Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nursery Diaries: Toy Storage

When deciding how we would store all the toys little babies have I had several ideas in mind.
I loved the Idea of built in shelving.

Cube storage is always nice

And true toy bins

I was open to using one of these ideas in the room in some way...
Just wasn't sure how I would execute.
Then on a random Saturday afternoon I made an out of the ordinary trip to Target. ALONE! 
While quietly perusing the aisles I stopped to glance at the Clearance End Rack.
Well if you know me in real life you KNOW "I know Clarence, he is my buddy!" 
( I am often quoting this line. haha)
Anywho, I found one of the cube storage containers with a return discount sticker at the bottom of this shelf. The original price from is $59.99.
The sticker price said $11.99!! I kid you NOT!!!
Well I packed this guy up and loaded him in the car as quick as I could... you see, sometimes the deal makes the decision for you.
And if you can read the wooden blocks then you can see we have named our sweet boy!!
Can't wait for you to see the close ups of everything once I place the finishing touches on the room. 
Keeping my fingers crossed everything is able to be completed by this weekend.


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I was looking at the art in the first photo and the birdcage card holder(?) in another, what pretty accessories. It's hard to keep toys under control no matter what your storage space (I think). Best of luck! Merry Christmas!

Jenny Beth said...

thanks kim! i know it wont be often the toys stay here but its the thought right?? haha