Saturday, November 30, 2013

New House Woes

We have found out some things since moving into the house. 

This has been the biggest reason for a blogging hold up! 

Dealing with One problem after another!!! 

Like... the home warranty we wanted needed to cover the hvac, mainly because it's from 1978, and people didn't double check and make sure that was included. So we now have a home warranty that covers nothing! 
Like when the toilet flooded and messed up some Sheetrock and carpet, it only covers plumbing not secondary damage. 

The microwave was broken when we moved in. (Heating element went out)

And the whole sink, faucet, and kitchen plumbing was dry rotted and just needed to be entirely replace. 

And my favorite.... Upstairs heat won't come on, "needs further review" well, pilot light wasn't lit and the exhaust from the furnace was causing a major co2 leak. Awesome!!!!! 

Like call up the fire department, evacuate while they are fully suited up for them to check the dangerous fumes. 

$200.00 later on the top of the line Kidde smoke/co2 detectors and secondary co2 detectors.
Then..... The master bath had some noticable "patch" spots of grout. Come to find out.... 

Everything has to be gutted to the studs because it's all installed improperly and the ceiling in the den needs to come down and be repaired. 


And no one seems to care!!!

I am strongly considering getting my real estate liscense so I don't have to have a "middle man" this next go around! 

Ahhhhh now. The "dust" of the newness on this house has settled and we are starting to prioritize the problems and tackle them one at a time. 

So... What I need from you wonderful readers it's Lots and Lots of reviews and feedback on everything from new hvac, companies to go with, type of system you used.

What your favorite things are in bathroom redesigns. (We know we want the basket weave accent tile) 

Best stove top, double wall ovens, and what French door refrigerator you have. 

Granite sink? Stainless sink? Apron front? 2 compartments or just one big one? 

Keep mixing nickle and oil rub bronze? 

Just forget it all and start working in the flower beds? 

I think this is worse than building from the ground up! 

And thank you in advance for all your help!!!! We need lots of people's input because all these decisions while running/ growing the Preppie Peonie, and hubby traveling and 3 kids 5 and under and I am WORN OUT!!! 

Love y'all! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Five Months Old

Somehow I missed documenting 5 months. Found the pictures today so I thought I would get them uploaded!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Back to God's Country

One of my sweet college roommates invited us to join them for a tailgate for the Alabama vs. Tennessee game. 

We haven't been to tuscaloosa for a gameday weekend since Anna Caroline was 18 months old. 

We were way overdue a gameday visit!!

We knew going into the stadium with 3 little ones was likely a nightmare so we just went to the quad to tailgate and head back to the house to watch the game and let the kids play. 
Standing behind Casey is one of his good friends from college, Tim. We got to meet their sweet baby and get to catch up with him and his wife! 

The kids were over the moon to get to listen to the band warm up and hear the cheerleaders sing the fight songs!

Whitty just sat around hanging out. Trying to figure out what all these crazy bamer's were doing!

Roll Tide y'all!

BTW... have y'all seen Dixie Delights PRECIOUS roll tide printables??


Monday, November 25, 2013


The middle of last week we decided at 9 pm the night before daddy left for a work trip to tag along!!! 

It was... Ugh... Eventful. And we probably won't do that again. 

First thing we did was meet my friend Sibi at Monkey joes to let the kids play! Got to meet her sweet baby boy and catch up with her. 
Bubba tried to tag along with daddy to work and loved sporting a tie!
Then we chilled in the lobby for oh... 5 hours because said middle child flushed the keys down the toilet. 
After pop a lock finally showed up, $185.00 key later we were back in business. 

We spent that afternoon checking out the real estate in franklin, tn! 

Grabbing some precious fabric and my fabric spot to fabric shop!!
And finished the evening at Loveless cafe! 

Before leaving town on Wednesday we grabbed some necessities at Trader Joe's! Then headed home! 

Barely home 48 hours and on Friday night managed to total the swagger wagon. 
Thankfully the kids weren't with me.

What an end to a crazy week !!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little English Sale

This past week was the Little English Clothing Sale! 

I always wait and buy a few things for my kids here because it's crazy how awesome the prices are! 

Everything at this sale was $35.00-$5.00.

As any seasoned limited sale shopper would do... I stopped by the location the night before to scope things out. 

Eyed one or two things for sister. 
And they had a good bit of summer wear for boys. 
Hello matching outfits!!!
Then I spayed these precious elephant rompers!!! 
This was a duh?? We have to have it type of thing! 

If you are ever in the area and want to come to the sale they have them several times a year! 

Just leave me your email in the comments and I can email you when the flyer comes out, that way you can come and be added to the mailing list! 

The appliqué tees in the 5.00 grab bins are awesome!!! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hall Lighting: What We Chose!

Thank you all so much for weighing in on Instagram and telling me which light you like!! 
#3 was the unanimous favorite! 
This light has pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone but I am warming up to it. 

I think once artwork and wall color are up I will like it a lot more! 

It has definately brightened up the space!

I dread this whole scraping the ceiling mess... 

Happy tuesday friends

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Cotton Fields

Since baby girl was born 5 years ago I have wanted to grab my camera and head out into the cotton fields. 

Honestly, the fall is SOOO busy for us we have never made the time. 

On our way to Lowe's the other day, hubby said "Do you have your camera? If so here is some cotton, don't put it off, let's just do it!"

So we did. and honestly... I am pretty pleased with the fun pics we got. 

They so perfectly capture each of my children at their current ages!

yes, c was running and trying to keep up! 
poor fella

and this sums up his whole personality. 
a flirt, stinker, and always making us laugh!

chubby little bunny.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Small Kitchen Update

Sooo I kinda have a new furniture obsession. 
Safaviah Home!

Found these chairs on their website and fell in love. 

They match our table and chairs perfectly. 

And they are WAY more comfortable than the chairs from world market.
 Ps. super excited, a good friend is coming soon to help me refinish the kitchen table and seal it properly in the correct finish of ASCP. 

Hope to have that done before christmas...
Up next painting the room!

Then appliances.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I am loving now....

Can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you????

All your words of encouragement have meant so much!
We are loving the (almost finished) bathroom!!!

Already planning my next room for the one room challenge this coming April!

So... want to see what I have on the brain?

All images are courtesy of
See if you see a reoccuring theme here??


So, we just found out we are having to likely rip out the entire master bathroom... due to a leak we were unaware of when purchasing the home. Fan-freaking-tabulous.

but.... i am thinking this is pretty amazing!

What do you think???

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Big Girl Turns FIVE!!

I can not fully put into words how hard it is for me to believe my sweet angel is five years old!

She asked a while back to have a monster bash, AFTER we did a HUGE blow out at the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta this summer.

So a small monster bash we had. 

Basically I bought some pom poms and googly eyes on sale at target, 
made a huge jar of bubble and home made bubble wands and we rolled with it!
We rented a bounce and the main action was on our little swingset! So funny!


We set up a backdrop for the kids to take pictures with the silly monster smiles. 
This was a digital pritable I purchased. 
If you are interested in something like this I can gladly look up where I found them!
She looks like such a goober here! haha
The food table was simple simple!

My husband ran by our local Malco movie theater and for 20.00 got a trashbag size bag FULL of movie theater popcorn!!
Who knew they did that???
So cupcakes, popcorn, grapes and some marshmallows and we were in business!

For the first time ever paw paw was able to come to our party and the kids could NOT be happier!

C bug is copying mommy big time! We all got a good laugh out of this picture!

She was all about the 5 sparkler until we lit it!

look at the uneasiness in her face!

We bounced, we swang, we ate popcorn and the momma's and daddy's just sat back and talked! 

Here is Ashlynn loving on my sweet Whit!
How is he 4 months old already??? I want Time to STOP!!!
How cute are these cupcake toppers??
Found them at home goods!
(the plan is... before december to do a full tour of the house. I have been SOOOO BUSY sewing and have not had a chance to blog, like... AT ALL)  

Happy Fifth Birthday Sweet Girl!!!