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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

For those of you who follow on insta know i was pretty quiet throughout the holidays.'t.breathe.
So I unplugged.

real life pic of our rare elf movings and laundry basket in the background. haha

We made saltdough ornaments, gingerbread houses, we sang carols and read our favorite stories!

Our most favorite is the hot chocolate and abc family movies!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Styling: Inspiration

Everything about this picture has me singing Deck the Halls!
So many textures and colors and pretties. 

Tis the Seasons right y'all??

I think this would be a fun craft for my daughter! Every little girl loves crafts!! 
And this mantle is so fun and cheery! 

Off to sort boxes and start decking these halls! 

When will you start decorating?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we followed our usual tradition of waking up and going to my parents best friends for breakfast.

You see, I am not very handy with my Nikon camera and I have been without one since the first week of November!! TEAR!!

Anywho, while at the Hall's one of their sons, a videographer by profession, looked at my camera... and tada... I am a total dummy and he fixed it!!!

Back to more posts and pictures on the ole' blog!!!

We went home to wrap a few final things, rest and get ready for the Eve service at church.
It was quite an event, we ended up being late, then both my children acted like hoodlums.

On a whim we stopped in Wendy's and grabbed some nuggets to "hold them over til dinner" it was as if we had fast food central in the candlelit service.

Needless to say, we spent most of the time in the lobby waiting on the service to end. 
We will try again next year. haha

Afterwards we headed to my parents for traditional dinner with all the fixins.

Since I was sans camera I was unable to share our christmas decor.
Mom's front door was my absolute favorite this year!!

Even Mom's bunny was outfitted for the occassion!

Yearly pictures in the "sleigh"
Was able to snap a quick one with Aunt Ainslie!

I was so busy running my mouth I forgot to go and take a few quick pictures of the table. oops, so here it is with a few of our plates....

And my favorite decor in moms new kitchen. the Boxwood joy wreaths! I want these!!!

I am getting caught up here! Bear with me as I catch up the end of 2012!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

So in a scurry to finish a million and a half seeing projects I had almost completely forgotten about doing a quick walk through of our Christmas decor. Please prepare yourselves. It was slim pickin' this year. We have hit the 3 week countdown till baby and I just knew putting up as little as possible was ideal!

We don't have a mantle, so we improvise ;)

And a pop of color above the tv in the den.

Some fun little knick knacks I have collected over our past 4 years together.

And our tree!!

I think the top of this tree is my most favorite!!

Our willow house manger in the dining room. Hope to start adding to it soon and once we have the "stable" I may leave it out year round!

Our beautiful collection of Christmas cards from dear family and friends.

And my pinkaliscious holly platter! It sure does put a smile on my face ;)

Thursday we are hoping to make salt dough ornaments for the grandparents, and decorate the gingerbread house as a family!! I can't wait for that!!!