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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Elementary Years "Big Girl Room"

Well... it happened, she said "Mommy, I still like ballerinas, but can we make my room fun and bright?"
I suppose its time. She is a glitter loving, bright colors, leopard wearing kindergartener.

I have had her help me every step of the way with picking out colors and making sure she is going to love what I pull together. 

She had a fit over this Annie Selke fabric so this is our launching point!

Thinking this will be our #oneroomchallenge Room for this spring.

PS. we are slowly but surely finishing up the kitchen. It has mainly been because I couldn't make up my mind on several things. 
Hope you all are thawing out as we are here!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New House Woes

We have found out some things since moving into the house. 

This has been the biggest reason for a blogging hold up! 

Dealing with One problem after another!!! 

Like... the home warranty we wanted needed to cover the hvac, mainly because it's from 1978, and people didn't double check and make sure that was included. So we now have a home warranty that covers nothing! 
Like when the toilet flooded and messed up some Sheetrock and carpet, it only covers plumbing not secondary damage. 

The microwave was broken when we moved in. (Heating element went out)

And the whole sink, faucet, and kitchen plumbing was dry rotted and just needed to be entirely replace. 

And my favorite.... Upstairs heat won't come on, "needs further review" well, pilot light wasn't lit and the exhaust from the furnace was causing a major co2 leak. Awesome!!!!! 

Like call up the fire department, evacuate while they are fully suited up for them to check the dangerous fumes. 

$200.00 later on the top of the line Kidde smoke/co2 detectors and secondary co2 detectors.
Then..... The master bath had some noticable "patch" spots of grout. Come to find out.... 

Everything has to be gutted to the studs because it's all installed improperly and the ceiling in the den needs to come down and be repaired. 


And no one seems to care!!!

I am strongly considering getting my real estate liscense so I don't have to have a "middle man" this next go around! 

Ahhhhh now. The "dust" of the newness on this house has settled and we are starting to prioritize the problems and tackle them one at a time. 

So... What I need from you wonderful readers it's Lots and Lots of reviews and feedback on everything from new hvac, companies to go with, type of system you used.

What your favorite things are in bathroom redesigns. (We know we want the basket weave accent tile) 

Best stove top, double wall ovens, and what French door refrigerator you have. 

Granite sink? Stainless sink? Apron front? 2 compartments or just one big one? 

Keep mixing nickle and oil rub bronze? 

Just forget it all and start working in the flower beds? 

I think this is worse than building from the ground up! 

And thank you in advance for all your help!!!! We need lots of people's input because all these decisions while running/ growing the Preppie Peonie, and hubby traveling and 3 kids 5 and under and I am WORN OUT!!! 

Love y'all!