Monday, August 31, 2009

Bubble Time

As you can see we are wildly fascinated with a bubble bath. mommy finally got me a bottle of mr. bubbles. 
And i had a ball. here are a few pics of doodle bug getting a bubble wig and bubble beard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the Boat

TRYING to figure out what uncle larry is doing..
ahhh we are going super fast and ariel's hair is blowing like crazy

daddy what's going on??? If you cant see by these few pics she wants nothing to do with me... straight daddy's girl through and through

Thursday, August 20, 2009

home improvement

this is all of the rotted fence we took down and replaced with chicken wire
this is all the tree limb and riff raff we removed

ahhh now a tranquil view of our drainage ditch. haha

my fratty morning hair

my absolute most favorite thing is to pull my mommy's hair!!
i love to snuggle in the morning

as you can see we are a major camera flirt. she is getting more and more captivated with us having various devices in her face. she goes on show for sure and it is priceless.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The beginning of the end

Well I am seeing the brief glimpse of the end of "baby-dome" ac wants to feed herself now!!
 She loves pears, strawberrys, oranges, baby carrots, pickles, and her baby food. 
Forget helping her she will pitch a fit if you try and help!! 

Then there is the walking feat. 
She wants to cruise the ottomon in the den, push the ottoman at my moms, and her favorite thing is to grab your pantslegs and go. If you grab her hands she starts going crazy with this aweful fake cry that makes casey and i laugh hysterically. 

anyway, yesterday morning she took her first step. so this weekend we are off to buy either a baby shopping cart, or baby stroller for her to push around and really begin to explore the world on her own. 

As sad as i am to see the bitty baby go i am sooo excited to get to interact with my little independent woman. pics to come soon!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a tribute to Stitchin Charleston Style, and Laura!!!!

well this morning my dad took Mama to the airport, for her one measly week of escape from the world of disrespectful young adults who only want two things money and a later curfew...

Mama went to Charleston to see Laura, oh dear Laura, and BethAnne, and Mrs. Tommye, and all the other wonderful ladies that attend Stitchin Charleston Style. Two years ago i joined my mother on this mecca that she yearly takes to meet the esteemed Laura Jenkins Thompson. Oh how i wish i could be joining everyone to "stitch and bitch" as mama would say, this year. hopefully next year i can return to learn some new techniques, and most importantly socialize.

if i were there right now i would be "glistenin" (as all women do in the summer, its much better than saying sweatin like a whore in church) 
checking out all the stores and seeing the sights. getting excited about going to the market, and staying at the francis marion.
sidenote..... on our honeymoon last summer casey and i went to eat at SNOB, slightly north of broad, i would right now be recommending this to janet and all her friends insisting we go there. 

ohhh and if we walk too much down canal street i will insist we go in brookstone and get a chair/ leg massage. ohhh and hampden designs, great great clothes i would check that store out for another cute dress!!! 
oh i know everyone is having soo much fun. 
i cant wait to rejoin all of you next year. much love 

The future is looking up!!

okay here it is I GOT A JOB!!!! holy crap finally i find a delightful position that i am anxiously awaiting to start tommorrow. for everyone who has prayed for my future i greatly appreciate your prayers... especially jake and steph, hayley, emily,lauren, amanda, and erica. yall have stood by me and listened to my complains and helped me see that the lord is holding my future not me..... the most wonderful thing happened today as well Jake found a new job in birmingham!!!! we were both with miserable companies, doing mundane tasks, trying to improve our work conditions despite the miserable bosses we had.... and low and behold the lord answers our prayers all in the same week.

for those of you that dont know jake was casey's college roommate and his beautiful wife, stephanie has been one of the sweetest friends to me since we met. since being married we have made ZERO married friends except for them but for the number of friends we lack the lord has made up in the love that has overpoured from the Eldridge's. as i pray for my position at SS i also pray that Jake's position in the 'ham brings him as much fulfillment and happiness as does mine. post of the first day to follow. thanks again everyone for all your support throughout this time. casey and i have truely learned needs and wants and the differences. the only individual in our family that this mildly doesnt apply to is our pint sized princess. i mean hello we can wear old ratty clothes for the rest of our lives but our pride and joy WILL have the best.

Oh the places you will go... a tribute to high school sr. yr.

Okay so i will make a long story short. the theme of my senior yearbook was oh the places you will go... the other day i was in target perusing the dollar section and found some dr. seuss bowls to feed baby her cereal in. one had the quote on in and hence this blog post came to fruition. so a brief update with us is.... SUPRISE i am looking for a job. With Dr. Seuss on the brain I did a mental flashback to my senior year. I knew i would attend college and marry my prince charming... That was about all i planned for in my 5 yr. plan. I knew i would go cool places, ie. a bunch of sec football games, st. croix, st. thomas, and st. john, and i knew i would make the best friends someone could ask for but i never imagined being stretched emotionally, physically, and spiritually the way that i have been in these past five years.

Having ac has been such a blessing and being a parent has not been a challenging task, i guess all that babysitting did pay off afterwhile huh??? Since having her my "sewing" skills (blog with this coming soon....) have been challenged beyond imaginable means, making crib bedding, YIKES, know the lord before you experiment with this one!!! and the best has been helping my mom design ac's christening gown. working with my mom on this project has been the most rewarding thing i think that my degree could have brought me. it used to be that sewing was something my mom and i couldnt discuss without fighting about it. now it is such a joy and honor to learn under her. uhh the places we have come from. mother daughter love hate relationship to a mother daughter relationship of thankfulness, respect and longing to obtain the knowledge she does.

now i look to the places we will go in the next 5 years. I will have a husband hopefully graduated from college, an almost 6 year old. hopefully an old beagle who doesnt bark everytime the wind blows, i hope to have a beautiful garden that i can tend to while little girl is at school, and maybe just maybe my store of french handsewn rental dresses i have always wanted to own. (i will blog about that dream one day soon) Hopefully our current home will be a home of the past our "love" investment property. and we will be on our way to a long wonderful life together. i cant wait to see where the lord will take us and guide us in the next 5 years....