Thursday, October 30, 2014

Orc: Week 5

Seven days. 
S E V E N. (Minutes in heaven. Just kidding) 

I feel like I am running a triathlon with this room. Swimming was easy, biking has been so so. But running this last leg errr week in. I am having to dig deep and see what we can pull off. 

Paint finally arrived for the hardware. 

I bucked my gut feeling and instead of the beloved brass I went with chrome. 

Chrome paint is hard to find... No? 

Well it is. I read a lot of reviews and tried rust oleum. Then bit the bullet and purchased Champions Sterling silver spray paint. 

Look at the difference y'all. 

It's eons above the competition. Worth the splurge. 
See bottom left? 

We purchased the fabric For the bar stool cushions!! Then we traced and cut the foam to place the inserts in!! 

Real life pics y'all!!! 

And most notable progress is the venthood surround. 

Getting so close and this is going to make such a huge impact!!!

Now that hardware, majority of fabric and the grit and grime of the cabinets is over time to start the cabinet doors. 

So close yet so far away! 

Time to run the last leg of this crazy fast Reno race!!!

Hop on over to Calling It Home and see how everyone else is doing! 

The hosting designers are KILLING it!! 

Happy Halloween Eve y'all! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Orc: Week 4 Do or Die

Yall.... this week of the ORC kicked my tail!!!
Ps dont forget to go check out everyone hosting the event! So much progress!
This past week....

We primed and primed and painted and painted, and removed hardware, and hardware grime and just wow. 

Paint is soooo overwhelming.

So with the week that basically says get it together, its Do or Die.

So the kitchen island is sadly dying for now. 

We just don't have time with the magnitude of cabinets we have to paint. 

I spent two whole days on a goose chase finding the ideal foam rollers for priming and the proper purdy rollers for the finishing paint. 

So here is where we currently are. 

It's not where I want to be, but... its progress.

We did get the fan hung and the old light taken down.

And the vent hood is hunt but not wired in. 

Just working like mad this next week and hope to have some exciting almost finished news!!

Join me and hop on over to orc and see how everyone else is doing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Orc: Week 3 Kitchen Laziness

Ever had one of those weeks where you were on the hamster wheel and thought for sure it was a cross country race?
That was this past week.
If y'all want to click back through to Week 1, or Week 2, click the highlighted text!
Fabric still hasn't arrived, one of my kids broke a cabinet, the vent hood came in and its hard wire not plug in.
Just simple issues no longer simple.
We DID however drive to Mobile to pick out a different slab of granite from a good friend of ours.
I got excited thinking maybe... he could hook us up with stone in a couple minutes but DUH the whole logistics of moving the stone has to happen before it can be fabricated.
So lets drool until we can pick it up either early November or over Thanksgiving.
Again. forget about the time and drool.... think about how these splotches in the slab look like Jadeite.
In other news we de-glossed and got to business on the cabinets. The "island" part of the cabinets are primed, then the fumes got to me and I had to switch gears.
BUT we have progress!!!
And.. my incredibly sweet mother in law had this fabric at her house she wasn't going to use so toying with the idea of totally switching gears with fabric and doing this!
Basically need my swatches to show up and figure out what will coordinate.
so bam. Week 3 in the books. I have some MAJOR ground to cover this next week so pray for these paint fumes and nice days so we can air out with windows open!!
and for those wanting a better view of the tile here is a quick one I snapped of that!
Really pleased with the results.
Head on over to Calling it Home to see the other linking participants progress!

Left to do: 
Paint cabinets
Purchase ceiling fan and install
Install pot lights
Install vent hood
Build island
Make draperys 
Make cushions for chairs
Install outlet extenders for electrical

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Orc: Week Two

We hit the ground running this week! 

This was the scurrying, gathering and trying to decide week. 

We went to the stone yard and selected our granite for the island we are building. 
Something grey, taupe, white and with lots of veining please. 

Next up we grabbed our vent hood, and ordered fabric samples. I am all over the place with fabric so stay tuned. 
 Either the greens or maybe this:
I have measured, know my yardage, and have cut my template for cushions. 
Need to gather zippers and gasp the tacky and dreaded clear vinyl. The kids only sit in 2 chairs so a removable sleeve will be used so I can still have pretty cushions. 

Green leather seemed over the top and this room Needs softness and color. 

After grabbing the venthood I grabbed all my painting supplies and read and read and read some more, quadruple checking I have everything needed to get to work! 

We got busy on the backsplash and I am happy to report that is fully DONE!! Feels good to have one of the major things checked off the list. 

Next week we: 
prime all cabinets
Hang cabinet over the fridge
Determine which fabric 
Select which Oushak we will use for in front of the sink
Pick out wood from trim
Start building island
Refinish kitchen table

Nothing like pedal to the medal!! 

And remember that money pit comment? 

This weeks excitement was the washing machine going out. We bought that sucker in no time flat. Nothing fancy, just need something to wash. Seriously Lowe's fastest washer sale ever. In and out with 3 kids in tow within 20 min. 

Then a cabinet broke, oh well. Will get that repaired over the weekend!! 

Now time to scoot so I can check out y'all's awesome progress!!! So inspired by all your work! 
If you are new and have no idea what  I am talking about click this link to take you to the blog, Calling it Home, she is hosting this 6 week event!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Game where the Goalpost came down.

Some of our close family friends invited us to join them in Oxford whenever our teams play. 

It's always been a fun tailgate and we knew this time would be no different! 

Then... Game day decided to come. 

Alabama doesn't have the greatest record when gameday shows up. 

We were excited to just be in the stadium watching for once so all was well!!

We had a great time until Kenyan Drake broke his leg. 

We are so thankful our friends asked us to join!! Sad to see my team loose and a key player get hurt but what an exciting time for oxford. 

First 5-0 season since the 60's. 

Then the goal post came down and Oxford got crazy!! 

The whole weekend was one upset after another! 

Did your team win? 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

One Room Challenge: The Kitchen

So excited to be back this fall and to participate in the wonderful ORC!!!

For those of you that do not know what that is, Linda from the blog Calling it home is hosts this event in April and October and has 20 design bloggers join her in revamping or renovating a space. 

It give people like me a good opportunity to whip a room into shape!

As you all know I will be transforming our outdated 1979 kitchen and bringing it back to life. 

A few quick things.

1. countertops stay. 
we just replaced BOTH our HVAC so ughh my 12,000 countertops are keeping me cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. 

2.this house is the money pit, 
so it is HIGHLY possible something crazy will pop up. 

this could get way fun!!!

3. I have been dying to do this since we moved in 14 months ago!!!!

Now... lets get started!!

The layout of the space is remaining so here we are.

how hilarious is it that my child is shaking her groove thing while I took this picture. HA

This is the view from the front door entering the house.

I know you are sad this is going!

(cabinets are not in the best of shape so I will begin now filling in the holes and chunking this hardware)

reminding myself of the end......

In late April I had enough of budge matte walls so we went ahead and selected our wall color. We used Farrell Calhoun paint and the color is Bayou Shade by valspar.
(this is probably the truest depiction of the color)
So here we sit! 

Over the next 5 weeks we will conquer:
paint all cabinets
add molding throughout the space
refinish the table
make cushions and drapery for the space
build a kitchen island
Create a custom vent hood

Here are a few inspiration pics I keep going back to.

When we DO get around to countertops this is the family we are looking in.

base cabinet inspiration

ventahood inspiration

base cabinets again

and backsplash inspiration

Stay tuned, its going to be fast and furious!