Monday, September 2, 2013

C 18 months

Oh this baby!!! He is so adventurous! Has such a sweet tender spirit and Loves to help. 

He suprises me with how obedient he is and how well he listens. Now, that doesn't mean he doesn't test me ALL day long!!

As of late he has become a real daddy's boy! 

His favorite words are:
Owie!! (Spoken in a British accent)
Mommie (again in a British twang)
Chinch ewe (thank you)
Stairs (as in "I did stairs, aka fell on the stairs)
Duce Duce (juice)
Baby wheh ( for whit)
I love you

We are pretty impressed with his words! Although he gets frustrated he has done a great job articulating what he is wanting or needing. 

And an obsession with trains and cars have taken hold! He loves woodybuzz (only one word. They are a group deal) and we just got a new woody doll he is obsessed with.

I love hearing on the baby monitor the woody cord pulled and "there's a snake in my boots!!" Nothing says good morning bubba like good ole woody! 

Enjoy the iPhone picture dump! Hope to upload camera pics from this summer this week while we are relaxing!!

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