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Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg Hunt 1

This being our third year doing easter egg hunts we decided to only do 2. 

One hunt is hosted by the city of the suburb my parents live in and the other a friend from school orchestrated in our neighborhood. 

Here are a few pics we took to document the events.
about to leave the house

After arriving the anxiety really set in. I think we have determined my child does not have a competitive bone in her body. The rush of people headed to the eggs drove my sweet 3 yr old to tears. Poor thing :(
I finally convinced her to grab a few and see what was inside

She was way way more excitd about a dandellion than the eggs!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring and Easter Decor

Hello there!! 
Just wanted to stop in and share some pics of our easter decor around the house.

It was raining today so some of the pictures are a little dark.
Entry area with the Pottery Barn inspired arrangement.
On the ledge is just the cutest baby chick with a vase filled of pastel easter eggs.
The bird candle made his way to my favorite side table!
I finally got the chance to try out some accessories on the ottoman in the den!

**sidenote: I have been iphone app-less for the past 2.5 weeks. long story short i dropped the phone, screen cracked, got new phone, and all of my apple id/email went wonky and not until tonight was I able to go to the genius bar and get everything ironed out.

Say a prayer the restore from the backup gets everything back in order. I forgot what life before iphones was like... wahhh wahhh  BORING. #firstworldproblems

Be back later to showcase the rest of our spring decor.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Early onset Spring Fever

I don't know about you but it seems we have hardly had a winter at all. Since sweet boy has arrived we have had more weather in the mid 50's than we typically even have in march!!

With all these warm days I am getting quite antsy for spring!

Typically (in selfish fashion) I look for things for myself I have been wanting to "freshen up" with for spring. 

Well now that there will be two little ones in my life I can not help but drool over decadent things for them.
If you can't tell I am currently obsessed with anything personalized

And just for fun.
I have GOT to find a space in my home to make a "mantel" How cute is this easter mantel?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fling

Sad to see the Spring Fling come to an end.. but I have alot to share with all of you!

So... I did ALOT over spring break I have been holding out on... 
even with a broken foot I pressed on so I would have plenty to share with yall. 
I made a new arrangement for the front door.

and I bought some spring decor for the yard.
{my sister said this "cluster" is too much so I am considering dispersing some of these things around the front of the house.}
I did things like landscape the front and some of the back yard.
{bleeding heart on the left and begonia on the right}
{boxwood, creeping jenny, and english ivy}
Then the bulk of the work was done on the screened in porch.
YES finally after all this time, we are wrapping things up.
My father -in-law again came to our rescue and helped us put up our ceiling all by himself. 
He is genius I tell ya!! 
 {originally we wanted beadboard, but while we were at the store my FIL got a vision and I let him use his mad skills/know how and do his thing}
Must say it looks better than I could have EVER imagined!!!
Oh, yeah.... i almost forgot....
He also put up all the screen we needed replaced and got a good bit of the verticle slats up too!!
{still needed to be done is hang rest of slats, paint ceiling, install stairs and french doors... oh and please don't judge my half-painted porch, our spray gun has a mind of its own so the rest of this painting will be done with a brush... yes VERY TIME CONSUMING!!!!}
Can I have it finished by easter?? I sure hope so..
Also made some really cute placemats to add to the etsy shop.
Be back tomorrow with more spring decor...
and did I mention there are several new earrings for our Spring 11' collection.
Hop on over to our Facebook page to see.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Recap

This week ended up being the most jam packed week of my life!!

We went to the Botanic Gardens and I snapped a quick picture.

We also spent some time at the zoo.
{checking out the monkeys with her Jordy}
{laughing at some more monkeys}
attempting to pose for pictures with friends
and of course some play time at the park.
she is getting sooo big!!

You know I was wanting a new pair of shoes for my birthday, and one bulky orthodic boot was not on my list, haha oh well... what can you do.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Early Spring 2011

Early Spring 2011
Early Spring 2011 
Here are a few things I am "crushing on" right now

I already got my MomAgenda and I am in LOVE.
Now that Casey is going to be traveling for work it's a great way for me to organize everyone's schedules.
Also, GILT had a great deal going on recently.
Hip2Save posted a link for joining and you automatically received a $25.00 credit towards a purchase (included shipping)
Well we found this AWESOME lunch box on there and AC has had a blast decorating it!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of love for Little English

I have really had a hard time finding stuff that i just LOVE for bebe to wear. We love Kelly's Kids and Just Ducky and of course Beaux et Belles smocked stuff but i havent found a company that carries the "classic children's clothing" that truly matches my style.[sidenote: i really am still evolving my style and its something that truly began to take shape while i was in college, even though i love something funky, my design philosophy would probably have to be, if i look back at my self from 10, 20 yrs ago, i want the look to be timeless, beautiful fabrics, chic lines, something reminiscent of the simpler days; mainly solids, anything lilly, or lilly-esque.]Then about 2 weeks ago my mom called in a panic. this is kind of how it went...{ruffle collars make me weak at the knees, mom found 2 of these for like 5 bucks a piece... Thank you sweet Annie Hunter for sharing your love of bows and ruffles with me (my sewing class buddy from college, LOVE HER)}

mom:"hey jenn, can you leave work??"

me:"no mom we are swamped, i told you i was training for this new position, what's up everything okay??"

mom:"well i am in line, here, at the location for race for the cure, its bad, women look vicious, i need your hands to grab all you can!"

me:"mom, what are you talking about??"
mom:"oh, yeah there's a children's company i've never heard of doing this warehouse sale, rock bottom prices, smocked, beautiful things, it could get ugly."

me:"bahhhh mom your insane, what company, where did you find out about it??

mom:"in the paper, its called little english, ADOREABLE!!"
me:"okay mom, i trust your judgement, pick out some cute stuff, and i will pay you back."

mom:"gotta go, gotta go, someone tried to cut me in line, eeekkkk. call you in a few."
For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet my mom she is one of the craziest, funniest people you will ever meet. She is overly dramatic {i don't know anyone else like that;)} so concerned about everything involved with the baby and somewhat of a hover mom. No offense but this woman wants to know everything everyone of her kids is doing at all times. Think Nora Walker from Brother's and Sister's. Always from the heart kinda love but good lawd, she can put on a show. hahaSo needless to say i am now deeply, madly, in love with anna caroline's spring wardrobe, thanks mom for your continuous efforts to make sure your granddaughter has the best wardrobe, {not to mention at a great price}

Anyone know if other companies have warehouse sales?? I would love to find some just ducky stuff at these cheap prices, Maribeth, hook a girl up!! haha

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things i Love right now Part 1

I know i have recently written of simplifying my life and streamlining. I love the clarity this has brought me and how much more humble i have become through this, but every now and then there is a glimmer of dreaming. thought i would share these with you.
Romans 8:28 But when i hope for what i do not yet have, i wait for it patiently.

Thank you Jesus for the grace that passes all understanding when we learn to be patient in you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Celebrations...

Ever had that feeling that you were NEVER going to get caught up... well i am there. As usual i have bit off more than i can chew and i am paying for it. My tired is tired as my grandpa would say... Anywho wanted to give yall a glimpse of my first ever hosted holiday meal. My favorite part was decorating the table. BTW i had full intentions of getting some mother of pearl napkin rings and i just forgot to make the trip to the store to get them... typical when your brain is as full of stuff as mine is....
This flower arrangement is one of my absolute fave's. you actually use two vases, set the smaller one inside the big one, fill with whatever candy you like then fill the small with water and flowers, VOILA.... such a unique centerpiece and really helped set the tone.

Then of course you must have candles....

And easter eggs hanging from the chandelier....

And dessert is always the best part, the funny thing here is on saturday my sweet hubby didnt hear the timer go off so my not so pretty, but very very yummy homemade carrot cake looks like a volcano, but still tastes great!!!
**on a side note this is the one room in my house that just is BLAH i love my curtains and chandelier and thats about it, any suggestions as to what i can do?? i was thinking a buttercream color for the walls, maybe in stripes and the stripes being a glaze. Any of you experimented with glazing... i am tempted to try....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

All is new again.

Well Spring Has surely Sprung around our house... Baby and i made Easter eggs yesterday, noticed she dropped hers, "uhh oh!"

I brought out all my fave spring trimmings, including making some new curtains for the kitchen, much more lively than the tan and blue ones!

Found this GORG. Liberty of London tie at Target for the hubs.

Bought this cute bunny kit to put in my moss basket for a fun decoration.

Pulled out baby's easter basket so she can be ready for our egg hunts we have coming up!!

Painted a painting for the kitchen to match my new curtains!!

Brought out the yella' belles {as momma would say} for the entry table.

Decided this ugly light at some point needed to go.....

Ran an errand to the newly remodeled Pottery Barn Outlet, {just 5 min from the house} and Found this GORG Sconce, just what my stairs landing needs, something pretty to liven it up, now just need to find a little shade for the light!! {You cant see the price too well but this 99.00 sconce was on clearance for 9.97. YES PLEASE!!

Then i pulled out some old lilly fabric {skirts and pants that don't fit anymore} and i bought these ADOREABLE patterns and got to cutting out. {Still trying to find the time to construct these cute outfits but i promise... The are coming, Its actually 5 outfits total, i will get there!!

I had this gold pic frame and decided to grab my Heirloom White spray paint and slap a coat on, it really ties the new bedding in our room in, {dont you love you can see the hubs and baby in the bed watching tv, hehe}

Pics of the bedroom are still to come, waiting on a few finishing touches before i reveal.