Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

So in a scurry to finish a million and a half seeing projects I had almost completely forgotten about doing a quick walk through of our Christmas decor. Please prepare yourselves. It was slim pickin' this year. We have hit the 3 week countdown till baby and I just knew putting up as little as possible was ideal!

We don't have a mantle, so we improvise ;)

And a pop of color above the tv in the den.

Some fun little knick knacks I have collected over our past 4 years together.

And our tree!!

I think the top of this tree is my most favorite!!

Our willow house manger in the dining room. Hope to start adding to it soon and once we have the "stable" I may leave it out year round!

Our beautiful collection of Christmas cards from dear family and friends.

And my pinkaliscious holly platter! It sure does put a smile on my face ;)

Thursday we are hoping to make salt dough ornaments for the grandparents, and decorate the gingerbread house as a family!! I can't wait for that!!!

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