Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Tiny Ottoman at a Time

I am embarrassed to say it took me well over a year to find just the right fabric for this ottoman!

These two premier print fabrics go together so nicely!!

We love to snuggle up with the babies and read in this corner before naps and bedtime.

side table-kohls
ottoman-had that thing Forevah!
The fabrics are premier fabrics prints. 
I do not think the stripe is available any longer. 
It was from a collection from 2012 I believe they retired to bring out some new collections.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tablecloths and Styling: Wedding Edition

Just about this time last year a dear friend asked me to make some items for her wedding.
Of course I jumped at the opportunity.
Just wanted to walk down memory lane and show y'all how fun everything was.

Look at the precious sign she painted!
This was the entry table to the reception. 
And the gift table!
Love how this fitted tablecloth turned out.
I will be making one of these cloths for myself one day in the near future.
A long view of the reception hall and food area.
 Fringe burlap cloth for the groom's cake
 Simple burlap runners for the reception tables!
 And the piece-de-resistance
The Wedding Cake Table.
 It was so perfect and complimented her cake beautifully!
How fun was this tent??
Such a great wedding and I am so thankful the bride asked me to be apart of her special day.

Ps. I am now looking for an excuse to use her band just so I can enjoy a fun night of dancing again!
Seriously they had sooo much energy and they got Everyone on the dance floor!!

Happy (Almost) one year anniversary Candace and Michael.

Thanks again for letting me help with your special day!
And again how perfect was this???

Friday, April 12, 2013

From Wash to Stain

Remember my post from a few weeks back about my wooden spool for our patio???
Out with the old in with the old??

Well I attempted to gray wash it and the wood just Soaked it up...

Second attempt I went out to the garage to discover I had a decent amount of stain left from working on our front door ;)

After a quick hour in amazing spring weather and Tada!!

Very excited to start dining around this table this spring!

Thank you Restoring Piece of Tuscaloosa, Alabama for such a unique piece!

Now time to style the table and enjoy a nice grilled dinner on the porch!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Look For Less: Clam Shell

Ever since I saw Sherry, at YHL use this clam shell as her fruit display in her kitchen I knew I needed one!
Here it is in their new kitchen!

Well I have seen quite a few of these guys popping up as the Nautical trend has seemed to really take flight!

Grandin Road $199 for the large

Ballard $129.00

Z Gallerie $59.95

I think I will stick with John and Sherry and go with Z Gallerie!

Everyone seems to be offering this item and the price range for virtually the exact same item is crazy!!

Hope to plant some orchids in here. We plan on picking on up on our trip to Atlanta in August!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pardon the Silence

Tonight we are at the Third Day Concert!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Target: Threshold items

I know if you follow along on Instagram you have seen my recent target obsession!

From Nate to threshold they have really stepped up their game! Usually I find unique pieces at antique stores, local boutiques and Marshall's/ TJMaxx. Well now I can say target is in that category! Consistently for the past few months the items have seemed more high quality and one of a kind!

Do you agree?

Can't wait to go back and buy a few of these guys to accessorize for summer!

I think I may need these for the kids bathroom!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

Was able to snatch a few quick pictures before we headed to church.
we hosted the dinner this year. 
Last time we did this was 2010.
I think we will need a bigger house before we host again. haha

The flowers are compliments of Fresh Market. 

 Here is the side view of the room.
We were able to go and pick up my grandmother's hutch from my parent's this past week!
It fits perfectly in this space.

Everyone had a golden egg and some chocolate waiting on them at the table.

Here is my way way too big girl! 
How is she this big??? 
It must stop! Time is passing way way too quickly.

 And this little bug decided to grab the curling iron while we were getting ready. 
Scared me to death and I think my horror and screaming scared him more than the tiny blister hurt him. 
 Did I mention my obsession with his curls?
And this was the best picture they let me get of the two of them. 
Don't worry we will redress and try this picture again! haha

 Everyone was greeted at the door with birds nests and cotton candy shirley temples.
(btw, this is a great way to distract company while you get everything on the table)
They enjoyed a sugar overload while I had plenty of room to assist hubby in the kitchen and get everything to the sideboard for serving.
This is a TOTAL copy cat of Dixie Delights cake from last year!

It was too cute and looked too yummy to not try!!
The $11.00 coconut cake was a hit! 

please note the dermaplast on the table. haha. had to keep that boys hand doctored then let it breathe!

giddy about some hair clips!!

 Crazy babies!

And a last look at our Shirley Temples! 
It was too fun watching my parents and children light up over something so simple!
Thank you pinterest and Dixie Delights for  your inspiration.

He rose to Save Us!!!!
It was my sin and your sin that held him there but he is Risen!!!
What a glorious thing to celebrate with the ones you love!!