchow}
price $759.90

the detailing is so beautiful.
My piece $350.00

so how did I get it for this price??
small ding that can easily be replaced thanks to my super handy friend.
{she has experience working with mirrors and can help me fix it in no time flat!!}

did I mention they threw in a solid wood floor lamp for $45.00??
it was orange and needed a fresh coat of paint, but i didn't care!!

Spring Break Recap

This week ended up being the most jam packed week of my life!!

We went to the Botanic Gardens and I snapped a quick picture.

We also spent some time at the zoo.
{checking out the monkeys with her Jordy}
{laughing at some more monkeys}
attempting to pose for pictures with friends
and of course some play time at the park.
she is getting sooo big!!

You know I was wanting a new pair of shoes for my birthday, and one bulky orthodic boot was not on my list, haha oh well... what can you do.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crazy crazy week.

Here I sit not believing another week in march has passed!!

In four short days is my birthday and I am really looking forward to it!

Now before this week can officially begin I need to recap this past week for y'all.

1. I got a quote on having a chair reupholstered. This particular individual came highly recommended and I have seen her work. But with a quote on a club chair totaling $586.00 I screamed!! Thus y'all may be seeing some chair upholstery in the near future. ( Monday)

2. I have been slow moving this week. Why?? You ask, well on Tuesday I did something way dumb and banged my foot into the foot of our master bed. AWESOME!! I toughed it out all week long until going to the dr. Friday and come to find out I broke 2 bones in my foot and the fourth and fifth toes on the left foot!!

3. While staining the floor of our almost finished screened in porch, a ladder fell over which knocked over the can of stain leaving a massive massive mess I will now have to go
Back and sand then re-stain!! (Wednesday)

4. This week would not be complete if our crazy beagle didn't get into some sort of trouble so on Thursday while I was happily planting some new prettiest our little pup found the gate wide open and dashed off on another puppy adventure. I found him an hour later 4 doors down from the house, he calmly walked up to me and I was glad to have him back.... Until that night when my husband noticed him acting funny.

Fastforward to Friday we take him to the doctor they do some crags and bloodwork and determine my dog had a bulging disc in his spine so they do some steroid shots and send us home with meds.

Later that night he goes from limping (drunk walking the dr called it) to unable to walk at all.

For two weeks we help him eat/ drink water and use a towel to hold up his back legs so he can try to use the restroom.

So all in all spring break was more than hectic and I gladly welcome the boring mundaneness of our everyday lives!!

We did make a quick trip to our local botanic gardens!!

And yesterday we broke down and got a membership to the zoo!! Be back later with pics of those trips!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For sale

Soo my sister is nuts! She wants to give all this great stuff she has away to goodwill and I won't let her. Soo, I think a blog sale is in order.

First up. A pair of Joe's jeans size 27 waist. They are a trouser cut vintage series. Purchased at a local upscale boutique.
Price $20.00

Next up is a Lilly Pulitzer Tote (style name is hotty toddy tote) asking $30.00

Minor ink stain on inside right pocket.

Here is a lovely turn lock Vera Bradley wallet. Retails for $48.00 slightly used asking $10.00

Another Vera Bradley item. This is the Mediterranean white resort pattern in the large cosmetic bag retails for $25.00 asking $9.00

Last up is a coach keychain wallet retails for $48.00 bnwt. Purchased at Macy's. Never used asking $10.00!

Leave a comment with what item you would like to purchase items are first come first serve I will email you a paypal invoice or list in my etsy shop.

Make sure to leave me your email.