Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crazy crazy week.

Here I sit not believing another week in march has passed!!

In four short days is my birthday and I am really looking forward to it!

Now before this week can officially begin I need to recap this past week for y'all.

1. I got a quote on having a chair reupholstered. This particular individual came highly recommended and I have seen her work. But with a quote on a club chair totaling $586.00 I screamed!! Thus y'all may be seeing some chair upholstery in the near future. ( Monday)

2. I have been slow moving this week. Why?? You ask, well on Tuesday I did something way dumb and banged my foot into the foot of our master bed. AWESOME!! I toughed it out all week long until going to the dr. Friday and come to find out I broke 2 bones in my foot and the fourth and fifth toes on the left foot!!

3. While staining the floor of our almost finished screened in porch, a ladder fell over which knocked over the can of stain leaving a massive massive mess I will now have to go
Back and sand then re-stain!! (Wednesday)

4. This week would not be complete if our crazy beagle didn't get into some sort of trouble so on Thursday while I was happily planting some new prettiest our little pup found the gate wide open and dashed off on another puppy adventure. I found him an hour later 4 doors down from the house, he calmly walked up to me and I was glad to have him back.... Until that night when my husband noticed him acting funny.

Fastforward to Friday we take him to the doctor they do some crags and bloodwork and determine my dog had a bulging disc in his spine so they do some steroid shots and send us home with meds.

Later that night he goes from limping (drunk walking the dr called it) to unable to walk at all.

For two weeks we help him eat/ drink water and use a towel to hold up his back legs so he can try to use the restroom.

So all in all spring break was more than hectic and I gladly welcome the boring mundaneness of our everyday lives!!

We did make a quick trip to our local botanic gardens!!

And yesterday we broke down and got a membership to the zoo!! Be back later with pics of those trips!!


Molly said...

I have the number of a woman that has done 2 chairs for me....Let me know if you need her number. She is VERY reasonable!!!

Sorry about your foot and your puppy...ruff (lol) week!

MamaMonki said...

Hope this week is a happier one!

Jenny Beth said...

thank yall for your sweet comments. mrs. molly i will be emailing you!!

Sarah said...

oh my word what a month so far!!!!! can't wait to see pictures of everything you've done!!! i would say take it easy on the foot but i bet you won't!! haha

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Aww bless your heart hon! Hope you and the pup get to feeling better!

Mrs. Jones said...

I just want to send you puppy hugs!!!!!!! Hope your birthday is awesome. Can't wait to read about it :-)