Sunday, December 29, 2013

6 months Old

Half a year with this sweet baby has come and gone and time just seems to slip away.

Once we were able to get our reflux under control this baby has been happy, happy, happy. (thanks uncle si)

He is in a size 3 diaper, drinks a 4-6 ounce bottle every 3 hours.

He has started eating a variety of baby food we have begun making.
Loves; apples, carrots and peas, bananas, and avocados!

And I am not sure these brothers could look any less alike! haha

Happy 6 months sweet Angel!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tennessee Christmas

Christmas was crazy busy this year!!

With three we were doing good to keep up with each child all morning!

So much fun and so thankful for videos and cameras to help me remember the blur of a day!

I am ohhhhh so thankful we were able to stay home this christmas holiday and be able to get some much needed work done around the house. 

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday season sharing memories with those you love. 

This year we stuck pretty closely to the a need, a want, something to read and an experience.
I am so glad we are taking the shift off of the gifts and focusing on the reason we celebrate this holiday.

little baby was all about his teething rings!

We spent the afternoon organizing closets and finishing unpacking the house from moving in. 
(Can't wait to show you some of our progress!)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Handtowel Tutorial Repost

Hey there! 
It's been quite a while since I have shared a diy craft with yall and Everyone that comes in just loves these hand towel!

This would be a great project for you to do with some girlfriends, or even as teacher gifts!

The first and most important thing to remember with this craft is to not complicate the items. 
You will need:
*any type of hand towel, 
(I found mine at target in a 2 pack for I think $3.99)
*scrap fabrics
*sewing machine or fabric glue
*some ribbon
*straight pins

1. First thing I did was trace a quarter for the berries, cut out my triangles for my trees, rectangles for the stumps, then I googled holly leaf and freehanded a shape.
(you can always print off some clipart, cut it out and use it as your pattern)

2. Pin down the design and zig zag the design onto the towel
Note: if you do not have a sewing machine or cannot sew you can purchase fabric glue and put a thin layer of glue on the pieces and attach them to the towel.

3. Attach either a ribbon or ric rac to the bottom edge of the towel.

These would make great little teachers gifts, or a happy for a friend. 

Can't wait to see and hear what you come up with!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Grey Skies Clearing Up! Kitchen Happy Face

SO... when you find out bad news what does any anxious new homeowner do???

Spruce up your 1978 kitchen!!!!

With Black Friday come and gone, we decided to take full advantage of some of the deals on appliances.

There is SOOOOO much out there and sooooo many reviews to read and determine what you want. 

We looked at Sears, HH Gregg, Home Depot, and Lowe's. 

After reading about 2 weeks of reviews and examining pieces we decided to start with the back wall of kitchen appliances first and move out from there!

The first appliance we decided to start with was the dishwasher.

I knew I wanted a flat panel dishwasher, (to keep connor's pesky fingers from starting the dishwasher 15 times a day, UGH, haha)  it needed to be a tall tub to accomodate pots and pans, and the silverware holder in the door.
(picky i know)

We love it!
It is Whisper Quiet and we found a great deal on it at Lowe's the week before thanksgiving.

Now that we have an established "name brand" if you will; we went ahead and purchased the Whirlpool Gold over the range microwave.
We do not plan to use the microwave over the range for long. 
We will need to rebuild the cabinet containting the double oven to accomodate this appliance and add in a warming drawer. 

Trying to find cabinet builders who can build what we are needing. 
(if you are local please leave a comment if you have a person so i can contact them)

The next thing we went ahead and selected was a Beverage Refridgerator.
All three of these appliances have been installed and the beverage cooler is loaded up with my pellegrino and la croix waters!!! 
I told this fridge was only for when mommy and daddy's friends come over so they don't go and indulge themselves in my grapefruit waters (ie ruthie get over here for some la croix!)

Okay.... next up is fridge, backsplash and hardware.

Need your help and input...
side by side fridge?
french door fridge? (this is what I think I want)
Cabinet guys (local people)

Thank yall in advance!