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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Which Fall Coat is Best??? a belated post!

I had such a hard time picking out a coat this year. 

Then finally... low and behold. 

Lands END Brought it!

Looks like it is only left in pink plaid in Misses sizes and the raspberry pink in Womens.

Yall its amazingly warm, so comfortable and made my outfits look pulled together in no time!

I got the army green color and constantly get compliments on it! 

The price was jsut right on sale for $59.99 and free ship! 

Just thought I would share as all the winter end of season sales begin!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Wardrobe... Sort Of

Does everyone else agree that after having a baby its time to throw almost everything out and start fresh??

I mean... after 2 back to back... WOW

These hips dont lie.. Yall!

Since baby was born we have been about every 6 weeks and purchased one to two new items, now that there are about 10 items in rotation I finally feel like I am starting to revamp.

The hard part is I am still wanting to loose a few more pounds, with that being said it doesnt make sense to spend a fortune on an "in between wardrobe" ya know?

loving this easy transitional outfit from loft!

(looks like the other items i have purchased are no longer available, trust me, they are cute!)

The shorts are so comfortable!

I have found quite a few workout items online from under armor, etc and paired them with cute workout tops from target. 

My goal is to at least look halfway put together on the days the kids are at school.

What are your go to items for an inbetween wardrobe?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Modeling: The Travelin' Trunk

Recently The Travelin' Trunk was look for girls in sissy's size to model for their spring line. 

We were delighted to jump at the opportunity so we packed up and chance had it... the shoot was 4 streets over from our house. 

Here are the shots they used for the spring line.

And as a "thank you for modeling" we were able to pick out one outfit.

Here is the back of the one we chose. 
LOVE it and can't wait for it to come in!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer Blog sale

These are just a few items that I have only worn maybe once or twice.

If you are interested in purchasing please write in the comments sold and the item and I can send you a paypal invoice and mail the garment to you. 

Everything has been kept in my closet and we are a smoke free home. 
I do have pets but they are not allowed on the garments, in closets or on the furniture for that matter.

This is a resort collection piece. Only worn one time to a Bridal Luncheon. 
Retailed for $495.00
Asking $75.00
It is a Medium and can easily fit a size 6, 8, or a 10.

This wrap dress is a fun pink and green leopard print. 
Size large and will fit an 8, 10, or even a 12. 
(I wore this after having #1 maybe twice)
Asking $45.00
This cute polo dress is a size Medium. 
Asking $25.00
It is a heavier cotton and isn't nearly as flimsy as most polo dresses are. 

I also have a Lilly window panel and some euro sham covers. 
Trying to decide if I can actually part with them. 
With just the right offer maybe I will... Thinking on it. 

Would anyone be interested in a classic Lilly A-line skirt? I have several but I personally dont think the cut is "in style" but then again almost everything lilly is uuber classic. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My current clothing obsessions!

Ann Taylor Loft, Target, Old Navy, and J Crew are my favorite staple stores.

And the obvious... Lilly. haha

Here are some summer threads I seem to be drooling over.

Where do you usually shop?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of love for Little English

I have really had a hard time finding stuff that i just LOVE for bebe to wear. We love Kelly's Kids and Just Ducky and of course Beaux et Belles smocked stuff but i havent found a company that carries the "classic children's clothing" that truly matches my style.[sidenote: i really am still evolving my style and its something that truly began to take shape while i was in college, even though i love something funky, my design philosophy would probably have to be, if i look back at my self from 10, 20 yrs ago, i want the look to be timeless, beautiful fabrics, chic lines, something reminiscent of the simpler days; mainly solids, anything lilly, or lilly-esque.]Then about 2 weeks ago my mom called in a panic. this is kind of how it went...{ruffle collars make me weak at the knees, mom found 2 of these for like 5 bucks a piece... Thank you sweet Annie Hunter for sharing your love of bows and ruffles with me (my sewing class buddy from college, LOVE HER)}

mom:"hey jenn, can you leave work??"

me:"no mom we are swamped, i told you i was training for this new position, what's up everything okay??"

mom:"well i am in line, here, at the location for race for the cure, its bad, women look vicious, i need your hands to grab all you can!"

me:"mom, what are you talking about??"
mom:"oh, yeah there's a children's company i've never heard of doing this warehouse sale, rock bottom prices, smocked, beautiful things, it could get ugly."

me:"bahhhh mom your insane, what company, where did you find out about it??

mom:"in the paper, its called little english, ADOREABLE!!"
me:"okay mom, i trust your judgement, pick out some cute stuff, and i will pay you back."

mom:"gotta go, gotta go, someone tried to cut me in line, eeekkkk. call you in a few."
For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet my mom she is one of the craziest, funniest people you will ever meet. She is overly dramatic {i don't know anyone else like that;)} so concerned about everything involved with the baby and somewhat of a hover mom. No offense but this woman wants to know everything everyone of her kids is doing at all times. Think Nora Walker from Brother's and Sister's. Always from the heart kinda love but good lawd, she can put on a show. hahaSo needless to say i am now deeply, madly, in love with anna caroline's spring wardrobe, thanks mom for your continuous efforts to make sure your granddaughter has the best wardrobe, {not to mention at a great price}

Anyone know if other companies have warehouse sales?? I would love to find some just ducky stuff at these cheap prices, Maribeth, hook a girl up!! haha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Cute.. and Homemade!!

A couple of days ago i stumbled upon this blog. I loved the idea of the rose petal trim. So i ran over to Hobby Lobby and whipped up a top for my little bit..... just in time for Valentine's Day.

Now go on over to This Blessed Nest and check out her cutie patootie in her cute shirt. Dont you just love her stuff?? Ahhh another Tennessee girl. I just happen to be on the west side of the state and her on the east.
Here is what my cutie patootie looks like..