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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monogram Monday: Tailgating Edition

If you live in the south, then you have likely been to a tailgate. 
And if you read last years article in Southern Living on Tailgates you know Oxford is where it's at!

and.... if you have been to a tailgate, monograms are present. 
(sidenote: at alabama the tailgates are a hair more casual and not so "done up" but I think the actual act of tailgating is such a fun experience in T-town!)

Now! back to monograms!!

For one, its practical. 
If everyone has a cooler, then hello... you need to know who's is who's

So here is a quick round up of my monogrammed "Must Have's" for a tailgate.

Love these cups, make carrying your favorite beverage!!

typically when you host a tent, you invite people to visit, sure... you can have red solo cups and other disposable but if you can have personalized cups and a fun "signature item" in your tent! why not?

Are these not the cutest??

This line of servingware comes in just about every Southern college. 
Mainly... SEC!

Swoozie's is a great shop to get All kinds of tailgating needs.

Sadly, we no longer have one in memphis so and Etsy it is!!

What are your favorite items to bring to a tailgate?

Happy Monogram Monday Y'all! 

As always you can follow my monograms board on pinterest here!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Back to God's Country

One of my sweet college roommates invited us to join them for a tailgate for the Alabama vs. Tennessee game. 

We haven't been to tuscaloosa for a gameday weekend since Anna Caroline was 18 months old. 

We were way overdue a gameday visit!!

We knew going into the stadium with 3 little ones was likely a nightmare so we just went to the quad to tailgate and head back to the house to watch the game and let the kids play. 
Standing behind Casey is one of his good friends from college, Tim. We got to meet their sweet baby and get to catch up with him and his wife! 

The kids were over the moon to get to listen to the band warm up and hear the cheerleaders sing the fight songs!

Whitty just sat around hanging out. Trying to figure out what all these crazy bamer's were doing!

Roll Tide y'all!

BTW... have y'all seen Dixie Delights PRECIOUS roll tide printables??