Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fling

Sad to see the Spring Fling come to an end.. but I have alot to share with all of you!

So... I did ALOT over spring break I have been holding out on... 
even with a broken foot I pressed on so I would have plenty to share with yall. 
I made a new arrangement for the front door.

and I bought some spring decor for the yard.
{my sister said this "cluster" is too much so I am considering dispersing some of these things around the front of the house.}
I did things like landscape the front and some of the back yard.
{bleeding heart on the left and begonia on the right}
{boxwood, creeping jenny, and english ivy}
Then the bulk of the work was done on the screened in porch.
YES finally after all this time, we are wrapping things up.
My father -in-law again came to our rescue and helped us put up our ceiling all by himself. 
He is genius I tell ya!! 
 {originally we wanted beadboard, but while we were at the store my FIL got a vision and I let him use his mad skills/know how and do his thing}
Must say it looks better than I could have EVER imagined!!!
Oh, yeah.... i almost forgot....
He also put up all the screen we needed replaced and got a good bit of the verticle slats up too!!
{still needed to be done is hang rest of slats, paint ceiling, install stairs and french doors... oh and please don't judge my half-painted porch, our spray gun has a mind of its own so the rest of this painting will be done with a brush... yes VERY TIME CONSUMING!!!!}
Can I have it finished by easter?? I sure hope so..
Also made some really cute placemats to add to the etsy shop.
Be back tomorrow with more spring decor...
and did I mention there are several new earrings for our Spring 11' collection.
Hop on over to our Facebook page to see.


The Mustard Seed said...

I've been following you on Twitter now for a while! I don't know why I wasn't a blog follower :-( but I am now :-)

Anyway!! I just love your placemats! I hope I'm the lucky winner!!


ashlea said...

LOVE the new blog look!! Super chic!

Everything looks great!! Yippee for get-togethers on the porch ASAP! :D

Jenny Beth said...

thanks ashlea!!!

angel so glad you are now following!!! welcome

this blessed nest said...

you've been a busy girl!

the header looks fabulous. so does your sidebar. way to go.

thanks for linking up to the fling.