Tuesday, March 23, 2010

15 and 16 months

Now that baby is getting to be a big girl we thought we would make it a day on Saturday and attend the Easter Egg Hunt.
Mommy manned the camera and baby and daddy were off, for some reason these moms were viscious and just when we would get to a small cluster of eggs someone (fat old mean women, i mean.... uhh yeah) would either take them out of babies basket or snatch them before we could get any. Needless to say we got 3 eggs.

Grammy got to pet her first real bunny.
And baby got to feed a goat

Then she practiced crossing her legs like daddy
But her new favorite thing is crawling in mommy and daddy's bed and watching Little Bear and Olivia.

And giggling of course!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

All is new again.

Well Spring Has surely Sprung around our house... Baby and i made Easter eggs yesterday, noticed she dropped hers, "uhh oh!"

I brought out all my fave spring trimmings, including making some new curtains for the kitchen, much more lively than the tan and blue ones!

Found this GORG. Liberty of London tie at Target for the hubs.

Bought this cute bunny kit to put in my moss basket for a fun decoration.

Pulled out baby's easter basket so she can be ready for our egg hunts we have coming up!!

Painted a painting for the kitchen to match my new curtains!!

Brought out the yella' belles {as momma would say} for the entry table.

Decided this ugly light at some point needed to go.....

Ran an errand to the newly remodeled Pottery Barn Outlet, {just 5 min from the house} and Found this GORG Sconce, just what my stairs landing needs, something pretty to liven it up, now just need to find a little shade for the light!! {You cant see the price too well but this 99.00 sconce was on clearance for 9.97. YES PLEASE!!

Then i pulled out some old lilly fabric {skirts and pants that don't fit anymore} and i bought these ADOREABLE patterns and got to cutting out. {Still trying to find the time to construct these cute outfits but i promise... The are coming, Its actually 5 outfits total, i will get there!!

I had this gold pic frame and decided to grab my Heirloom White spray paint and slap a coat on, it really ties the new bedding in our room in, {dont you love you can see the hubs and baby in the bed watching tv, hehe}

Pics of the bedroom are still to come, waiting on a few finishing touches before i reveal.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Homes, Flashback

First we lived in my parents friends barn(apt connected to the barn)

yes thats me and my preggo self.
We had no furniture so the Stovall's graciously allowed us to use what was in the house.

Yes little did we know after placing this table here that rats had chewed a hole in the wall and definately infested amongst us. and of course a few of babies things thrown in..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Outdoor Part 2

New Spring Arrangement for the Front door.
Dad and Casey hanging shutters on the front of the house
Somewhat filled in/cleaned up pond/deck area. (we ran out of dirt, sunlight, and time) we knew it would rain this week so we filled in what we could and figured next weekend we would return for more dirt.
Cleaned up the side of the house. HUGE undertaking. This was almost 8 inches deep of pine needles
luke begging to come out of the guest house

And of course the quintessential beagle howl, note the paw raise... we think HE may have female tendancies. just sayin'.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I know it has been a while since i blogged about my closet. We went unconventional for valentine's day and he installed a closet organizer for me!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO....
Any of you that know my fashionista past know of my desire for organization and ease of access of clothing.

{You all will be proud to know i am still sorting through my closet and discovering the inner me, I am so over the LABELS life that i thought about being ultra extreme and cutting all the tags out of my clothes... dont know may still do it. I will never stop loving the designers i have always loved but i WILL find ways to buy these items, (or look-alikes) on sale, again, the lord is working on my heart and continuing to reveal to me how unimportant things of this world are.}

So i am sure you can all imagine how excited i am to hear the hubs yell from upstairs..."Honey, come see your new, large, and improved walk in closet" I shreeked and ran up the stairs to see my newest smallest DIY......
no.. my closet isnt like Eva's, and probably will never be filled with all the luxe things hers is... but the important thing is its mine!!! and its me, and ITS ORGANIZED. no more sharing the closet downstairs with baby!!

So without further adeau.......
We cant forget the shoe corner. .....

Monday, March 8, 2010

Outdoor Deconstruction

As most of you know last May Casey and I bought a foreclosure. It has been an exciting/daunting task to take on these projects we originally said, "this will be so easy to redo." Well like many of you have said before tasks you thing are easy end up being much more time consuming.

Link it up...
I decided to link this post to Amanda's Show Me the Progress Linky Party. So as you enjoy seeing me, My husband, and my sweet daddy take down these ugly things tell me.. do you think we are headed in the right direction?? Any suggestions as to what we should do with our now empty space. All we knew is we wanted these two items gone.

  1. because the mosquitos in the summer are insane out the frame
  2. we wanted our daughter to have some more backyard place space
  3. we wanted a place to put a table a chairs next to our grill so we can begin entertaining more.
  4. So.... what do you think???? Have we gotten in over our heads??
The Backyard

We finally began the daunting task of taking out the koi pond, deconstructing the very tiny deck, and enclosing our screened in porch. Between last weekend and this weekend there isnt a bone, or muscle, rather that doesnt ache. I am learning the beauty of documenting my projects so i can bask in the after as i reflect on the before.
Casey really hates having his picture taken but was a real trooper through all of this.
mmm isnt this mildewed porch just gorg??? 

I am soooo glad to see this go.

Do I keep this fountain and repaint to reuse on the soon to be enclosed screened in porch??
Daddy, using the good ole crowe bar and hammer.

please note that we had to barricade the end of this deck because the nincompoop that built it didnt make stairs rather left it open. what does this spell for a beagle born to hunt???
TROUBLE!!! he kept getting stuck chasing all the neighbors cats who love to run around and taunt him. i am still devising a plan to keep them out... any suggestions?? cat nip.. bee bee gun?? Arsenic?? jk..

see this little buddy?? he is beginning to wonder if we are taking away his freedom.. or giving him more.... sooo confused.

did i mention that baby was soooo worried about daddy and poppy doing so much work. this over the top facial expression says it all.

pond filled with junk.... dont worry it was cleaned up.
This is the little pile from the last weekend in february.... Still need to edit the pictures from this past weekend. 

And thank you for sticking it out through this insanely long post.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Newest DIY Project

Hey guys, a small project for my new bedroom, go on over here to Preppie Peonie 
(my applique/my digital portfolio site to check it out)
Here is a sneak peek at the final result.