Thursday, October 31, 2013

ORC Week 5 The Details.

This week I am sharing some of the details before the big reveal next week. 

 We had somewhat if a precarious issue involving bathrooms flooding so for now tr ceilings will not be scraped until we see if they actually need to be replaced. 

Never a dull moment around here!
Several of these elements are going to bring some much needed personality to the space! 

This magazine rack is from pottery barn!

We are going to use this awesome tassel as a curtain tie back for the drape I will be making this week. 
Tissue Holder from Worlds Away

Popped this Jones Design Co Print in this frame and am thinking this would be a fun place to seasonally switch out art!

And another piece of my beloved coral collection is on display!

Time to hit it hard and see if we can get a counter top installed, plumbing run, a sink in, a drape made, and figure out a big piece of artwork for the main wall. (Decided not to use the beagle print!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

W 4 Months Old

This big boy!!!
We havent had a chance to get to the dr but he gained some serious weight between 3-4 months! 
he went from 10 pounds to 13.5 pounds in no time.

We started making homemade baby food and so far he loves bananas, avocados, carrots and rice cereal. 

He eats every 3 hours on the nose almost,
still in size 2 diapers,
has started rolling from his back to his tummy and now loves tummy time.
His reflux is Much much better and we only have to give him medicine about 2-3 days a week.

He really started to smile and his personality has come to life.
This sweet baby loves to be talked to and is happy as can be as long as someone is holding him and talking to him!!
He has really started to reach for items and learning how to grab onto things grip them tightly. 
He is without a doubt 100% a momma's boy!!

Lately.... Fall 2013

Whew.... ever since baby Whit was born I have felt like a whirlwind of life has happened.

Seriously, like I am a gerbil endlessly running a wheel leading to nowhere, and there is nowhere to get off!

Next week is reveal week and I am "loosing hope" that we will have the bathroom completed by then. 
These challenges are fun but DANG does 6 weeks fly fast!

In other news it just hit me I have not done the "moved in with furniture post" of the house. 
Basically, I cant keep my house picked up with 3 under 4 long enough to take the pics. 

People are all like, "I don't know how you do it?"
I'm all... "ughhh don't come over. Looks like Hiroshima up in here."

Then sweet local customers stop by to pick up stuff and I feel terrible because this place is so crazy. 
New policy is clean room, close door, no reentry!

Now onto some fun stuff....
 This sweet bunny usually falls asleep sitting up around dinner time. He takes an afternoon nap but never fails. We go to pick up toys before we sit down for dinner and he is either on the couch, in the swing, or his bouncer and he crashes. 
Ps. this is like my favorite pj outfit ever and its starting to get too small which makes me super sad :( 
He is officially not a newborn anymore.

And this crazy... Well... he is just flat CRAZY!
Bathed the baby the other morning, when to put a diaper on him and I hear splashing. 
I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped this pic. 
He got in baby's bath and proceeded to bathe himself in his clothes... 
SOO my life right now. And it makes me laugh!!

Off to start breakfast and make lunches. 
Happy Tuesday All!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

ORC Week 4. Half Bathroom

Ever been the last one to the party??

Like so late it is OVAH. well.... thats kinda how i feel with this weeks linky party for the challenge. 
I do have a viable excuse, (like with any good party) I stitched about 15 monograms, 4 appliques, 4 custom pillows, and started on some drapes. 
(click on image to head over to Calling it Home and see the other bloggers projects)

My machines are Dying for a break so this week I will wrap up 3 small orders and get to work on this half bath!

Despite all my work on orders we did get the countertop taken out, some accessories hung, purchased the sink, and 3/4 of the room painted.

Feeling some accomplishment!!

This next week is to:
*finish painting
*rehang cornice
*hopefully get countertops installed
*install doors on the cabinet
*drill and put new hardware on cabinetry.

I can see the finish line but we aren't there yet... 
Back to where we started.
Here is where we left off last week and what it looked like after pallet wall painted, some accessories hung and a mock up of the countertops.
Pretty obsessed with how this is going to look. 

Still torn on if this portrait of baby girl needs to stay in here or not. 
It's really hard to get a good angle of this room.

All the white was leaving some shadows. 
I promise for great pictures on the reveal week. 

SO excited to already be at this point!
Now that I have some down time to go peruse everyone elses progress!

Friday, October 18, 2013

One Room Challenge Week 3: Half Bathroom

Whew. This week was the actual changing week!
Lets look back at our original before.
And again the inspiration.

We are excited to see some actual change in this room. 

First thing up... removing the mirror!

I must admit I was a little intimidated about removing the mirror at first.
 But these suction cups make it a breeze.

 And... after removing the wallpaper not just one but two layers of wallpaper underneath.

Time to cover it up!!

Pretty sure this micro floral was all over my bathroom in the 80's.

We selected some 1x4x.5 to attach to the wall in a pallet effect. (remember wallpaper with this much paint, etc would basically mean new drywall)

 We took the plunge and bought a nail gun. 
This thing was SOOO fun!

I laughed when I saw this picture. I was rocking out to my favorite pandora station when hubby snapped this!

Had to remove the light to make some specific cuts with the jig saw around the light kit.

And everything except the 3 trip pieces around the toilet.
Hope to finish that trim, paint and start working on the countertop this next week. 

Stay tuned. 
Its the home stretch!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

An afternoon Treat! Muddy's!!!

Okay.... So I must admit I made a really dumb mistake about 4.5 years ago... I named my blog the street we lived on! 
DUMB!!!! Then I freaked myself out that someone would find our house and stalk me... 
It was silly because I know none of you would do such but everyone has fears right? Mine was a psycho blog stalker! Hahaha

Now!!!! Since we have moved I feel totally comfortable disclosing openly we live in Memphis!!! Yes the dirty dirty! Been here my whole life except for my years in college! 

I also feel comfortable telling y'all ALL about my fave local spots!!! 

So... Go stalk the new people who own our house on Lyford. K? 

On Monday daddy met us for lunch (rare treat) and we ate at one of our favorite Mexican joins. Salsa had us full but we all wanted a sweet treat so we stopped in Muddy's Bake Shop in east Memphis. 

This place is such a treat in every way! 

From the decor, to the people and of course the food!!! 
C had a hard time making a selection. But he went with the plain jane cupcake. 

Sister dined on the strawberry cupcake

And I devoured a slice of grasshopper cake. 
Anyone ever had the drink the grasshopper? Well make it into a dessert and here she is!!! 

In all her amazing glory! 

Moral of this post! If your in town... Stop in everything is divine!  

Monday, October 14, 2013

3 month old

With each child it has seemingly taking me longer and longer to surface to normal and get in a good groove. 

I think with this sweet fella it has been right about 3 months. 

And an excess of coffee seems to be my fuel.

This sweet angel eats every 3 hours.

 He and c-bug have really started to interact a little more. 
Connor talks to him and Whit cooes to respond. 

He is by far the chubbiest of all my babies and I am loving squeezing on his chubby little legs. 

At his 3 month check up he was kicking all over the place.
Dr. said this was great and showed he would be advanced in his language. (will let you know on that one)
He weighed 12 pounds and his length was i think 24" so he has not grown much in length since birth. 
both weight and height are in the 25%.

We smile ALL the time and he loves to be talked to.
And he LOVES his bassinet. 
It's a safe place brother can't pick him up!

 As you can see we are on the move!!