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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

For those of you who follow on insta know i was pretty quiet throughout the holidays.'t.breathe.
So I unplugged.

real life pic of our rare elf movings and laundry basket in the background. haha

We made saltdough ornaments, gingerbread houses, we sang carols and read our favorite stories!

Our most favorite is the hot chocolate and abc family movies!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Styling: Inspiration

Everything about this picture has me singing Deck the Halls!
So many textures and colors and pretties. 

Tis the Seasons right y'all??

I think this would be a fun craft for my daughter! Every little girl loves crafts!! 
And this mantle is so fun and cheery! 

Off to sort boxes and start decking these halls! 

When will you start decorating?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tennessee Christmas

Christmas was crazy busy this year!!

With three we were doing good to keep up with each child all morning!

So much fun and so thankful for videos and cameras to help me remember the blur of a day!

I am ohhhhh so thankful we were able to stay home this christmas holiday and be able to get some much needed work done around the house. 

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday season sharing memories with those you love. 

This year we stuck pretty closely to the a need, a want, something to read and an experience.
I am so glad we are taking the shift off of the gifts and focusing on the reason we celebrate this holiday.

little baby was all about his teething rings!

We spent the afternoon organizing closets and finishing unpacking the house from moving in. 
(Can't wait to show you some of our progress!)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney Day One

I should have known, I should have been better prepared.
But I wasn't...
If you can't tell from the picture, people are literally running to get into the park! 


Park gates closed at 11:00am this day, gates close at between 85,000-90,000 people and normal occupancy is considered 40,000.

we were quite terrified by all the crowds and for a child with a huge fear of large characters this is a true overcoming of fears!
Then.. out of no where we spotted pluto!
Way too scared to talk to him hence the photobombing begins!

Then we got in line for meet and greet with the princesses!

 A little timid at first, then... add some minnie ears and Voila!

Sooo pumped afterwards!!

Then we headed to Dumbo's new ride in fantasyland!
Baby brother was not sure what to think of all these flying elephants!

He ended up loving it!!

We stopped for a quick photo op.

Baby girl with Uncle Cody.
This was his last week working at disney.
Just now realized we have a mouth full of popcorn! 
This is outside of gastons tavern. 
we enjoyed popcorn while everyone else had hot chocolate!
We finished up the night with the closing show!

Be back with Day 2!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From Our Home to Yours

Just wanted to stop in and show yall some of our christmas decorations. 

A few things moved around this year but not much.

This was our tree last year.

Big Sister was shocked when I told her we were leaving after going to Grammy and Poppy's and headed straight to Disney World!

Disney Posts up next!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we followed our usual tradition of waking up and going to my parents best friends for breakfast.

You see, I am not very handy with my Nikon camera and I have been without one since the first week of November!! TEAR!!

Anywho, while at the Hall's one of their sons, a videographer by profession, looked at my camera... and tada... I am a total dummy and he fixed it!!!

Back to more posts and pictures on the ole' blog!!!

We went home to wrap a few final things, rest and get ready for the Eve service at church.
It was quite an event, we ended up being late, then both my children acted like hoodlums.

On a whim we stopped in Wendy's and grabbed some nuggets to "hold them over til dinner" it was as if we had fast food central in the candlelit service.

Needless to say, we spent most of the time in the lobby waiting on the service to end. 
We will try again next year. haha

Afterwards we headed to my parents for traditional dinner with all the fixins.

Since I was sans camera I was unable to share our christmas decor.
Mom's front door was my absolute favorite this year!!

Even Mom's bunny was outfitted for the occassion!

Yearly pictures in the "sleigh"
Was able to snap a quick one with Aunt Ainslie!

I was so busy running my mouth I forgot to go and take a few quick pictures of the table. oops, so here it is with a few of our plates....

And my favorite decor in moms new kitchen. the Boxwood joy wreaths! I want these!!!

I am getting caught up here! Bear with me as I catch up the end of 2012!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Favorite Free Christmas Printables Round Up

Anyone getting close to running out of gift tags??

I don't know about you, but all of these adorable, downloadable, free printables are soo much cuter than the store bought ones!!!

(I have checked these links and downloaded a few of my own so you should not have any problems.)

And I LOVE this believe banner!

This site,, has a email sign up from freebies and her printables are super cute and around $2-$3.00!!
click the image
The ones I saved I cannot seem to find the link. The labels look like the images above!

And I saved the best for last!! 
Printed approxtimately 5 sheets of this one!!!

click the image for the link to print!