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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Table for Six

One of the things I wanted to make sure we had before baby was more than 4 chairs around our table.

I spotted this chair at a local store a while back and have been watching it.

Doesn't match my other chairs perfectly but when I went in last weekend and they were on super clearance for $21.00 a piece I knew I could chalk paint them to match the table!!!

Can't wait to start the painting process!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

Was able to snatch a few quick pictures before we headed to church.
we hosted the dinner this year. 
Last time we did this was 2010.
I think we will need a bigger house before we host again. haha

The flowers are compliments of Fresh Market. 

 Here is the side view of the room.
We were able to go and pick up my grandmother's hutch from my parent's this past week!
It fits perfectly in this space.

Everyone had a golden egg and some chocolate waiting on them at the table.

Here is my way way too big girl! 
How is she this big??? 
It must stop! Time is passing way way too quickly.

 And this little bug decided to grab the curling iron while we were getting ready. 
Scared me to death and I think my horror and screaming scared him more than the tiny blister hurt him. 
 Did I mention my obsession with his curls?
And this was the best picture they let me get of the two of them. 
Don't worry we will redress and try this picture again! haha

 Everyone was greeted at the door with birds nests and cotton candy shirley temples.
(btw, this is a great way to distract company while you get everything on the table)
They enjoyed a sugar overload while I had plenty of room to assist hubby in the kitchen and get everything to the sideboard for serving.
This is a TOTAL copy cat of Dixie Delights cake from last year!

It was too cute and looked too yummy to not try!!
The $11.00 coconut cake was a hit! 

please note the dermaplast on the table. haha. had to keep that boys hand doctored then let it breathe!

giddy about some hair clips!!

 Crazy babies!

And a last look at our Shirley Temples! 
It was too fun watching my parents and children light up over something so simple!
Thank you pinterest and Dixie Delights for  your inspiration.

He rose to Save Us!!!!
It was my sin and your sin that held him there but he is Risen!!!
What a glorious thing to celebrate with the ones you love!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Art= New Room A place to dine part 4 or 5

Soo remember my half painted abstract painting I have had going for oh... 2 years now!!

Well hubby and I finally put our thinking caps on and decided on a design for this piece.

The beach is one place we both love and want a hint of it to flow throughout each room in our home.

My sweet friend Candace put her amazing skills to work and here is what we came up with!

I am sure you all remember the dark gothic dining set we had before our current fluted leg table. Well the table was sold at our local Women's Exchange sale for a whopping $700.00 and the buffet table has always been mine. We have tapped off the wall and I think it will work nicely underneath the new artwork!

Hope to pick the piece up tomm!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dining Room Progress Update

Ever feel like you take two steps forward and then 10 back in a room.

Well, that has been my dining room.

Just a hot mess express hodge podge of everything.

After moving out this summer then moving back in at the End of August we have been very intentional in keeping only what we Love and will have for a while.

Here is the before: "progress" photo
Basically the only thing I was loving in this room were my two pretty x back chairs we found at a local home decor boutique. 

After we re-settled at the house I busted out the Annie Sloan and painted the table.

And the table and 2 x back chairs have a more cohesive look.

So... we have been looking and looking and looking for the right chairs to put at the head of the table.

There has been lots of "pinsperation" and even more research to make sure we get the right thing. 
Here are some of the kitchen table and chair "sets" I found and loved.
 Finally I just picked something I liked... and...

We saw this chair in person when visiting Mobile over Labor Day and my very sweet mother in law dropped by their store (after we returned home) to pick a pair up for us. 
I CAN NOT wait to get them when we are down there for a wedding in 2 weeks!!
Stay tuned for a picture in our actual dining room. 

The wood detailing is just a hair off but I think we can make it work.

So... the saga continues now that we are a family of four. We will just have 4 chairs and if anyone comes over we will be scrounging for an addional seat at the table. 
(this dining room decorating is turning into the book 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie',
because now I want freshly painted walls to go with my new curtains, freshly painted table and new chairs.)

The Madeleine chair from Restoration Hardware looks pretty similar to what we already have. 
(Wish we could get two more from the boutique here in town but they cannot get any more!! boo)

Hopefully after the new year we can complete our table and chairs set with two of these pretty ladies!
What do you think? 

                      Their chair:                                                         My chair:
I think they could work!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Traditional Meets Modern-client

We have made quite a few strides in a clients dining room.

She already owned the furniture and had already decided on a high gloss navy wall color. 
The color was an Awesome launching point!!

Here is where we are so far.
1. New lighting was key to update the look of this room
2. We "wallpapered" the back of the china cabinet to make the traditional china pop!
3.A modern interpretation of a plate gallery wall. When paired with a traditional gold mirror its a striking contrast
4. A mod cut velvet fabric was used on the seat cushion to incorporate the turqouise color
5. And most importantly a modern print drape.

Here is a look at the other side of the room

What's left?
1. accessorizing above the china cabinet
2. Styling the table and sideboard
3. a rug

And we can call this room done.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dining Room Progress

Our poor dining room. 
It has seen quite too many transformations in our lives in this house.
Most recently it looked like this.

What has changed??
1. my puppy has been hiding under the parsons chairs and chewing up anything she can get to.
like at least 100.00 worth of stuff a week. this has to stop!!
first thing first, put the chairs up!! and actually BUY some chairs for the room.
2. Clean and put away my beloved striped rug. (the puppies were tracking in mud on a white non-scotchgarded rug) and find a rug alternative.
3. Finish accessorizing this room!!

Here is where we are at right now.
{and yes that is frog tape at the back door waiting on proper weather to paint... hoping to complete that this weekend}
The Chairs:
you are probably now thinking why only buy two chairs?? well we are not planning on living in this house forever and in our next house the kitchen table will (fingers crossed, hopefully) have a built in banquet bench. So in that case we will only need two additional chairs. 
Here is an up close picture of the chairs.
yes complete with tags still. I have been dying for some oval cane back chairs but hubs and I both decided they will hold too much peanut butter residue. So these were our second choice.
What else?? Oh yeah...
For now, we have a basic area rug down to anchor the table. 
This room is so small it doesnt need much. 
One thing we will be needing is a highchair. Our old one didn't make the second child cut... Insert another great Essex find. This is what my dad called my highchair from the Jetson's. hahaha

AC can still fit in it and has actually preferred to be there as of late.

I have 3 more botanical prints to add to the collection but I am afraid basically hanging 3 more from the ceiling will only over power the small space. So they are being saved.
To add the lacking visual interest..
We moved my favorite print and ornate frame to the right of the mirrored piece. 

What is left??

Finish the window topper for this room!!!
Maybe make a cute table runner?? Or purchase some placemats? 
My mom actually gave us these.

Then I am planning on being done with this room... (in this house that is.)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY: Silk Flower Arrangement

Some say it is a blessed talent to be crafty, I call it a blessed curse. 
I just have a really hard time paying for something I know good and well I can either make on my own or easily recreate. 

Here I where I insert pictures of very expensive, unbelievably realistic looking silk floral arrangements
image courtesy of first fruit collection blog
This is an arrangement from the store I actually purchased the stems from.
Most of these arrangements run between 89.00-499.00 (depending on size)
 image courtesy of google
This is a live arrangement but could easily be recreated in high end silk pieces.

Step 1:
Fill vase of choice with floral foam. 
The foam comes in rectangular pieces, I just used a kitchen knife to trim the pieces down and fill the vase to the rim. (the stakes of the flowers will "adhere" the layers together)
(sorry the images have become distorted)
Step 2:
Fill the vase with the "innermost" pieces. For the wheat pieces it took way, way more than anticipated. I only planned on using one buschel of the wheat but ended up needing both.
Step 3:
Fill the vase with the lower "filling" element, this layer is not as thick as the middle. I cut the stems of the ferns down and manipulated the pieces so they alternated directions. 

Up close picture.

Step 4:
Cut the stalks of the color-pop accenting piece.
 And fill in around the vase every few inches.
Step 5:
Enjoy your beautiful centerpiece that cost you less than half the price.
When the arrangement isn't sitting on the table it is resting on our sideboard!! :)

Cost Breakdown:
vase $16
wheat buschels 2 at $8
red stalks 6 pack for $6
fern buschel $6

Total: $44 plus tax. not half bad.

Any questions feel free to email me at

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally Coming Together

Nothing in the whole world makes me feel better than to see my vision become reality.
When it comes to our dining room this room has, well seen his day.
Now.... he is singing praises of ALMOST being complete!!!


Our new RUG!!!
and slipcovers for the parson's chairs at the end!!!

now... to find some chairs we can make work with kids for the middle chairs...

And from the other view you can see we need to get rid of the other china cabinet and figure out our shelving around the window.

Here is a close up of the fabri swatch we found for the new curtains. 
Matches really well with the botanicals.

What do you think about our newest additions?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bringing Vintage Back

Yep, slowly but surely... one step at a time our dining room is coming together. 
Before we had a gargantuan chandy I found at a garage sale. 

At the time I liked it, alot, but you see... I am not in any way tuscan... like not at all.... 
So it had to go.
here is another view..
 and here is what it looks like now....

real life sewing machine and all....
here are some close ups....

its vintage 1950's. 
I found it on ebay!! at a STEAL...
And don't worry this pretty thing will go with me when we move!