Monday, September 30, 2013

W 3 months old

Some how I managed to forget to upload these pictures.
Thankfully I wrote down his stats at these times so I could go back and log them later.

He is nursing every 2 hours during the day and every hour and a half at night.

Still not sleeping through the night but we are working on different things to see what works, bath at night, fresh diaper before bed, another 2 oz topper before sleep, swaddling, some tylenol, reflux medicine and maalox, heating pad on his tummy, rubbing his tummy, nursing him to sleep, some gripe water... all of the above, some of the above, saying a few prayers..... 

At some point we collapsed and hoped the next night was better.

Still in size 2 diapers.

He loves any paci, any bottle and mommy.

He sleeps great in the swing during the day.

He looks SOOO different than the other two! 

We just can't wait to see who he ends up favoring.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boys Designs Fall 2013

Oops! Looks like I posted these to the wrong blog! Well... Here are a few of the things I worked on this past week! 

I am so thankful to be busy busy and making such sweet stuff for people!!

Happy Saturday! 

We have a birthday to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Quick Quaint Baby Shower

My dear friend heather was begging me to throw a party for baby w.
Well I love me a good party and couldn't say no!! 

Here are a few snap shots from the afternoon sip n see.
Here is Grammy and Mrs. Phyllis (moms bff for almost 40 years)
Yummy treats! 
These cupcakes are called prozac at the adorable eatery here in town. 
I think its time to blog this sweet little cupcake shop!
Do you see the monogrammed cookies???

They were AWESOME!

Here is Auntie Header aka Heather with baby!
We love you Auntie!!!
 A few friends chatting and loving on baby.

My sweet friend Julianne.

Big sissy!
(cant seem to find the pic of me and Hayley... need to look for it.)

And two of my favorites, Karen and Caroline!
Love you guys.
Thank you friends for coming to welcome baby!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Day of Pre-k

I cannot wrap my mind around this being our last year at home with my big girl. 

Soooo much has changed and happened in her short little life and this summer she just blossomed from a toddler into a little girl.
She definately has my sarcastic sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time. 

She loves her school and I am just shocked by all she has absorbed there. 
One day this past spring, just driving down the road... she starts reciting the Pledge of Allegaince. I was shocked and all "where did you learn that??" 
At hope mommy, my school... duh!!

I cant wait to see what all she suprises me with this year. 

Our goal is to start kindergarten writing her name and being able to read herself some basic books. 
She is Dying to learn how to read!!
And I love to watch her desire to do these things!!

Here is to an awesome fall!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Den progress

I know this seems a little backwards to some of you.. (No full house your yet) but we are making steady progress in our den. 

One of the first things we wanted to do is paint the fireplace. 

Finishing up in some spots! 

Almost done and we lost a baby brick (right by my paint can)!! Ack! 

And here we are with the secretary. 
At midnight.
Way past my bedtime (since baby thinks he has an all night pass at the milk bar 😜) 
Soo... The plan is to finish it up this weekend. 

Be back with our entry table make over and a full house tour. (Pre moving and then now, so you can see our slow progress)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Orange Beach 2013

We decided to break tradiditon this year and hop over to Orange Beach, Alabama.

We had such a great time relaxing and hosting caseys family here and there. (they live 45 minutes away in Daphne, Alabama.)

Aunt Krista got to meet baby Whit for the first time and we are SO glad she lives closer now!!
And yes, Connor hopped of the boardwalk and sat down and started playing in the sand. He LOVED it!!

One of things I remember thinking when laying in the hospital a few weeks ago was I am never going to get to see my babies play in the ocean again. 
My happy place, so to have this sweet picture (even if I have a TON of baby weight to loose) means thw whole world to me!
Action shot!! This fella had us in stitches the entire time!

Sister discovered sandcastle making!!
We probably made 10!!! IT was soooo fun!!!

Noone was here. Weather was perfect. 

It was truly amazing!!

We were sooo lucky to have our photographer meet us down there and snap a few quick pics. Cant wait to get them back and share with you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bathroom Lighting

As I mentioned in a previous post one of our first goals for the house is lighting. 

For the downstairs bathroom and the master bath we decided to go with this light from pottery barn.

Once I get fully unpacked from our trip I will take a before and after for yall so you can see!!

Hopefully tomorrow!

I swear.. with as much as I am into at pottery barn right now they should be paying me for these wonderful shameless plugs!!! haha

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Orange Beach. An iPhone recap

We are so glad we got to get away for 8 days and relax as a family! 
Stopping in Mobile to visit with pawpaw and eat at Cracker Barrel. I let my hair down and let the kids play in the rain after lunch! They had so much fun!!
We did a little shopping while in mobile and I may or may not have gotten in the Christmas spirit bb 
Don't you love these lamp shades?? Saw these at Kirklands! 
Next morning hubby and I got up and headed over to destin for a night to celebrate our 5 year anniversary!
Baby went with us and we spent a lazy afternoon at the beach. Soo needed!!!
On Labor Day we met Mimi and the big kids in orange beach. (She met us there and played for the day!) 
Uncle Jackson (hubby's half brother) caught a pin fish with a French fry. C bug assisted in the big catch and was sooooo proud of their catch!!!!

This gloomy morning turned out to be an amazing low 80's day at the beach! 
We made sand castles, and dug holes, and drank lots of pink lemonade ;)
Silly fella! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby w two months old

I thought the first month flew by... Whew... We were finally settling in after getting back from Atlanta.
Getting to just sit at night and relax and hold my baby was exactly what the dr ordered!!
We were able to get his reflux meds all figured out and he started to just sleep the night away and Love bathtime!!!
Chubby bunny!!!!!
Oh! We discovered this little mister is quite cold natured!!! He Must be swaddled almost all the time!! 

Glad I bought a little bunting for this fall to keep him extra cozy and warm ;)
Around 7 weeks he starte to blow bubbles and Smile!! I thought my heart would burst when I saw this smile for the first time! 

Right at right weeks he got a touch of the sniffles the rest of the family had. 
His little fave got so swollen!! 
And if course he made his roll tide public service announcement on Facebook! 
An here we are in the "monthly" picture chair.
Forgive me... I forgot at 4 weeks and just this week ordered the belly stickers! So next month.... Look for those! 
Happy 2 months William Thomas! 
Can Not wait to hear your sweet laugh soon! You are smiling up a storm so I know it's around the corner!