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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Curb Appeal the Details

Several of you have asked where our light, door knocker etc is from.

So I am back with links to these things. 

And maybe, just maybe if I can get this place all tidy at once I will be back with an updated list of where we are now!

The Pottery Barn Bolton Sconce:
(click on image for link)

Here is the sconce before the brick!

And after painting. 
Man, paint changes everything!

I love the little "leaves" at the base of the light, so much character and brings some serious personality to this boring spot.

 The knocker... ohhhh my knocker. 

This is the ring door knocker in brass by Restoration Hardware.
(click on image for link)

I found this gem at a steal of a deal and knew the door needed this pizazz!
{ignore the fact we need a second coat of paint!}

For the hardware I knew we needed something to coordinate with the light and the knocker, the problem being the knocker is brass, and most doorknobs at stores like Lowe's and HD don't come standard in brass. 

and yes this inner casing still needs to be painted white. 
add it to the list.

we went with something similar to this.
{i can't find the link to our actual knob}
(click on image for link)

And a precious shop in Fairhope, Alabama made the wooden door hanger. 
Kissy Fish Designs is their name!

 The chippendale planters I found at an estate sale!

And the porch pillows were spruced up in a fresh premier prints fabric!!

Left to do:
paint interior casing of front door, 
find a new handle for the storm door
new doorbell
figure out how to "jazz up" or hide, (either one) the lovely box for the home sound system
Gotta love the early 80's!!
continue working in the flowerbeds.

Next up is the flowerbeds, part 1 of 3!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dining Room Progress Update

Ever feel like you take two steps forward and then 10 back in a room.

Well, that has been my dining room.

Just a hot mess express hodge podge of everything.

After moving out this summer then moving back in at the End of August we have been very intentional in keeping only what we Love and will have for a while.

Here is the before: "progress" photo
Basically the only thing I was loving in this room were my two pretty x back chairs we found at a local home decor boutique. 

After we re-settled at the house I busted out the Annie Sloan and painted the table.

And the table and 2 x back chairs have a more cohesive look.

So... we have been looking and looking and looking for the right chairs to put at the head of the table.

There has been lots of "pinsperation" and even more research to make sure we get the right thing. 
Here are some of the kitchen table and chair "sets" I found and loved.
 Finally I just picked something I liked... and...

We saw this chair in person when visiting Mobile over Labor Day and my very sweet mother in law dropped by their store (after we returned home) to pick a pair up for us. 
I CAN NOT wait to get them when we are down there for a wedding in 2 weeks!!
Stay tuned for a picture in our actual dining room. 

The wood detailing is just a hair off but I think we can make it work.

So... the saga continues now that we are a family of four. We will just have 4 chairs and if anyone comes over we will be scrounging for an addional seat at the table. 
(this dining room decorating is turning into the book 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie',
because now I want freshly painted walls to go with my new curtains, freshly painted table and new chairs.)

The Madeleine chair from Restoration Hardware looks pretty similar to what we already have. 
(Wish we could get two more from the boutique here in town but they cannot get any more!! boo)

Hopefully after the new year we can complete our table and chairs set with two of these pretty ladies!
What do you think? 

                      Their chair:                                                         My chair:
I think they could work!!